Remember the live cattle trade ban?

With all the hoohah over the past few days over PM Gillard’s carbon (dioxide!) tax, it’s perhaps easy to forget some of the other current stuff-ups Labor is actively involved with.

Ten weeks on and there’s still no deal with Malaysia over a refugee swap.

There’s the mining super profits tax – not just the carbon tax – that our biggest industry with have to put up with.

There’s the $36 billion NBN that still somehow has to be paid for. Meanwhile, a bloke who just bought a new house can’t get a copper phone line connected – Telstra have stopped doing that – and has to wait three-odd years for his fibre cable.

And there’s the ongoing damage from the government’s naive decision to stop the live cattle trade (since resumed but so much damage is yet to be undone).

The suspension, prompted by cruelty concerns, was lifted last week and Indonesia plans to issue fresh import permits to get things moving over the next three months.

But Gulf Savannah Development says trade is still dependent on permits flowing through quickly.

The group’s chairman, Carpentaria Shire mayor Fred Pascoe, said it could take years to recover the costs from missing an important trading period with Indonesia.

“To be honest, I think we’d rather front a category 5 cyclone than the high pressure storm created by the government,” he said.

Mr Pascoe said it could take months to re-establish supply chain protocols.

Meanwhile, the Queensland manager of Australia’s largest livestock transport company doubts business will ever be the same.

Road trip!

Let’s do it!

How about the cattle farmers stick it back to that Gillard?

Click for full size.

Yes. We’re talking loading 100-odd trucks – or more – with now unsaleable cattle and sending them down to the lawns of Parliament House. There’s lush green grass there for them to feed on and even a water fountain for them to drink from (not to mention the sprinklers could be utilised).

Bugger all else they can do with that season’s worth of cattle now, is there?

It would send a clear message.

Spot has even included a handy directions guide (where the map comes from).

Throat cutting in Australia

There has been quite a stink in Australia over the cruel slaughter of cattle sold to the Indonesian meatworks. The footage shown was of people who had no idea how to do their job.

The stink has caused the Australian government to impose a complete ban on ALL exports of cattle to that country. The greens and non-thinking animal rights mobs have of course scented blood, and are now pushing for a complete ban on all live animal exports.

So the government is going to engage in collective punishment rather than actually go after the “bad eggs”. Indonesia relies heavily on “wet markets”, which is to say non refrigerated meat sales, as poverty puts refrigeration out of reach for many.

Its quite plain to me most of the people making decisions have never been involved in animal handling or slaughter. I have killed/butchered many hundreds of sheep back when I was shearing/woolpressing, depending on the size of the team usually one or 2 per workday. I havent slaughtered any cattle, and only a couple of pigs.

Heres some basics on animal handling and slaughter.

1: To move stock you have to scare it into the direction you want it to go. You dont ask it politely, if you can “trick” the stock with blinds or bluffs then good. Stock generally hates going from light to dark, smell of blood, loud noise and stripes of light and shadow.

2: Stock is much easier to slaughter if it isnt “whipped up”. When you are working with knives the last thing you want is animals kicking around.

3: Slaughter is slaughter, it isnt nice or clean. Even done properly it looks “nasty”.

4: Stressed meat is tough meat, the less panicked the beast prior to slaughter the better the meat should turn out.

5: Animals have to be bled as quickly as possible, preferably with the heart still beating, and be hung upside down to drain better.

6: Cruelty is very much in the eye of the beholder, I have had dozens of people assist in moving stock who thought using polly pipe/dogs and sacks on the sheep was “cruel” quite gladly use all 3 after trying to “gentle” sheep into a shed for an hour or so.

7: There is no money to be made in damaged or dead stock, you can’t eat it, sell it or breed it. So in generally cruelty is STUPID in the context of farming and stock handling. The non thinkers seem to belive companies/farmers are indifferent to stock losses, this is bullshit, every dead or unsaleable animal costs money. Companies are formed to make money, dead stock costs money. Therefore companies tend to invest in solutions to stock losses,

My basic sheep killing was knife “stick to behind the windpipe, cut forward, then cut back and break the neck, all up less than 5 seconds. The sheep would then bleed out and be hung, after a couple of minutes the body would be skun and gutted then left to set overnight. Breaking the sheep up into cuts of meat would take 20min to 1/2 an hour per animal.

Amount of suffering?

Less than 5 seconds with the neck broken, unless you believe it feels pain past a broken spinal cord.

Kim Jong Il looking at things

Kim Jong Il looks at corn as DPRK functionaries look at him

the look of love. He'll never be ronrey again.

from the Kim Jong Il looking at things blog.  It also includes DPRK functionaries looking at him looking at things.
In the photo above, most of the people in the back seem unbearably sad that dear leader is fingering their lunch.

Sometimes I wonder if Kim Jong Il and Bono call each other to chat about sunglasses.

More offensive nannying tosspots.

Oh great, first it was the 10:10 idiots and their “blow up the kids” ads, now its an Aussie mob saying hamburgers are the equivalent of injecting speed/heroin into your kids.

Heres an experiment for the producers of this tripe. Ill feed a child 3 happy meals a week on their condition you inject your own kids with speed for the same period of time. 3 times a day.

At the end of a week we will just go cold turkey, you inject saline into your kid and Ill feed my kid 3 square meals.

Then you can compare the results eh?

Who pays for this tripe? They must be government sponsored because no business would choose to offend its paying customers so much.

Heres the studios facebook page anyway.

They think its “clever”.

Copenhagen schedule

A silver lining…

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Monckton, Fred Singer, and Ian Plimer will be speaking. Bad news is that they’re speaking right at the beginning and could well be forgotten by the end. Good news is that nothing much is likely to come out of this, with no actual agreements until June next year or even until 2011.

Let’s hope “our boys” get a fair hearing and their message gets through over, say, Desmond Tutu’s call for cash.


And with trepidation, a link to an article quoting Lord Monckton. Do read the whole enchilada, but since the following has been largely passed over, here’s an excerpt reminding us what this AGW crock means for our food.

Speaking about replacing one third of agricultural land which grows food to be used for growing bio-fuels instead, Christopher Monckton reminded that it has led to double food price surge over just one year.

“If we have to pay twice as much for our food – it’s inconvenient. If you are in a poor country – that difference of a 100% in the price of your food is the difference between life and death,” he warns.



In related news, have you heard about the steel cages being set up for any protesters who are arrested?

Powerline asks: What do they think we are, anarchists?

Will Lord Monckton throw Molotov cocktails, or Pat Michaels smash bank windows?

Have a Very National Socialist Christmas!

Did you know that before The Grinch Stole Christmas the Nazis Stole Christmas? True. Take a look at these vintage Nazi Christmas tree ornaments on swastika wrapping paper!

Odin’s Cross and Nazi wrapping paper really gets one into the holiday spirit, no?

“Nazi Germany celebrated Christmas without Christ with the help of swastika tree baubles, ‘Germanic’ cookies and a host of manufactured traditions, a new exhibition has shown.

The way the celebration was gradually taken over and exploited for propaganda purposes by Hitler’s Nazis is detailed in a new exhibition.

Rita Breuer has spent years scouring flea markets for old German Christmas ornaments.
She and her daughter Judith developed a fascination with the way Christmas was used by the atheist Nazis, who tried to turn it into a pagan winter solstice celebration.”

This is funny and ironic, because Christmas started out as a pagan celebration.

“A winter festival was the most popular festival of the year in many cultures. Reasons included the fact that less agricultural work needs to be done during the winter, as well as an expectation of better weather as spring approached.[17] Modern Christmas customs include: gift-giving and merrymaking from Roman Saturnalia; greenery, lights, and charity from the Roman New Year; and Yule logs and various foods from Germanic feasts.[18] Pagan Scandinavia celebrated a winter festival called Yule, held in the late December to early January period. As Northern Europe was the last part to Christianize, its pagan traditions had a major influence on Christmas. Scandinavians still call Christmas Jul. In English, the word Yule is synonymous with Christmas,[19] a usage first recorded in 900.”

In any event, the Nazis failed.

“Happily, t5he [sic – beef] German people mostly ignored the clumsy propaganda efforts and continued with the same traditions as before.”

And no wonder.

Swastika shaped cookies could never top a gingerbread man.

When they pry it from my cold, dead hands….

Oh dear the health nazis are at it again, not happy with criminalising smokers and raising the price of pre mixed drinks 70%, they are onto a new atrocity.


Killer sandwich: ham linked to cancer

They might seem a harmless lunchtime filler but ham, salami and devon are on the World Cancer Research Fund’s hit list.

Death by sandwich..

Death by sandwich..

Ok here’s the word for you concerned scum. Piss off and leave me alone, I don’t respect you and strongly believe you are out of control busybodies who are flat out providing cover for the government to raise taxes on “sins”. I am currently grumpy enough, deprive me on my morning bacon and it may just be enough to tip me over the edge…

Oh and just how huge is this organisation that have generated worldwide headlines with a non-story?

11-50 people

The charity’s Lisa Cooney says it is recommending parents do not give their children more than 70 grams of processed meat a week.

That is the equivalent of two ham sandwiches, or three thin rashers of bacon.

“There’s convincing scientific evidence linking the consumption of processed meats like ham, salami and bacon to an increase in bowel cancer risk,” Ms Cooney said.

“And we also know that the habits we develop during childhood can follow us through to adulthood. So parents have a really wonderful opportunity to help promote really healthy habits in their children.”


First cab off the rank “Think of the chiiiillldren!!!”, piss off and choke on a dick you harridan, you either have a SOLID mass of evidence or you have speculation and rubbery figures.




The average employee of one of these "charities".

The average employee of one of these "charities".



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The cost of something simple

Years ago here in Australia we had a politician lose an election based on one TV interview. The bloke was John Hewson, and the question was stunning in in simplicity, and utterly devastating to Mr Hewson.

Heres a link to a Wiki on the interview, see if you can find a youtube of the event, its well worth watching.

Here’s the nub of my post, why hasn’t any party, anywhere on earth (that Im aware of) been asked the following question.

Its a simple question, why hasnt anyone asked it?

Its a simple question, why hasnt anyone asked it?


In all seriousness, why hasn’t anyone supporting a carbon scheme been asked to put a figure on a simple grocery item? Im sure the roll on effect will prove to be quite high, and the complexity will annoy those asked.

But thats the point, if they cant explain how the price “wont be effected” (an obvious lie), or they have to add on every 1c, 1/2c, 5c, cost the item has its price raised by.

Its the question which will provoke widespread unease as the true costs become a little more solid, perhaps that’s why it hasn’t been asked.

Speaking of Tasteless…..

Well I finally managed to purchase a small jar of the new vegemite.

My thoughts? It’ll sell well because it’s not as…. pungent… as real vegemite.

Vegemite is not a taste that’s readily acquired, so anything that can grab a market is probably what they’re after with this new taste sensation.

Sure, it’s got a different texture on the tongue, and it tastes a bit cheesy, but it’s still vegemite.

The Godmother’s boy will eat it on toast or muffins rather than real vegemite, and Magilla’s been known to eat it on toast, but I prefer the original.

The idea with vegemite is to get them while they’re young, and they’re yours for life. I’m proof of that, as are probably 99.98% of the vegemite eaters you know. The rest are flukes.

Anyway, kids love vegemite and cheese sangas – I did as a kid – so these should sell well in the child cuisine market. How the product will survive the transition when the kids grow up is something we’ll see down the track, I guess.

Personally, I don’t like it. I grew out of vegemite and cheese yonks ago.

Oh, and it’s been christened “cheesymite” here.

I can’t call it a condimental disaster, but it is a catchy phrase if I do say so.

Sunday Brunch

Tired of raping Gaia with your stove? But you still want that bacon? Well, you’re not alone.

Tizona’s presents a raw bacon feast. Bon appetit!



But is it safe? Apparently, yes. And you probably won’t catch AIDS from it. Not sure about swine flu, though. Especially if you live in Germany.

Real Death by Chocolate

I’m not kidding.

“A 22-year-old factory worker died Wednesday after he fell into a vat of boiling chocolate at a manufacturing plant in New Jersey, police said.

The Camden County prosecutor’s office identified the victim as Vincent Smith II. He was a temporary worker at the Cocoa Services Inc. plant.”

Fucking New Guys. Always trying to nick some free cocoa.


Om, nom, nom, nom….

Kevin has been off his tucker with all the stresses of life as the PM getting to him. Either that or hes cutting down on snacks between meals.

Found this little piccie over on the Australians website, its from the 23-6-09.

The waxgobblin hard at work!

The waxgobblin hard at work!

Sunday Brunch

In Korea, there’s a phenomenon known as ‘anju’, which means side dish, meaning you can’t just walk into a Korean establishment and start plugging away the soju. Koreans eat when they drink as opposed to grabbing a 3am kebab. Side dishes usually involve some kind of funky kimchi, or dried anchovies, maybe some tofu soup. Consequently, you can usually find bingbing at Burger King (aka Hungry Jacks) around 8am Tizona time on a Sunday. Hence, afterwards, any 11am Sunday Brunch would probably have to be a side dish, so to speak.

Some of you may have guessed the Tizona’s Sunday brunches are scheduled, not posted live, as apart from last weekend when my wallet was lifted, there’s no way in hell I’m up at that ungodly hour (11am Tizona time… 9am Korean time [either way]) on a Sunday.

Anyway, in the spirit of side dishes and Koreans occasionally getting things right, Tizona’s presents, with special thanks to bing’s Korean girlfriend who alerted him to it, today’s Sunday Brunch! Praise Jesus!


Yes, that photo was taken in Korea (you can tell by the viser cap, second from the left)… probably not in the North, though.


The Sunday Shooter!

Urgent advice needed

Calling on any Aussies out there.

Does this taste any good?

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Sunday Brunch

Tough week. Have to search for a new job and move apartment pretty much every year here. That time is now. We opened up a can o’ worms with chastity chaz. Got pick pocketed on Friday night. Need bacon.

It’s all good, but.

Eat up, ladies

Cheers to this. Who desn’t love a bit of meat on them bones?

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Sunday Brunch

So much going on. So much swirling round my head. Another big night. Obama’s speech to the Muslim world. Swine flu. Seems no one likes pork these days. Carradine. Can I speak to David, please? Sorry, he’s Thai’d up right now.

It’s all too much.

Back to basics.


Thai pork pizza to be precise…


Made from leftover pork roast. How good is that? Credit where credit’s due.

Sunday Brunch

Enjoy… perhaps with a nice riesling.

Chicken perhaps?

Chicken perhaps?

Click to find out what this mouth-watering morsel is.

For the troops

Nilk, Kae and BOAB have started a blog for the Aussie troops. Sending care packages. It’s called Ocean, Sky and Khaki. It’s on our Blairite blogroll under “For the troops”.

H/T Paco

Sunday Brunch

It’s never too early for spaghetti…

What 'herb' did he use for this one?

What 'herb' did he use for this one?

Sunday Brunch

Let’s take you down, take you down to Chinatown. Kung fu ya taste buds with these crunchy scorpions… on a stick! Yum yums!

As they say, "good for power."

As they say, "Good for power."

H/T Even more yum yums there!

A picture’s worth 1000 words… (162 and counting)

Well, with the holiday we had over here on Friday and tomorrow’s Children’s Day being a national holiday (go figure), it was a bit annoying having to front up for work today. Anyway, such is life. Barely a quarter of my adult students bothered turning up and whilst most of my kids did, I knew they weren’t going to want to do any work. They had sports last Friday, they have the day off tomorrow, half of them didn’t even have school today, and the ones who did just did more sports practice.

So I decided to buy them pizza. Not the expensive stuff like Domino’s but these cheap ones from a mob called Nanta Pizza that are about five Aussie dollars each… and actually pretty decent (for the price). Whilst waiting in the shop, the following picture caught my eye. I guess it’s trying to attract customers. I’m just not sure how.

Eat it! If you dare...

Eat it! If you dare...

In class today


A: What’s Fred going to do tomorrow?
B: He’s going to cook the kitchen.

Belated Sunday brunch

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