Modern Australian education

Just received this bit of coursework from a mates son in year 8 school, Ive removed the names but its first hand, not one of the usual “internet memes” that you get 45th hand.

A year 8 English poem!!!   Bought home by ****** for an assignment. Opinions please!!


The miner rapes
The heart of earth
With his violent spade.
Stealing, bottling her black blood
For the sake of greedy trade.
On his metal throne of destruction,
He labours away with a will,
Piling the mountainous minerals high
With giant tool and iron drill.


The face of evil?

In his greedy lust for power,
He destroys old nature’s will.
For the sake of the filthy dollar,
He dirties the nest he builds.
Well he knows that violence
Of his destructive kind
Will be violently written
Upon the sands of time.


A pristine peoples nest, before the miners move in?

But time is running out
And time is close at hand,
For the Dreamtime folk are massing
To defend their timeless land.
Come gentle black man
Show your strength;
Time to take a stand.
Make the violent miner feel
Your violent
Love of land.
Oodgeroo Noonuccal.

My opinion?

What a heap of steaming greenie shit wrapped up in a “poor blackfellah me” story to try and give it respectability. The lady that wrote it was a Communist, and the name it was written under was her original one  Kath Walker, but plain old Kath Walker wouldnt sound mystical enough for the education department would it?


This type of bullshit propaganda completely ignores any of the massive plus sides of a modern manufactured life. Pencils, air con, computers, coal for electricity, steel, all used to improve the lives of millions of Australians.

Ignored for some mystical greenie gibberish which makes a fetish of a stone age way of life.

So which one?

Which Republican presidential nominee?

Having just spent an hour or so watching the New Hampshire GOP Republican debate, having gleaned various tidbits over the internet since a while back, I can honestly say I don’t know.


In comments at that link, Ron Paul’s supporters come across as a tad too fervent, as does Paul himself. He just comes across as a bit whiney. Quick to complain about a problem but a bit wishy washy with any solutions.

Romney arguably won, but he comes off as Obama-lite+religion. He’s big government but I will say he’s tending to own his opponents. He does look presidential and has the establishment’s backing… not necessarily a good thing when up against Obama who REALLY has the Establishment’s backing and REALLY (at least) talks presidential (except here where he sounds about as formidable as Julia Gillard). Read the rest of this entry »

Our Langolier government

Most of you probably remember the book and/or movie, The Langoliers. Those little creatures would gobble up, or destroy if you will, everything – matter, space, time – they came across.

In a sense, the Gillard (and previously, Rudd) government has many similarities. Everything her Langolier eyes set themselves upon, they destroy.

The list is unbelievable.

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BER inquiry a farce

How much more convenient could now-PM Gillard’s inquiry into the BER get?

The latest is that many schools didn’t even know how to make a complaint and 112 schools that did know how aren’t having their complaints accepted.

[Public Schools Principals Forum chairwoman] Ms McBride said the most common complaint from public schools was the poor value for money delivered under the BER, followed by schools claiming they had not been adequately consulted, which had meant many were given types of buildings they didn’t need.

[P]ublic schools are paying roughly double what Catholic and independent schools are for buildings.

But as usual with the idiot Left, the Gillard love-in continues. Never mind the facts.

H/T Merilyn Williams and Bolta.



How sweet the sound.

So Bolt thinks Gillard’s speech was brilliant. Spare me.

Facts are facts. We have a fabian socialist, ironically being puppeteered by the Labor Right, whose biggest claim to fame was the BER, the Building the Education Revolution. Out of $16 billion, bar some spare change, all spent on buildings and not education, about a third of that has been wasted, it has disappeared.

And now that same person, Gillard, is in charge of (shut up, Yanks) our trillion dollar economy.

Bolt is on the money so often, but is way off with his Gillard love-in.

Why, Bolta? Because Abbott is so quiet? That “quiet” has worked.

As usual the MSM is way off the pulse, and should give Bishop, yeah, you know, her, a fair go.

And also just pre-emptively touting nonsense that Abbott won’t be able to attack Jules is just that… nonsense.

But we saw this with the MSM in 2007.

Ho hum, it’s all moot. The number of times Julia mentioned “stability” was most telling.

I’ve been told Kerry was pretty hard on Julia tonight.



Finally, Tony Abbott is taking the gloves off with regards to Julia’s “handling” of the BER.

However, the Opposition greeted the new Prime Minster with derision. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said: “It’s clear that if you want to change the policies you’re going to have to change the Government. They’ve changed the salesman but they haven’t changed the product.”

With an election just months away – and hoping to blunt any political honeymoon for the new Prime Minister – Mr Abbott is hoping to target Ms Gillard’s central role in the Building the Education Revolution scheme.

He accused her of being principal author, along with Mr Rudd, of the “school hall rip-offs”.

And it looks like she’d better watch her back.

It really looks like the Labor MO is to get whoever’s popular to an election, then knife them at the first sign of trouble, especially if they aren’t doing the unions’ bidding.

Whatever happened to honour amongst theives?

H/T Merilyn Williams


BER: 50% of budget disappears

More waste from Rudd and Gillard’s $16.2 billion so-called Building the Education Revolution…

My BER mole states that stuff is being built for about $1.4 million, dropped down from $1.7 million + GST but the NSW government website has the same stuff budgeted at around $3 million to $3.2 million. That’s a heck of a difference even if one allows for the 6% “managing contractor’s” fee and the builder’s 11% profit margin. But $1.5 million??? Thus, the question on everyone’s lips is, “Where is all the money going?” The builders can’t say. Not even the managing contractors can say. Does Julia know? One thing is for sure, but. Julia’s $14 million so-called inquiry? Add that money to the amount that has been wasted on this BER scandal.

BER Mole:

Seriously, I have no idea where 50% of the project cost has gone. Granted this makes my employer look bad as the builder, but what does that say about the Project Manager for the government when the cost of managing the project equals the project value?

And then we have employees of the Reed Group receiving massive cash bonuses of up to $1 million. The Reed Group is a major advertiser on 2GB, the radio station that hosts Alan Jones’ breakfast show and also Ray Hadley. Someone please tell me this isn’t why Jones changed his tune on all of this.


He [Reed Group’s Bob Leese] said the seven managing contractors he had appointed via a tender process had worked very well.

BER Mole:

The BER is a farce not from the point of the guys building it, it is from the people who are supposed to be managing it.

With the ratio of project managers 10 times the standard industry ratio, and with over-worked project managers signing cheques left right and centre, this was always going to end, er, not so nicely.

This fetid BER mess stinks more by the minute. Heads must roll. Rudd’s and Gillard’s first.

(With thanks to my mole and Merylin Williams.)


Anne Connolly has some interesting articles on this, too.

An inquiry? Nothing short of a Royal Commission will get to the bottom of this, but there’s so much money involved – this is arguably Australia’s biggest scam ever – that I wouldn’t even trust that until another government is in power.

BER Mole:

It is fairly typical of any government contract, amateurs trying to contract the inept to oversee the professionals.

Perhaps so. But this time we’re talking over $16 billion of taxpayer money being wasted on a program with massive systemic failures being executed on a national level. That’s about an $800 rip-off for every man woman and child in Australia.

And on one hand we have private schools receiving a huge wad of cash, but they are able to choose their architect, choose what they want built, and choose who builds it. And they are getting value for money. On the other hand, we have the public schools being dictated to as to what will be built, who’ll design it, and who’ll build it, and we are seeing massive cost blowouts.

This is a “plan” that was rushed out by complete incompetents, that has been managed like kids managing a candy store, and how dare Gillard and Rudd get away with it.


For sure, this is not directly and solely related to this BER, but Labor has taken a massive hit in the NSW by-elections. Unprecedented, in fact. More than 25% swings. Any other time that would be astonishing, but not now.

And there’s every chance (unfortunately) the stuff on this blog will never go mainstream. But it’s quite something that it may not even need to.

*cross-posted with minor editing

More BER waste; MSM still missing the real story

Another day, and yet more stories on the momumental waste of taxpayer dollars that is Rudd and Gillard’s Building the Education Revolution.

Unfortunate but, that the MSM is still failing to see the guts of this story. That being 1) the tender process was an absolute joke. There’s no way, in the day or so it took the government to decide who built what, that tenders could have been properly assessed and not awarded on anything but price. 2) The scope of works wasn’t really a scope of works, ususally a detailed document containing at least 10 pages, often more. Instead, Rudd’s was a few achitects notes, barely half a page long. 3) In the private sector, if a builder makes an RFI (request for information), this is usually handed in a matter of days, yet in the government’s case, this would often take weeks or even months all the while as workers are being paid to do nothing. Part of this is because instead of the industry standard of one overseer to about ten projects, in Rudd’s case, it has been closer to a 1:100 ratio. 4) The unions have been making work hard on many a site.

C’mon MSM. Report this properly.

MSM begins catching on to Rudd’s BER fiasco

This is good stuff. To the best of my knowledge, the gargantuan sums of Aussie taxpayer dollars being frittered away by Rudd’s Building the Education Revolution (BER) was first revealed publically right here back on February 4th. Finally, after a couple of emails, Andrew Bolt made mention of it almost a month later on March 3rd. And now, it looks like the floodgates are opening.

After Bolt’s March 3rd mention, it came up again last Sunday, and again today in one of Bolt’s columns. This is important since it’s his columns, and not his blog posts, which are reprinted in various newspapers around the country, noteably in Australia’s largest city, Sydney.

And right under that column is another post covering the massive cost blow-outs schools are experiencing. Yet, I’ll argue again that this was inevitable thanks largely to Rudd’s pathetic scope of works coupled with massive government incompetence in other areas such as delayed decision making, and massively overwhelmed government-appointed project managers who’ve been having to handle up to ten times the workload a project manager would normally be entrusted with.

Even better, if one clicks the links on Bolt’s March 7th post, they go to not another Murdoch newspaper, but to rival paper the Sydney Morning Herald. Those links can be found here.

Not to be out-done, Sydney’s Daily Telegrapgh is onto it today also, as is The Australian.

So yes. A full five weeks after it was first (to the best of my knowledge) brought to any public attention here, this – dare we call it BERgate? – story is finally gaining the traction it deserves.

PS In case you missed them, there are four other posts here highlighting various aspects of what this blog has coined Rudd’s Education Devolution. They can be found here, here, here, and here.

Of course, ultimate thanks has to go to the mole who first contacted me about this, who first delivered the facts about this, and who patiently answered many a dumb question. Cheers. You know who you are.

Cross-posted at James Board.

Rudd’s scope of works vs a real scope of works

This is for his Building the Education Revolution (BER). The difference is staggering and a big reason why Aussie taxpayers could easily end up paying double the original $14.7 billion announced.

Read the whole enchilada.

Rudd’s education devolution

His Building the Education Revolution was set to cost around $15B. That figure could easily double and an industry insider knows why.

And this is just the start of it.

US Citizen? Sign the petition against cap n’ trade

If you’re a man-made global warming sceptic, or if you think the science perhaps isn’t settled, or if you are worried about a potential communist world government, or if you are worried about giant non-sovereign world taxes being imposed on all of us, or if you think the governments of this world already have too much power, or even if you’re not convinced yet either way, and don’t want a road paved that there’s no turning back on in just two short weeks, then sign this petition.


People literally right now are speaking at Copenhagen presenting the other side to this man-made CO2-driven man-made climate change/global warming argument. They will also be speaking tomorrow. Time is of the essence.


This post differs from the original. It came from watching the latest Monckton videos (the end of Part 4 of which part 1 was posted by 1.6 below), about a GLOBAL problem – but unfortunately only US citizens can sign that petition. Hence, first update removed, replaced with this.

Australian poverty, or what Ive seen of it.

My business entails visiting man of the people who would be nominally considered poor in Australia. usually Im selling a product (rental goods) to people who for a variety of reasons (some Ill go into) cannot access normal credit or cannot save money.

A disclaimer. Renting is a terrible way to get goods, over the term of a rental contract you will pay for the goods at least threefold. I heartily recommend people use lay buy or save for products and avoid rental like the plague. (as a defence, we do have to factor in a lot of bad debt)

However a new government initiative to protect rental customers from unscrupulous salesmen meant I actualy have to basically budget for people before I sell them items. This has led me to 3 conclusions.


Real poverty?

Real poverty?

First of all my broad sweeping generalisation. THERE IS NO POVERTY IN AUSTRALIA.

Poverty is not caused by lack of money in many situations, its caused by a number of the following.

1: Some people are poor because of mental health/disabilities, or are on aged benefits. I will also add those with parasite families, Ive had a few of them as well.

2: Many other people are poor because of terrible defects in their learning, they can be otherwise bright and talk well, but they learnt nothing in school.

3: And others are poor because they have made extremely bad decisions, usually involving drugs, friends, and past behaviour.

Fairly typical lower income housing unit.

Fairly typical lower income housing unit.

 More under the fold


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In class today

The students are finally starting to get off their butts (as I should with regards to my apartment!) for this English contest coming up at the end of the month. One student in particular found something written in Korean which she directly translated into English. And I mean directly. That said, she’s no expert yet either. Whilst her effort so far has been admirable (there’s more to come on Thursday although it won’t be as ‘good’ since a higher-level student helped her out with the rest), it’s taken a little touching up…

It was written in pencil, then photocopied so the scan didn’t come out so well. So, I’ll just write what she wrote.


Good morning!

With smile You’ll be happy this moment. From xxxxx-dong [‘dong’ means ‘suburb – bing] office angel of smile give you greeting.

To smile is happy. This word is reasonable psychologist from France Robert Je Jork saies. This is after all smile over come cancer. And give the best happiness.

Now let’s go sea of smile.

Body is surprised suddenly to smile.

650 muscles are. To smile 235 muscles are.

So let’s light exercise.

Finger and finger toward for 5 seconds, to left for 5s, to right for 5s, backward for 5s wit haa and 1,2,3 after we hand lift down.

OK. Good. Once repeat. Thank you.

Now let’s clap ours hands in applause.

Long ways to go. Long ways to go…

Still, on second thoughts, maybe I should have just left it.

BTW, her English is better than my Korean.

A view into the Leftist hivemind.

Shamelessly stolen from Boltas comes this story,

About the Sydney Universities “Centre for Peace and conflict studies”. I think they deserve a closer look.


Heres their website, I wonder what nonsense and lefty wankery can be found within?


No- Really hes the media lecturer.
No- Really hes the media lecturer.

More below the fold Caution, a little bit of swearing inside!

Do you have a boss like this?

I work with idiots.

No, not my fellow teachers. They’re great. And no, not my students, either. I work for a city council in Korea, providing free English classes to the public, both to adults (usually housewives), and elementary school kids. As a result, the powers that be are bureaucrats. You can kinda see where this is headed, right?

Well, twice a year, the council likes to put on an English contest for the adult students. Sounds fine in theory, but this time ’round, not many of the students were interested despite being encouraged multiple times to participate. I can understand that. They’re busy and it usually takes over a month to prepare for their skit or song. Add that up. Students can end up spending three months of the year preparing for a five to ten minute performance.

Anyway, with a lack of interest abounding, another teacher at the meeting this morning suggested we hold a picnic somewhere, perhaps at some kind of significant landmark. The advantages were thus. Students would be able to use their English in a real world, natural if you will, environment. Think tourists. It wouldn’t be rehearsed or out of a textbook. It would be a more relaxed occasion. It can be quite nerve-racking for some getting up on stage in front of a bunch of strangers whilst also having to speak a second language. It would be free advertising for the program. Everybody likes picnics. Housewives in Korea are quite busy. There’d be less preparation time involved, and it’d be more fun.

I ran this by my morning class. Whereas none had really been interested in yet another contest, all were interested and excited at the prospect of a picnic. The weather is beautiful this time of year, we’d be outdoors, students could meet students and teachers from other offices… overall it would be a nice outing. They could each bring along a plate of food. A great day for the wider community.


Our supervisor, our English speaking liaison with the non-English speaking, non-trained in the field of education bureaucrats who “run” the English program, namely a Mr S, wouldn’t have a bar of it. Well, to be fair, our supervisor was open to the idea at first, but when she ran it by the big cheese, nup. And she was quite, er, abrupt with her explanation. It would be too expensive hiring the buses and organising insurance. One teacher knows someone and can get two buses for free. No. Students would be prepared to pay a nominal fee, about five to ten dollars, to help (if not completely) cover costs.


And attendance, once voluntary, is now compulsory, even though this program is run for free. Apparently now, if students don’t attend, that means we are bad teachers. We didn’t do enough.

Trying to reason with my liaison proved fruitless, as is always the case. Our current liaison, and her predecessor, are/were young women at their first job. As a result, there’s no way they can really “fight” for us in this patriarchal society. Still, even the first liaison was a man, yet younger, and/so he hit nothing but brick walls with the higher ups, too.

The “logic” is such. The contest must be held in order to assess students’ progress (the irony being there’d still be a contest held around Christmas time, anyhow). But how this will be achieved is beyond me. Our new supervisor has been at the job barely two weeks. How can she assess any progress? Mr S doesn’t speak a word of English.

In further efforts to reason, negotiate, and be flexible, I suggested, as a measure of improvement, it could be noted that students previously on textbook X part one, page one, are now nearly finished textbook X part three. No. Then how about visiting the classes and asking the students how they felt? No. A questionnaire? Two questions; Has your English improved and; By how much has your English improved? (Remember, these students are housewives doing this in their limited free time. It’s a free program, a community program. Why do the students need tests?!)


(Most of the Korean education system has students studying for the test, not the real world. And they wonder why they can’t quite learn English. And besides, we’re talking about housewives here! But, I digress.)

No picnic. No to what the teachers wanted. No to what the students wanted.


So anyway, now I’m in a position where I am having to force students to do something that has always been voluntary. And for the stupidest of reasons. The only “reason” I can fathom is that Mr S is saving face. The contest is his idea. The picnic was the idea of someone ranked under him in the hierarchy, younger than him, and a foreigner. What an embarrassment to be outdone by such!

But this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. It’s always been his way or the highway. Any new idea, any new initiative, any new improvement, if it doesn’t come from his bureaucratic brain, doesn’t stand a chance. Countless times we are asked for ideas, we brainstorm… but to no avail.

To add insult to injury, even as I tried to reason, offer solutions, and be flexible, I was talked down to by someone with two weeks experience in the education field.


My contract is up soon. Not that I was going to re-sign anyway, but any slight feeling of regret I might have had certainly disappeared today.

Ten weeks. Then I’m free.

Do you have a boss similar to this? A co-worker, perhaps? Share your stories.

Vent volcanic vast right wing conspirators!

Sit, sat, spit, shit, fit

Yep. I want them all changed, apart from sit and sat. My Way would sound so much better if only Sinatra had spat it out. It’s ridiculous using present tense as past tense there. Same goes with shit. And shitted makes it not sound like a swear word anymore. What’s the point? Has to be shat… unlike hurt. Hurted just sounds uncomfortable.

And especially, when it comes to fit, I really don’t think fitted cuts it. Example: once I was fat, now I’m fit.


And bidets are too expensive

An Adelaide school has relented and decided to stop its ban on toilet paper.

Corporal punishment would be a more effective means to stop the vandalism.

Or maybe they could go Indian and grow their pinkies.

Change You Can Believe In: Obama Kills School Choice

President Obama sends his daughters to elite Washington area private schools, not the plagued D.C. public schools, and yet he’s killed a program that allows four or more of his daughter’s classmates to attend the same school they do, though their parents can’t afford it. Thousands of D.C. area students have benefited from this scholarship program over the past ten plus years, test scores and subsequent student success proves that it works, and at a total cost of only $18,000,000.00/$7,500 per student (The putrid D.C. public schools cost over twice that amount per student). So, the question is, “Why?”

I’ll tell you why: Because Obama is in the pocket of the Teacher’s Unions (And every other leftist, anti-competition union), and Teacher’s Unions hate having a program like this that makes them look like the incompetent nincompoops that they, in fact, are.

Keep showing your ass like this, Mr. President, and you’ll be a one termer. Seriously, don’t stop.

UPDATE: D.C. Families Fight for School Choice.

“This afternoon, more than 1,000 students, parents, and concerned citizens gathered across from city hall to rally in support of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program. A number of prominent D.C. leaders spoke, including former mayor Anthony Williams and former councilmember Kevin Chavous. But the most moving speeches were from the parents and students participating in the scholarship program.”

Basically, Obama’s still killing the program, but not kicking out the students already in it.

“But the Washington Post reports that the administration will now call for the scholarship program to be continued for students who are currently participating. If this happens, it will avoid the p.r. disaster of seeing disadvantaged children, including two of the Obama children’s classmates, pulled from their private schools. But it will deny current and future D.C. families the same power that President Obama and Secretary Duncan take for granted. “

Well, there’s the “Change We Can Believe In.”

The protestors:


Looks like an affluent group of privileged whites to me. /sarc

Obama’s pissing off his core constituency. Way to go, Prez!

In class today


A: What’s Fred going to do tomorrow?
B: He’s going to cook the kitchen.

In class today…

As usual, I had to correct the students a few times in class today. Here’s some examples.

A: Can you go to a soccer game with me on Saturday?

B: I’m sorry. I can’t. I have to go to a soccer game.


A: Can you go skating with me on Sunday?

B: I’m sorry. I can’t. I have to wound my leg.


A: I’ve made a decision.

B: What is it?

A: I’ve decided to stop biting my nails.

B: That’s great! Have you ever tried to stop biting my nails before?


Think it’ll be a while yet, folks, before we get that one world language.

Update on Kevin’s highspeed Interweb access plan

Via Jennifer Hewett at the Australian (sorry it’s a bit late and all).

Basically, it’s fucked. Telstra don’t want to build a nationwide fibreoptic highspeed Kruddtastic network, but even if they did, they’re locked out of negotiations on a legal technicality. Kevni wants a return on his investment but his plan is totally nonviable (sure, bloggers should have checked that out before the election but you know, there is a media out there who get paid to do such things for the sake of the public benefit). Basically, it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. Still, at least we don’t have to worry about a computer for every school kid. Remember that one? Yep we all do.

McCain’s Perfect Choice for a Running Mate: Governor Sarah Palin

While most of the pedantic, two-dimensional, inside-the-box-thinking, conservative political hacks are touting Tom Ridge for the slot (Not a bad guy, but…), David Freddoso notes a far superior choice has been proposed: The Republican Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

I believe this is a truly inspired idea. Gov. Palin ran as an anti-corruption outsider, and handily defeated a corrupt and entrenched Republican political machine. Plus, at 44, she would almost totally wipe the “age issue” McCain has off the slate, and since Obama is only two years her senior, there is no way they could attack her for her youth and inexperience: She has much more executive experience than Senator Obama has.

Not to mention the fact that, she’s a gorgeous woman who exudes mass quantities of charisma…


and has a super-solid family life.


Dibs on the eldest daughter! LOL!

This inspired choice would allow McCain to actually capitalize on his “maverick” persona, as Gov. Palin shook Alaska politics to the core: She’s a charming, charismatic woman, but she can also play with the big boys and kick ass.

What say ye?

UPDATE: Things are looking optimistic!

UPDATE II: Welcome to all 4500 8000 40,000 in the past few hours (so far!) people visiting us from Google. We’re a fairly opinionated right-wing blog, and you might like to take a look at our “About” page. You might also be interested in our other coverage of Sarah Palin and whether she becomes a prospective Vice President of the United States. You can find this coverage here and here. Personally, I hope she does, but you can feel free to debate the idea in comments below. All first comments are moderated, but unless you either insult or use severe profanity (and I mean severe by my standards, which generally only means the C U Next Tuesday word or the implication that someone has had a rather enjoyable erotic experience with someone who has borne a child), however if you come up with a new one, I may simply delete your comment. I, and all other contributors to this blog are more than fair in what we permit.

UPDATE III: Nayr Drahcir, don’t bother even trying. You will not be published.

UPDATE IV: A lot of people must like Palin.

UPDATE V: More coverage of Governor Sarah Palin and a theme song here.

UPDATE VI: Funniest observation on the announcement yet: “Put Obama and Palin on a basketball court one on one. Winner takes all!”

UPDATE VII: [spot_the_dog] No, we do not have any pictures of “Sarah Palin + Naked,” nor do we have any of “Sarah Palin + Swimsuit.” In the past 24 hours, there have been 157 separate searches on this site for “Sarah Palin Swimsuit,” and 161 separate searches for “Sarah Palin Naked.” I repeat, we have no bathing suit, swim suit, bikini, or naked pictures of Sarah Palin. What kind of people do you think we are, anyway? 😉

UPDATE VIIa: [spot_the_dog] Ace has noticed a similar search phenomenon on his blog and has a theory…

UPDATE VIII: A well-rounded view of the selection of Sarah Palin for the Vice President Nomination can be found here.

UPDATE IX:  We got it!  YES!  Nude photo of Sarah Palin right here!  (C’mon.  You know you want to click.)

UPDATE X: Feel free to visit our main page and read the latest posts we’ve written.

Shhh! Don’t tell them about this one

It’s like a Japanese school boy’s wet dream.

ABOUT 80 pilot whales have stranded on rocks on Tasmania’s remote west coast, authorities say.

Looks like the next vacation camp in Australia could be a delight!

Dinner is served.

Dinner is served.

PS I’d keep my lips sealed on telling certain Danes, namely the autonomous Faroese about this, too. The above pic was taken on their islands.


None of them survived, which is kinda sad actually.

Classroom Bullying in North Carolina (UPDATED)

Stamp out classroom bullying now – especially when it’s done by teachers.

Want to see how far some teachers will go to preach politics? Check this North Carolina teacher – and don’t miss in particular her taunting of a child with a father in Iraq. Read on for the transcript.

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Speaking of cars…

Cars, LOL.

Well, the world’s leader of Capitalism may well vote in a guy who has some pretty bloody socialist policies, discussed at length here and elsewhere.

Found via reader gsmc (#15) at LGF: A guide(s) to what’s what that even a child could understand.

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