So which one?

Which Republican presidential nominee?

Having just spent an hour or so watching the New Hampshire GOP Republican debate, having gleaned various tidbits over the internet since a while back, I can honestly say I don’t know.


In comments at that link, Ron Paul’s supporters come across as a tad too fervent, as does Paul himself. He just comes across as a bit whiney. Quick to complain about a problem but a bit wishy washy with any solutions.

Romney arguably won, but he comes off as Obama-lite+religion. He’s big government but I will say he’s tending to own his opponents. He does look presidential and has the establishment’s backing… not necessarily a good thing when up against Obama who REALLY has the Establishment’s backing and REALLY (at least) talks presidential (except here where he sounds about as formidable as Julia Gillard). Read the rest of this entry »

Disability and opportunity

Just a few thoughts on one of the many issues related to physical disabilities and the broader ideas of “opportunity” as presented by many groups.


I am fortunate in having only the one “easy to work around” problem, moderate deafness, but unfortunate in being caught in the trap of too severe for job positions (army, firies was a childhood dream, my metal trades pre-apprenticeship was wasted, no one would employ me with a pre-existing condition), but not severe enough for government assistance.

My biggest feeling of “let down” was precisely the organisations supposed to assist disabled. It is not realistic to tell people “they can do anything” throughout their childhood/teens, and leave it until they enter the workforce to discover, case by case, thats not the way it really is.

But this is all ground gone over a lot of times, my point today is how a large pool if talent may be being ignored by society as a whole due to a lack of opportunity for the disabled.

In effect it is extremely difficult to get a business up and running, usually requiring a good pool of capital as well as a few good ideas. For myself, I have one business running, and ideas for another 3, but lack of capital restricts me to my original venture for now.

To get access to this capital I have spent 20 years living “cheaply”, taking on a number of jobs, none earning much more than average wages. None of these jobs were what I wanted to do in life, most involved physical work.

But without the opportunity to have worked these jobs it would have been impossible for me to have saved the money necessary for my first big step to amassing assets (shares,houses), most of which has been sold to fund my business.


Thats the opportunity missing for most disabled,  particularly those with limited mobility. Just how does that segment of the population gain the seed capital needed? There is the option of a desk job, either public service or private, but it is extremely hard to be as “work mobile” as a physically able person, meaning the person may (without extra effort), become a little too reliant on that employer, and limit their skill set.


A considerable amount of time and effort is spent by various government agencies to place disabled people into the work force, if I may be heretical, some of that money may be better spent as a “silent partner” funding business startups for disabled people.

Indeed if I was to ever become massively wealthy its the kind of “not for profit” agency Id like to set up myself. As per usual for these type of businesses it would be a continual lossmaker, as most businesses tend to fail. I could see massive positives for society as a whole, and for the disabled individuals in particular. A few dozen wheelchair bound (vocal) millionaires would do more for disabled access to venues than a sea of government legislation. I want to see fantastically wealthy “wheelies” demanding things or they spend their money elsewhere. The existing model of disability services merely assumes a low/middle class life is all disabled aspire too. There needs to be better than this.

Remember the live cattle trade ban?

With all the hoohah over the past few days over PM Gillard’s carbon (dioxide!) tax, it’s perhaps easy to forget some of the other current stuff-ups Labor is actively involved with.

Ten weeks on and there’s still no deal with Malaysia over a refugee swap.

There’s the mining super profits tax – not just the carbon tax – that our biggest industry with have to put up with.

There’s the $36 billion NBN that still somehow has to be paid for. Meanwhile, a bloke who just bought a new house can’t get a copper phone line connected – Telstra have stopped doing that – and has to wait three-odd years for his fibre cable.

And there’s the ongoing damage from the government’s naive decision to stop the live cattle trade (since resumed but so much damage is yet to be undone).

The suspension, prompted by cruelty concerns, was lifted last week and Indonesia plans to issue fresh import permits to get things moving over the next three months.

But Gulf Savannah Development says trade is still dependent on permits flowing through quickly.

The group’s chairman, Carpentaria Shire mayor Fred Pascoe, said it could take years to recover the costs from missing an important trading period with Indonesia.

“To be honest, I think we’d rather front a category 5 cyclone than the high pressure storm created by the government,” he said.

Mr Pascoe said it could take months to re-establish supply chain protocols.

Meanwhile, the Queensland manager of Australia’s largest livestock transport company doubts business will ever be the same.

Our Langolier government

Most of you probably remember the book and/or movie, The Langoliers. Those little creatures would gobble up, or destroy if you will, everything – matter, space, time – they came across.

In a sense, the Gillard (and previously, Rudd) government has many similarities. Everything her Langolier eyes set themselves upon, they destroy.

The list is unbelievable.

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Governor Moonbeam strikes again

Governor Jerry Brown of Kahleefornia must have felt that he hadn’t left enough wreckage his first stint as Governer (1975-1983), during which he earned the moniker “Governor Moonbeam” as a result of his wacky libtard ways. Apparently he learned absolutely nothing in the ensuing 28 years, because he’s still finding new and inventive ways to ruin the Golden State. Ladies and gentlemen: how NOT to generate tax revenues. today said it will sever ties with some 10,000 affiliates in California to protest the Internet sales-tax law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown Wednesday.

The big online retailer has been threatening to cut those ties since February. In emails today to its California affiliates, Amazon called the bill “unconstitutional and counterproductive. ” The bill is part of the budget package passed by the Legislature.

The affiliates are businesses and nonprofits that have Amazon links on their websites. When someone clicks through that link and buys something from Amazon, the affiliate gets a fee.

Under the bill, Amazon will have to collect sales tax on all sales to Californians.

People like Governor Moonbeam are not called libtards for nothing. Brown knew that Amazon was going to do this because…wait for it…they’ve been telling him so since February. And yet he STILL signed the bill into law! I wonder how many jobs (and the tax revenues they provide) will be lost as a result of this ass-headed attempt to put a gun to Amazon’s head and extort tribute from them.


Is Gina Rinehart Australias Dagney Taggart?

Gina Rinehart is an interesting lady. Written off as no more than an heiress riding on her prospector fathers coattails she has become the wealthiest (on paper anyway) person in Australia.

He father was the legendary Lang Hancock, the man whos company pretty well started Australia’s Iron ore mining boom.

It’s difficult to think, Australia at one stage actually had a ban on exports of Iron ore because the governments of the day believed we were short of the stuff. Lang and his co-workers proved up vast tracts of iron reserves, and the industry was started.

I admit myself to thinking Gina would turn out to be a passive, or unwise heiress, boy was that wrong. She spent millions fighting various court battles to keep her company together.

Now have a read of this speech she gave at the start of her new coal mine, its a pretty precise dressing down of the “looters” mentality.

“For the cost of building this trial mine alone, I could have bought myself a beautiful new private jet, But you’ve seen those trucks and shovels out there. Who would be paying the wages of these contractors if I had spent that on a luxurious private jet and two pilots?

“Indeed, for the further costs of paying my terrific staff working hard on these projects and the consultants’ studies for the pre-feasibility study and the bankable feasibility study and now value engineering, together employing hundreds of people, I could have dotting for myself one or two beautiful yachts like many of my friends have and employed six or more yacht crew and taken off.”

She was apparently a little sharp on the imposition of new taxes into Australian mining as well.

“Rinehart also attacked the “left-wing media” for suggesting she was being greedy and attacking the taxes out of self-interest when she could afford to pay more. She argues it is all about Australia’s ability to compete and that Canberra simply doesn’t understand this…”

Absolutely right, shes as rich as Croseus, she could stick every cent she has into government bonds and still be unable to spend the income. Instead she risks her capital and employs thousands of people.

Rinehart was certainly keen to explain her views to those who had travelled long distances to get to the Alpha mine site. The audience, which included her daughter and son-in-law, included potential clients and companies involved in the project as well as a smattering of federal and state opposition MPs. Queensland Premier Anna Bligh was represented by her Minister for Employment and Mines, Sterling Hinchliffe. No federal government minister was present

This just shows how intellectually cowardly this federal government is. So busy sucking up the arse of Bob Browns greens they wont attend the opening day of a major new employer which will generate massive income for the government and reduce unemployment.

She said the new tax policies — and the high costs of development and regulation — were the reason her wholly owned Australian company Hancock Coal would not be able to maintain as large an equity stake in the new projects as she had once hoped although it would still be “significant”.

Paging Bob Brown, a clue is waiting for you on line 1…. Dear old Bob was today wailing about how eeeeevil foreign corporations had large chunks of Australia’s minerals income diverted to them. The clue being, theres not a big enough pool of Australian capital to get such ventures up and running.

“Rinehart says Australia simply could not afford policies that deter exploration and investment.

“Despite these record prices, when our investment appeal and confidence should be at its highest, today’s policies have meant exploration is being discouraged and our exploration investment is back to 2003 levels. That is, pre-boom,” she says. “Where is Australian investment heading ? Offshore to the long-term detriment of our country and billions and billions of dollars being invested instead in West Africa, Brazil and elsewhere.”

According to Rinehart, Canberra doesn’t appreciate what is required to bring more investment and people to Australia’s north, including special tax breaks, few regulations and a welcome mat for overseas investment. Rinehart, with her father’s sense of determination and destiny, plans to use all her energy to change that equation.

More strength to her arm, I hope she continues to expose the bankrupt looters in Canberra for what they are, wankers playing with other peoples money.

Full text Of Ginas speech under the fold.

Original news story linked here

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I Want Your Money

It’s a new film coming out that takes a look at recent US government spending.



Bats are burning.

4 corners, the long running current affairs show, ripped Rudd a new hole last night. Hes been exposed as a shonky little operator who KNOWINGLY put lives at risk in order to shovel out money and grandstand. 

The show didnt let the installers off the hook either, with some shonky practices being exposed there as well. 


I have a few excerpts and links below, but for me this last exchange between the parents of a dead installer and Kevin shows just how manifestly unworthy of high office Rudd is. 

..More than six months after the death of their son, the Fullers are still searching for answers. It’s taken them to Canberra and into what they thought was a private meeting with Greg Combet. 

KEVIN FULLER, MATTHEW’S FATHER: Kevin Rudd burst into the meeting after about 15 minutes and sat right next to me and he didn’t, he didn’t remember my name, so I shook his hand and said it’s Kevin, it’s not that difficult to remember type logic. Ah same as his, you’d think he’d remember that one. 

CHRISTINE FULLER, MATTHEW’S MOTHER: I can’t even remember what he said, it was nothing important. Yeah, we we told him we held him responsible, um and that we would we and I’m sure the other families of the other young lads would like a public apology. We’ve never had a a public apology, an admission that they’ve stuffed up, you know. 

WENDY CARLISLE (to Kevin Fuller): Did he personally apologise to you in that meeting? 


WENDY CARLISLE (to Kevin Fuller): No expression of sorrow? 

KEVIN FULLER, MATTHEW’S FATHER: Ah there may have been, in it’s an unfortunate or um you know talking around the issue and around the program, but no looking in my eyes or Christine’s eyes and saying I’m sorry. Even sorry for your loss would’ve been good. 

Heres the full transcript, and a link to the site. The episode can be watched here


Update: My just how sincire do you think this apology is? Nothing to do with any criticism of last night 4 Corners at all eh??

Speaking in Sydney today, Mr Rudd apologised on behalf of the Government.

“Certainly, when it comes to the Fuller family, I am deeply sorry for what has occurred,” he said.

“The Government and ministers and myself are deeply sorry for the loss of life that has occurred, and that goes to the loss in the Fuller family and the other families as well.

“Nothing, no action actually brings those loved ones back.”

Opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt said it was disgraceful, weak and hollow that Mr Rudd did not express sorrow to the Fullers.

“I have said the Prime Minister of Australia is a creep … because he was with people who had suffered a tragedy.

“That tragedy was intimately associated with a program which was designed and botched by the Government and the Prime Minister, and he couldn’t look them in the eyes,” he told ABC television.


Hes the worst PM weve ever had bar none.

highlights under the fold 

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US Citizen? Sign the petition against cap n’ trade

If you’re a man-made global warming sceptic, or if you think the science perhaps isn’t settled, or if you are worried about a potential communist world government, or if you are worried about giant non-sovereign world taxes being imposed on all of us, or if you think the governments of this world already have too much power, or even if you’re not convinced yet either way, and don’t want a road paved that there’s no turning back on in just two short weeks, then sign this petition.


People literally right now are speaking at Copenhagen presenting the other side to this man-made CO2-driven man-made climate change/global warming argument. They will also be speaking tomorrow. Time is of the essence.


This post differs from the original. It came from watching the latest Monckton videos (the end of Part 4 of which part 1 was posted by 1.6 below), about a GLOBAL problem – but unfortunately only US citizens can sign that petition. Hence, first update removed, replaced with this.

Death-Care Reform, NOW!

What I want to know is, where are Obama’s Death-Care Reform proposals?!

“The abandoned corpses, in white body bags with number tags tied to each toe, lie one above the other on steel racks inside a giant freezer in Detroit’s central mortuary, like discarded shoes in the back of a wardrobe.

Some have lain here for years, but in recent months the number of unclaimed bodies has reached a record high. For in this city that once symbolised the American Dream many cannot even afford to bury their dead.”

This morgue seems to have some room.

““I have not seen this many unclaimed bodies in 13 years on the job,” said Albert Samuels, chief investigator at the mortuary. “It started happening when the economy went south last year. I have never seen this many people struggling to give people their last resting place.”

Unburied bodies piling up in the city mortuary — it reached 70 earlier this year — is the latest and perhaps most appalling indignity to be heaped on the people of Detroit. The motor city that once boasted the highest median income and home ownership rate in the US is today in the midst of a long and agonising death spiral.”

Reminds me of something.

“After years of gross mismanagement by the city’s [DEMOCRAT! – Beef] leaders and the big three car manufacturers of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, who continued to make vehicles that Americans no longer wanted to buy, Detroit today has an unemployment rate of 28 per cent, higher even than the worst years of the Great Depression.

The murder rate is soaring. The school system is in receivership. The city treasury is $300 million (£182m) short of the funds needed to provide the most basic services such as rubbish collection. In its postwar heyday, when Detroit helped the US to dominate the world’s car market, it had 1.85 million people. Today, just over 900,000 remain. It was once America’s fourth-largest city. Today, it ranks eleventh, and will continue to fall.

Thousands of houses are abandoned, roofs ripped off, windows smashed. Block after block of shopping districts lie boarded up. Former manufacturing plants, such as the giant Fisher body plant that made Buicks and Cadillacs, but which was abandoned in 1991, are rotting.

Even Detroit’s NFL football team, the Lions, are one of the worst in the country. Last season they lost all 16 games. This year they have lost eight, and won just a single gane.

Michigan’s Central Station, designed by the same people who gave New York its Grand Central Station, was abandoned 20 years ago. One photographer who produced a series of images for Time magazine said that he often felt, as he moved around parts of Detroit, as though he was in a post-apocalyptic disaster.

Then in June, the $21,000 annual county budget to bury Detroit’s unclaimed bodies ran out. Until then, if a family confirmed that they could not afford to lay a loved one to rest, Wayne County — in which Detroit sits — would, for $700, bury the body in a rough pine casket at a nearby cemetery, under a marker.”

I worked in Detroit, in some of the worst areas, for several weeks at a time on two separate occasions in 2000 and 2004. It really does have to be seen to be believed, so the TIME photo series they referred to above is here, in all of it’s horrible post-apocalyptic gory glory. If you want more, there are 47 much larger pictures from the series at photographer Timothy Fadek’s site. I highly recommend it. Here’s my personal favorite.

I’m sure Marxism would fix all this up. /sarc

“Darrell Vickers had to identify his aunt at the mortuary in September but he could not afford to bury her as he was unemployed. When his grandmother recently died, Mr Vickers’s father paid for her cremation, but with a credit card at 21 per cent interest. He said at the time it was “devastating” to not be able to bury his aunt.

What has alarmed medical examiners at the mortuary is that most of the dead died of natural causes. It is evidence, they believe, of people who could not afford medical insurance and medicines and whose families can now not afford to bury them [Hey, you didn’t expect this entire article to pass w/o at least one speculative anecdote in support of Obama Care, did you? – Beef].

Yet in recent weeks there have been signs of hope for Mr Samuels that he can reduce the backlog of bodies. Local philanthropists have donated $8,000 to help to bury the dead. In the past month, Mr Samuels has been able to bury 11 people. The number of unburied is now down to 55.”

Yes, “local philanthropists” who made their money through capitalism, or who inherited money made through capitalism.

Spoilt Brats at UCLA Protest Results of Policies They Voted For

California is the US’ first “failed state” in the financial crisis, and the University of California system has had to absorb real, actual budget cuts. As a result, they are having to raise student tuitions more than 30%. Of course, these students, none of whom seem to have ever taken an economics course, are not happy about it. That lead to a near riot at UCLA t’other day.

The protests have now spread to other campuses in the system.

“Los Angeles, California (CNN) — Students were occupying buildings Friday on campuses of the University of California system in protest of a 32 percent tuition hike.

Students took over portions of buildings on campuses in Los Angeles, Berkeley, Santa Cruz and Davis late Thursday, and two remain occupied Friday morning.

Student organizers said they would escalate their protests after the system’s regents approved the tuition hike during a meeting Thursday on the UCLA campus.

University officials said the $505 million to be raised by the tuition increases is needed to prevent even deeper cuts than those already made because of California’s persistent financial crisis.

Protesting students said the hike will hurt working and middle-class students who benefit from state-funded education.”

Yes, when there is a budget shortfall – because of policies the voters voted for and their representatives enacted into law – the school administrators have no right to raise prices to keep the schools afloat. Anyway, these retard protestors are being arrested right and left now.

“Authorities arrested dozens of angry students at the Davis campus late Thursday after they refused to vacate the school’s administration building.

The Davis Police Department and deputies from the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department took 52 students into custody, according to UC Davis spokeswoman Claudia Morain [Which, if you are a PC-phile and use the French pronunciation, comes deliciously close to, “Moron.” – Beef}.

The arrests at Mrak Hall administration came about four hours after the usual 5 p.m. PT closing time. At one point, as many as 150 students were at the building protesting the tuition increase, Morain said.”

For a shocking visual of the US financial meltdown in terms of lost jobs, you really need to watch this awesome animation. It looks like the spread of The Andromeda Strain. Pity I can’t embed it, but it rocks.

Also, note that this job loss Andromeda Strain fell to earth when the Democrats took over total control of the Congress and Senate, and accelerated when they took absolute control of the government with the Obama administration.

So, you retarded brats, you have only yourselves to blame for the current financial fiasco in Cali.

98 initiatives/departments for Climate change, Billions in partial costings.

This new theme song fits the ALP in so many ways.

Quite apart from the debacle of the Oceanic Viking standoff, it also manages to conjure up the distaste they feel for the public in general.

We’re setting sail
To the place on the map from which no one has ever returned
Torn by the promise of the joker and the fool
By the light of the crosses that bur-urn (obligatory stab at those evil Christians)
Torn by the promise of the women and the lace
And the gold and the cotton and pearls
It’s the place where they keep all the darkness you meet
You sail away from the light of the world

Listen baby – you will pay tomorrow
You’re gonna pay tomorrow-ow-ow
You will pay tomorrow-ow-ow-ow-wow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow ( The mantra of the Greenies, if things arent bad now watch out for the boogeyman who’s coming to get you)

Save me, save me from tomor-orrow
I don’t want to sail with this ship of foo-ools, no no
Oh-oh-oh, save me, save me from tomor-orrow
I don’t want to sail with this ship of foo-ools, no no
I want to run and hide
Right now – ri-ight now-ow yeah-eah-eah (The ship of fools being the vast unwashed majority of the public who dont “care” as much as them)

Avarice and greed are gonna drive you over the endless sea
They will leave you-ou drifting in the shallows
Drowning in the oceans of history-y-y-y (Sounds eerily reminiscent of Kevins speech decying free markets)
Travellin’ the world, you’re in search of no good
But I’m sure you’re philosophic like I knew you would
Using all the good people for your gallant slaves
As your little boat struggles through the the warning waves

But you will pay, you will pay tomorrow
You’re gonna pay tomorrow-ow-ow
You gonna pay tomorrow-ow-ow-ow-wow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow

Save me-ee, save me from tomor-orrow
I don’t want to sail with this ship of foo-ools, no no no no
Oh-oh-oh, save me-ee, save me from tomor-orrow
I don’t want to sail with this ship of foo-ools, no no no no

Where’s it comin’ fro-om or where’s it goin’ to?
It’s just a – it’s just a ship of foo-oo-oo-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ools

Yeah, oh Lord

The perfect song to accompany the “liferaft of fools” which is the ALP as they rush to sign us up for the Copenhagen super tax.

I might also add the 7 Billion figure being guesstimated is based on .7% of Australia’s GDP, the draft of the treaty makes it quite clear this is the STARTING point of the tax, not the ending point.

Looking at the ALP’s own website I came across a list of Government initiatives under the banner of the  Department of Climate change.

Theres 98 initiatives listed. (some are existing departments of long standing which have gone “green” for the funding I suspect)

Heres the ones actually mention the costs out of the 98.

More under the fold

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Obama Plays Global Thermonuclear Job Loss

Okay, so it’s not really global, just in the United States (But I’m betting a global version would be even more fun).

Picture 1

Go to the link and press the play triangle in the upper left corner (This is just a screen grab). It really does look like some sort of doomsday scenario.

Hey Barry, how’s that “Stimulus” working for ya?

Knot-heads. I could have told them it wouldn’t work.

Via AoS.

Not Evil Just Wrong

Only five days to go. Pay up. Type QUADRANT into the coupon box to get a 10% discount.

Bob Carter:

In contrast to this small (and still hypothetical) risk of damage from human-caused climate change, there exists a certainty that gross socio-economic damage is already resulting from global warming activism, and is set to get worse.

Merv Bendle:

The accelerating moral panic about alleged global warming and its projected catastrophic effects is a fundamentally religious phenomenon. Despite its pretensions, it is not primarily about science. Rather, it represents the emergence of a new religious movement (an NRM, or what used to be called a ‘cult’). This new form of eco-fundamentalism is characterized by a widely excessive faith in science, a hatred and despair at Humanity, an intolerance of opposition or even skepticism, and a near hysterical form of secular Apocalypticism.

The director, Phelim McAleer:

Spain believed the hype about environmental regulation creating “green jobs” and boosting the economy. Now 18 percent of Spaniards have no jobs. Our own country – Ireland – has the Green Party in government who are pushing for a “carbon tax”. This will increase the price of every good and service on an island that is enduring 13 per cent unemployment. The increased costs will drive out jobs during one of the worst recessions in living memory.

A similar fate awaits Australia if it follows Europe’s lead. Eighty percent of Australia’s energy comes from coal, and the country exported $45 billion worth of it last year. Tens of thousands of jobs in the energy sector are at stake if Parliament adopts ETS to cap carbon dioxide.


Oh, and just in case.


David Flint:

In any event …i t is becoming increasingly evident that support for the fundamentalist global warming agenda is soft. Indeed the BBC now concedes there has not been any evidence of global warming since 1998, notwithstanding the increasing amount of carbon emissions. That’s why the fundamentalists are trying to change the name of their secular religion to climate change.

Once the electorate understands the massive impact on their lives of an ETS, and the fact that it won’t affect global carbon emissions [nor global warming, nor climate change – bing], they will obviously reject it. In 1998, the promise of the GST almost brought down the government. This was a far more benign, almost harmless substitute for other taxes including those ones curiously found invalid by the High Court.

Mr and Mrs Mole go down the hole…

Had my other half out for her first ever trip underground today, she brought her camera and took a few happy snaps which I will post here.

Apparently there is absolutely no chance of her wanting to join me working there, I cant imagine why, its so peaceful and relaxing…


Nothing to exciting just a view of an underground mine which most of you surface crawlers wouldn’t have seen before.


This is the Portal enternce, all the air and traffic for the mine flows in through here.

Abandon hope all ye who enter...

Abandon hope all ye who enter...


A short film clip of driving in the main decline of the mine, a bit of radio chatter as well.


Everything begins with an ‘e’

OK, so the two words start with the letter ‘e’, but the PP Boyz seem to have mixed up ‘economy’ with ’employment’. Sure, they’re related but there’s a reason why there are two different words.

JFTR, PP Boyz, the economy might just be slowly be getting back on track thanks to investors like me who’ve been plowing in CASH for over a year now. Rudd’s so-called stimulus package (giving your own money back to you but come Tuesday, taxing you more again for the privilege all the whilst running us into a deficit that’ll take God knows how long to repay) had very little to do with it.

They’ve also conveniently forgotten the ABS has gone through staff and funding cuts.

Guess with Rudd’s spin, he can’t have pesky things like stats getting in the way.

The US economy: then, now, and into the future

Peter Schiff makes a lot of sense in this video. It sounds like you guys are going to be in for a very long, rough ride. It’s over an hour long but well worth the watch.


Still, he has his detractors, too.

PS That last link is well worth the read in light of the video.

A bad day underground

This little post is to give you “upworlders” an idea of what can go wrong undergound. Fortunately the equipment used in this series was remotely operated so no personnel were at risk.

Stope rockfall

Stope rockfall


A lot of the more dangerous mining is carried out via teleremote equipment, it increases the expense of operations, is difficult to use well, but removes nearly any chance of a fatality or serious injury when something does go wrong. The recovery of the vehicle is the only hazardous part here. Some mines have left machines entombed (including 1 driver that I am aware of) when it was judged to dangerous to retrieve the machinery.


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Where do laid-off journalists go?

Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) links to Knoxville blogger Katie Allison Granju who notes that

“It’s estimated that the American newspaper workforce shrunk by a whopping 15% last year.”

and asks,

“So what happens to a reporter or editor after she loses her job in an industry that isn’t creating any new jobs?”

So — where do laid-off journalists go?  Ms Granju gives a few examples, and links to a piece in the American Journalism Review titled “Is There Life After Newspapers?” which gives plenty more details and anecdotes, but the money-quote out of all this discussion comes from a comment at the knoxnews blog, pointed out by Carolina blogger par excellence Jon Ham:

If journalists know half of what they pretend to know when they’re working as journalists, they should have no problem getting jobs as climatologists, engineers, lawyers, and military consultants, to name a few professions.

McCain’s Perfect Choice for a Running Mate: Governor Sarah Palin

While most of the pedantic, two-dimensional, inside-the-box-thinking, conservative political hacks are touting Tom Ridge for the slot (Not a bad guy, but…), David Freddoso notes a far superior choice has been proposed: The Republican Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

I believe this is a truly inspired idea. Gov. Palin ran as an anti-corruption outsider, and handily defeated a corrupt and entrenched Republican political machine. Plus, at 44, she would almost totally wipe the “age issue” McCain has off the slate, and since Obama is only two years her senior, there is no way they could attack her for her youth and inexperience: She has much more executive experience than Senator Obama has.

Not to mention the fact that, she’s a gorgeous woman who exudes mass quantities of charisma…


and has a super-solid family life.


Dibs on the eldest daughter! LOL!

This inspired choice would allow McCain to actually capitalize on his “maverick” persona, as Gov. Palin shook Alaska politics to the core: She’s a charming, charismatic woman, but she can also play with the big boys and kick ass.

What say ye?

UPDATE: Things are looking optimistic!

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Unions sticking the boot into the Big Three

At a time when the Big Three US auto makers, General Motors, Chrysler and Ford are going hat in hand to ask the powers that be for a $25B bailout, surely not just their CEO’s private jet travel has to stop but much, much more importantly, this too.

“Unbelievably, at its assembly plant in Oklahoma City, GM is actually obliged by its UAW contract to pay 2,300 workers full salary and benefits for doing absolutely nothing. As The New York Times describes it, “Each day, workers report for duty at the plant and pass their time reading, watching television, playing dominoes or chatting. Since G.M. shut down production there last month, these workers have entered the Jobs Bank, industry’s best form of job insurance. It pays idled workers a full salary and benefits even when there is no work for them to do.”

By George Reisman.

H/T Rafe Champion.


Auto bailout cancelled (sorry ’bout the link).


Moore on Larry King (live now at 9pm time, 9pm ET for US bloggers) about all this (pardon me while I go puke).

KING: Do you blame the UAW?

MOORE: No, not at all.

Thanks, Mike. Have a pie.


About 23 minutes in and Mike says the government should own the Big Three and they should be forced to build hybrids and mass transit.

Socialist asshole.


MOORE: (about 25 mins) We are seeing the end of capitalism as we know it. And good riddance.

This guy is scum.


Oops. I’ve been informed it just started in Australia, 9:30pm AEDST.


Oops II. I nearly forgot. Michael Moore, Larry King, FYYSFLT.

Change We Can Believe In: Prohibitively High Energy Prices

Barack Obama is a stupid fuck. The US has the largest coal reserves in the world, but The Zer0 doesn’t want us to use them. Instead, he wants to impose a punitive cap-and-trade ponzi scheme that would make it impossible for the US to become energy-independent, as well as enriching nobody but the government.

What an ass. I hope the people in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky are listening to this lunatic, because he want’s to kill thousands upon thousands of jobs in those states, not to mention jacking electricity rates up on everyone in this country except for his constituency, which are non-productive welfare recipients who do nothing other than suck on the government teat and breed more who do the same… all on the taxpayer’s dime.

Obama is an idiot, and idiots in high places are dangerous.


Macho Sauce has a Parting Shot for the Electorate

It seems The Jawa Report have subscribed to the Macho Sauce YouTube channel. I don’t have a YouTube account yet, so I can’t do that. Anyway, here he is again. It’s kinda long, but he brings up some of my favorite points, including that class envy is covetousness, and so is sinful. I love this guy.

The closing credits include links to other black conservatives, and the music is his metal band, Twenty Pound Sledge. Enjoy.

Comments open.

Devastating: Obama Tied to ACORN, Obama’s Tactics to Credit Crisis

This is the best video with background on the credit crisis yet. Obama worked with ACORN, and filed suits to force lenders to make NINJA loans – No Income, No Job, no Assets – which are exactly what got us into this crisis. It started with Carter in 1977. I’m sorry – deeply sorry – because I voted for Carter when I was an 18 year-old leftard.

Oh, and all of you Europeans who think the US should elect Obama, I have a question for you. Now that you know Obama and his cohorts caused the credit crisis, which has spread to YOUR markets, do you still think we should elect him? You’re fools if you do.

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