Your Favourite Blogs – Now With More Carbon!

How often have you been reading a blog and thought to yourself, “Self, what that blog needs is MORE CARBON!”?

Tax this, Julia…

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President Trump? Not. Gonna. Happen.


Remember, vote early and vote often.



Ive “Bee”n busy


A bag of Julias carbon credits to anyone who can Identify what Ive been up to by looking at that piccie.

Moreunder the fold.

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Channel 7’s Mark Riley Reacts Badly To Accusation That He Still Beats His Wife

Or, as Colonel Robert Neville says, “What’s good for the goose is good for the slander.”

No, really.

What were you looking for?

What are you looking for?

Recent search terms which have led people to this blog

gemma arterton, australian flag, goatse, ann coulter, australia map, mankini, australia, iga, danica patrick, michelle obama, puffin, army, apollo 11, brazilian wandering spider, steve urkel, sandwich, kristanna loken, peugeot 907, australian spider, mieke buchan, obama countdown clock, koala, dogs, funny dogs, harpy eagle.

All someone needs to do now is compose a post which includes all of those terms, with maybe a “sarah palin nude” &/or “palin bikini” (two close runners-up) thrown in for added sparkle, and we’ll have the dream post everyone’s looking for.

Anyone game?

Cool thing makes gun laws useless?

This is possibly the coolest “toy” Ive ever seen.

Its a printer.

Its a 3D printer

Its a 3D printer that makes almost any object it has a design template for….

Its a MakerBot “Thing-O-Matic”

The daily mail has a reasonable write up on the machine, including this picture of geek lust in action…

Morton wondered if there were plans for a lady sized model any time soon....


However a little section in the write up got me thinking…

“But its creators say future models could combine plastic with metals – allowing them to make electronic gadgets at the push of a button.”

Id give it about 1 week after the metals model was introduced before the first pistols/pistol parts are available for sale. So how would gun control work after you can produce your own?

Go US: USA Wins the First America’s Cup Face Off

Read it and weep.

“Larry Ellison’s boat USA won a convincing victory on Friday over Ernesto Bertarelli’s Alinghi in the first race of the 2010 America’s Cup off Valencia, Spain.

One more win in the best-of-three series would allow Mr Ellison’s BMW Oracle team to secure the cup from Alinghi, the defender, at the end of a bitter, three-year legal battle that has pitted the two billionaires against each other and excluded teams from other countries such as the UK, China and New Zealand.

The USA trimaran – a lightweight, three-hulled boat – boasted a revolutionary wing larger than the wing of an Airbus A380 superjumbo jet, instead of a conventional sail.

As expected, the wing drove the trimaran fast and close to the wind in the initial upwind leg of 20 nautical miles after an awkward start that left Alinghi with a penalty and USA stalled on the start line.

To the surprise of many sailing experts, however, the BMW Oracle boat also performed better than the two-hulled Alinghi catamaran in the downwind leg to the finish, although the lightness of the wind was expected to favour Alinghi, which is believed to weigh less.”

These aren’t the boats I remember from earlier years, but I still love this race series.

Timewarpians Stroll London in Victorian Garb

Since Steampunk has pretty much gone main stream, I’ve thought retro garb was pretty much a foregone conclusion. Many lament the lack of style and grace in today’s living, including me (But I’m not ready to give up my jeans quite yet).

(CNN) — Social networking may be one of the biggest phenomenons of the 21st century, but for some denizens of the Web, it’s a way to get in touch with the past.

Web sites like (with a membership of more than 5,700) and groups on Facebook allow people who enjoy past eras to connect with each other. But it goes beyond that: Some of them dress and live like they would decades, if not centuries, ago.”

Funny thing is, if you pick any era from the 1950’s back, you’re going to be dressing with more class. Back in the 80’s, when I was going through my, “cool jazz musician phase,” I used to dress like this (As did quite a few of the straight-ahead swing musicians).

I can think of far worse social trends than tasteful dress and refined manners. In fact, this phenomenon has more than a few conservative elements to it.

“Why would one live this lifestyle? For many of these iReporters, it’s a reaction to modern society just as much as a love of the fashion and style of days gone by.

“I suppose others might call me an eccentric, but I just live the life I want to live and don’t care about what others say or think about me,” said Ray Frensham, a “Living Victorian,” from London, England. “Even though I’ve felt increasingly disconnected from the modern world for many years now, I’m not retreating into some past nether-world seeking a kind of comfort-blanket.”

Modern society in the United Kingdom can be “remarkably cruel and unforgiving,” Frensham said. “There is certainly no sense of any kind of community anymore,” he said. “People are purely self-centered, only in it for what they can get out of themselves.” He points to the recent MP expenses scandal there, which led to the resignation of British House of Commons Speaker Michael Martin, as an example.”

So, I’m all for it, but not ready for the top hat and ascot quite yet.

I’m Buying Two!

Remaking an Epic: Clash of the Titans

I’m an old-school retrosexual kind of guy, so I like epic movies like Gladiator, 10,000 BC, The Patriot, Apocalypto, Master and Commander – you get the idea; the more high-test testosterone, the better. Well, the original Clash of the Titans came out in 1981, and it was a pretty good action epic for the time – I actually have a Swedish friend named Anders who had a bit part in it – but after movies like 300, which have redefined the entire look and feel of action epics, I’ve begun to wonder what those kind of production values and CGI effects could bring to a remake of Clash.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that, not only is a remake on the horizon, but it’s finished filming and is already in post production! This flew completely under my radar. Here’s the trailer in formats up to and including 1080p HD (Which looks awesome on my Apple 23″ Cinema HD Display). HA! It sounds as if Bingbing did the film score: very heavy, which I like for this sort of thing (300 had a brilliant score).

It looks like they’ve done it right, with a big budget, no-holds-barred CGI effects, and a killer cast that includes Sam Worthington as Persius, Ralph Fiennes as Hades, Liam Neeson as Zeus (!), Alexa Davalos as Andromeda, and my favorite babe-actress of the moment, Gemma Arterton, as Io.

I could so love her. LOL!

I don’t go to theaters to see films in first release much anymore, but this one I will. Of course, I’ll have to have the DVD too. In fact, this movie might finally spur me on to finally buy a Blu-Ray player if I like it enough.

I’m more psyched about Clash of the Titans than I am about Avatar.

Cute, Talented Geeky Girl does Lady Gaga’s Poker Face

Not only do I like this better than the original version, but this girl is far more attractive to me than Lady Gaga.

Brilliant! Geek chicks rule, especially the ones who are musicians.

H/T Instapundit, who got it from, John Scalzi.

The girl is Molly Lewis, and she has a blog! What I want to know is, does she have a musician boyfriend?… because, you know, I’m available. LOL!

Happy Halloween!


Scary. Scary beautiful and scary sexy.

Due to overwhelming reader response, I’m forced to post more pumpkins. NSFW pumpkins.

You are welcome.

OK, last one: A real demonstration of Marina’s strength for Carpe.

I live to serve.
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JetLev: A Jet Ski that Lets You Fly

Tell me this doesn’t look like some serious fun. Story about it here.

To make it light enough to work, the water supply has to be a lake, river, sea or ocean you’re on, and the engine and compressor have to be towed behind and below in a service boat, but it’s just as well, because I imagine the learning curve would be painful, if not fatal, over land.

Before you add it to your Christmas Wish List, keep in mind that the initial production model will be $130,000.00 US. Unless you’re dating Paris Hilton – or have been a very, very good boy or girl – that might be a bit steep. I imagine as the tech matures, the price will plummet. No reason it should cost much more than a regular Jet Ski within a few years.

Yes, I want one. We have several large reservoirs near here. It is so me.

Hat Tip to Glenn Reynolds.

Where Motorcycles Kill Cars: Hyabusa versus Carrera

Even with the Porsche driver taking up both lanes of the road to keep the bike behind him – driving like a typical car dick, in other words – he hasn’t got a chance when the merest straight opens up. The Suzuki pilot drinks his milkshake.

I love to ride twisty roads like that. Just watching that video gives me Pavlovian reactions in my throttle wrist and shifting ankle.

When Fast Isn’t Good Enough: Nissan Encounters Warp Drive

I have a Dodge RAM 1500 Quad Cab 4×4 Sport pickup truck and a BMW R1100RS motorcycle, and I’m okay with that. Why don’t I have a car? Because I can afford the truck and the bike I want, but I’m nowhere near wealthy enough to afford any car I’d care to drive. Say, an automobile such as the Bugatti Veyron.

Here’s what happens when a fast car I could afford – the Nissan GT-R – meets a Bugatti Veyron in a matchup.

Well, calling it a “matchup” isn’t really fair, is it?

See, if I can’t afford a car that can do that, I’ll stick with trucks and motorcycles.

From AutoBlog.

UPDATE (bing)

The Veyron at top speed… 253 miles/h… 407km/h

It goes from 200km/h to 300km/h in 9.4 seconds.

The asked a Formula 1 team if they could use their wind tunnel. No can do. F1 cars don’t go fast enough.

UPDATE 2: For SezaGeoff, Angus Dei’s highly customized 1994 BMW R1100RS.


The Beef of God himself on his BMW K1200LT back in 2005 (Now sold).


I love motorcycles and have ridden over 100K miles on them in the past ten years.

How to hypnotise a chook…

My poor missus was traumatised when I showed her how to do this, its an old trick but a good one.


There are 2 ways I know of, this is the easier one.


Its my day off, thats my excuse for the very casual look…

And heres the perfect tunes to accompany that little clip. (the brown acid must have been reeeal good back in the 70s)


And lastly a little clip for all the ravers out there.


Its going to be one thing Ill miss when we shift house, the chooks.

Beer Wars

Seen it, yet? Not as exciting as the trailer might suggest, and a little too Lefty, but still an interesting watch. Definitely an eye-opener to our, er, not-so-humble beer.


Let’s start a VB ad competition. Carpe got the ball rolling. Can you top it?

P-Shop of the Day: Michelle’s Toned Arms

Someone at Ace linked to this on an overnight thread. I was several beers into the evening when I clicked on the link, and just about pissed my britches. It was still just as funny this morning.


Virtuoso Hula Hoop

Hope this embeds.

NOTE: Ahem, there is a lot of NSFW stuff at this site (I was hoping the vid would embed, but oh well).

EMBED-Sexy Chick Hula Hooping – Watch more free videos

With some girls, it’s all in the way they look. With others, it’s all in the way they move. With a few – a very few – you get both. Wow.

UPDATE: Redneck Basketball Shots (Same related NSFW warning applies).

EMBED-Crazy Basketball Shots on the Farm – Watch more free videos

Total Eclipse of the Heart: I Too Hated Lord of the Flies

Literal Video, it’s the new rage: You replace the song lyrics with a literal description of what’s being shown in the vid.

“What the effing crap, that angel guy just felt me up.”

Comedy gold… dust.

H/T, Ann Outhouse,

How to Photograph a Nude

First, of course, you need the appropriate subject matter.


Notice the scale. She makes the couch look like a prop in The Incredible Shrinking Woman. Seriously, I’d be surprised if this tiny little thing is even five feet tall.

Then you need to compose the photograph and get the light and pose just right. Oh, by the way, this is not safe for work.

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For over a year now, foreign English teachers have had to be drugs tested. It’s a bit of a hassle but no biggie. It was mainly a move by the gubnit to satiate the anti-foreigner groups over here, who see us, even though we’re university-educated and have the balls to uproot and have God-like patience, as basically the scum of Wetsern society (if only they knew).

It’s ironic, since drugs are hard to come by over here, and so expensive any “high” is quickly quelled (mind you, soju is as cheap as chips and big pharma is having a field day… I mean, really, around seven different pills nowadays to combat a common cold???). I mean that, even if someone did smoke pot or pop disco biscuits back home, it’s not likely they’re gonna do so here.

Anyway, it got me thinking. This happens occasionally. If Western governments really wanted to get rid of their so-called drug problem, then why not make it mandatory for all employers to require a drugs test of their employees? And for those receiving welfare benefits to also be routinely drugs tested.

But Western governments will never do this. Just follow the idea to it’s logical conclusion (oops, maybe they will). Heck, even the Korean gubnit only mandates it on foreign English teachers. And that’s only to appease a rather large group of xenophobic wankers.

Obama Countdown Clock: “Are we there yet?”

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.~a gazillion thanks to Clara for her tech-fu in embedding this 😉

UPDATE: Welcome to our friends from Anne Ann Coulter’s blog! spot_the_dog spot_the_dog Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock spot_the_dog spot_the_dog spot_the_dog spot_the_dog Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock

The Ultimate Peep Show

Having neither the time nor the energy to write anything new, congenitally lazy spot_the_dog recycles last year’s  Easter post.  Still hope it gives you a laugh, but!

The Ultimate Peep Show

Happy Easter!

–thanks to Clara

UPDATE: In case any of the Aussies here aren’t familiar with Marshmallow Peeps, see here.

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