Mohammed cartoons… again

A French magazine called Charlie Hebdo was set to publish an issue with a cartoon Mohammed on the cover and their offices were firebombed.

Mohammed says "100 lashes, if you don't die with laughter!"

Mahomet has buttocks on his head

Time magazine’s Paris bureau chief Bruce Crumley then wrote a disappointing piece full of vitriol aimed not at whoever the firebomber might be but at the publisher.

Although the current title is “Firebombed French Paper Is No Free Speech Martyr” judging from the URL the original title was “Firebombed French Paper A Victim Of Islamists Or Its Own Obnoxious Islamophobia” He opens with :

Okay, so can we finally stop with the idiotic, divisive, and destructive efforts by “majority sections” of Western nations to bait Muslim members with petulant, futile demonstrations that “they” aren’t going to tell “us” what can and can’t be done in free societies?

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Did I hear someone mention Gillard?

She’s goooooona march through Australia, wearing her leather soled feet out?

FAIL to the chief!

Hey Lefties – Got Yer #NewTone Right Here!

From the tolerant open-minded Left who keep lecturing us on the importance of striving for a more civil tone:

UPDATE: To preempt any complaints that I shouldn’t be giving these bile-spewing haters any more oxygen, for the most part I agree.  But in this case, this particular tweet was just the last straw.  Coming up with the most demeaning insult against Miranda Devine seems to be the new sport on Twitter, and there comes a point when these people need exposing.

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste: Earthquake? Tsunami? Global Warming!!!

We all knew this was going to happen – it was just a matter of “when”.  As it turns out, it didn’t take very long at all.

Hours after a massive earthquake rattled Japan, environmental advocates connected the natural disaster to global warming.  The president of the European Economic and Social Committee, Staffan Nilsson, issued a statement calling for solidarity in tackling the global warming problem.

“Some islands affected by climate change have been hit,” said Nilsson. “Has not the time come to demonstrate on solidarity – not least solidarity in combating and adapting to climate change and global warming?”

“Mother Nature has again given us a sign that that is what we need to do,” he added.

Lee Doren of the Competitive Enterprise Institute has been collecting some of the highlights – er, lowlights – via Twitter.  See them here at The Daily Caller.

UPDATE:  “Global warming alarmists are to natural disasters what the Westboro Baptist Church is to military funerals.” Just so.

UPDATE 2:  Tim Blair on Anthropogenic Tectonic Warming®.  You know it makes sense!

h/t @LDoren, @JTlol, @DailyCaller

“Seriously. Just look at them.”

THESE PEOPLE GOVERN AUSTRALIA. “Seriously. Just look at them.”

These People Govern Australia

Australian poverty, part 2.

I wrote a post a while back on the issue of poverty Australian style, and how it can be a very different creature to anything seen in places such as India or Vietnam.

Id like to expand on a few more points I’ve become aware of in my job as provider of goods to the “poor”.

I’ve long assumed at least pert of the reason poor people had trouble getting ahead was the lack of ability to purchase quality goods. After all no-one expects a lot from a $200.00 fridge. But a poorer person replacing a fridge every couple of years would be a considerable burden on their finances, preventing them from being able to purchase quality goods designed to last a decade or more.

I have been in places this bad before.

I don’t assume that anymore.

This is not a blanket statement, but probably correlates to somewhere around 50% of my clients.

They have no quality goods because they live like pigs.

Harsh? No way. Heres a few examples from the last few weeks.

$1400 Westinghouse fridge freezer, about 8 months old, found left on the verge for rubbish collection. It cost $600 to repair, the basic cause of the shorted out motherboard? Cockroaches.

I had to dismantle and reassemble every panel in the machine to kill the thousands of roaches living INSIDE the fridge.

Washing machine, $500.00reasonable brand, rooted within 3 months due to massive cockroach infestations shorting out the electrics again.

I went to a regional town to chase a lady for money (shes in jail, but that’s another story), her mother is a customer and asked if I could take a look at a CD player. I went in the house (its 9.00 in the morning), its filthy, it stinks of dope smoke ( the breakfast of champions) and I can see roaches wandering on the floor between the mattresses, piles of clothes and lounge chairs. The dogs have free run of the house and one of the kids obviously has scabies along an arm and shoulder.

I can’t find the fault with the stereo, so I ask the lady to bring it in next time she comes to town. (there’s a reason I ask her to bring it in). Today she brings it in, and as the boot of the car is popped I see hundreds of roaches which have come from the stereo and speakers in there. I just take the main stereo, and after she leaves spray/remove well over 100 cockroaches from the guts of the machine.

I have had 3 computers, all less than 6 months old returned jammed up with, you guessed it, cockroaches.

I have had to replace a main woofer for a Kenwood surround sound system, not roaches this time, but the wiring on the inside was corroded from rat faeces. They didn’t have a pet rat.. I have replaced a Wii at the same address from roaches as well.

Heres a few suggestions for our political masters.

1: Remove children immediately from these environments. Their parents may say they love them, but unless they meet certain minimum standards of cleanliness they are manifestly unfit.

2: Compulsory birth control for those deemed unfit to parent. If they want to rejoin society and meet certain minimum standards the birth control can be  removed.

3: No more  increases in spending on higher education until  every child capable of doing so reads/writes, and understands basic budgeting and hygiene before they leave primary school.

4: People living in public housing are to be compelled, by whatever means, to meet minimum standards of hygiene.

The following outcomes could be expected.

1: Far fewer hospital admissions for filth caused illnesses.

2: Far fewer children born to those least likely to provide for them.

3: Far lower crime rate, from

 A: Fewer children born into dysfunctional “families”

B: Far more people educated to be useful members of society.

4: Massively reduced welfare rolls, welfare should be a stopgap, not a life sentence.

It would take a politician with balls of steel to propose any of these things, the cries of “racism” from vested interest groups would be deafening. But i ask you what good is an advocacy group if it doesn’t tackle a parent who allows children to live in filth? That sees a child who dies from malnutrition and scabies (as witnessed by a copper mate of mine) , its nappy full of cockroaches, written off as a “cot death”?

Heres a story from a customer of mine. She described how bad the roaches were in her house. She was having trouble sleeping because whan she rolled over in bed she was crushing roaches in it with her.

She blamed this on “the roaches are bad here”, rather than the filth and degradation she and her kids were living in.

I’m angry this happens in my town, in my country. I can’t influence this in any way, I have written letters to Homeswest (the WA government department that supplies state housing)  asking for sprays to be carried out in certain properties, and to their credit they have usually done so. But these properties are supposed to be inspected by the department, how can they turn a blind eye to drug abuse, filth, damage and vermin infestations of near biblical proportions?

How can children’s services leave kids in environments like this?

How can doctors and the health profession not speak about the filth caused admissions and illnesses which can be eradicated with basic hygiene?

The parents are responsible, if they are unfit then the children MUST be removed. Quite frankly I don’t care if they end up in racially segregated institutions to maintain cultural background, but they must be told their parents love drugs/drink/filth, more than they love their children. It’s the truth.

Excorcism in Australia, this is weird.

On the one hand I can see it probably does do some good to reassure the mentally ill they arent possessed, but really, exorcism?

Exorcist in demand as occult wakes

Prominent Anglican priest and former police chaplain Barry May is forging a reputation as an exorcist by performing the ritual about once a fortnight around Perth.

Father Barry said an increasing number of people were seeking his help, partly because of a growing awareness about his service and partly because “the occult is awakening”.


I hope hes not charging for this spiritual service.

Archbishop Herft said the Church worked with psychologists or counsellors but Father Barry admitted he used his own judgment on whether a person needed spiritual or psychological guidance.


At least it looks like they try and seek psychological help for the people when they think its needed…

It seems not influenced by denomination either, heres a fascinating write up in the Australian about the Vatican’s chief exorcist.

In many cases, he says, they vomit objects such as nails or glass. Father Amorth has a collection weighing 2kg.

“You get used to being vomited over.

“I once performed an exorcism on a woman who managed to hit me in the face with a stream of vomit from the other side of the room – physically impossible.”

Father Amorth has no designated successor, and complains that even now the church hierarchy does not take exorcism – or the devil – seriously enough. But “the Lord has made use of me” and his example has inspired many other priests – as did the 1973 film The Exorcist, which although “exaggerated” was “substantially true”.

Heres a few clips claiming to be exorcism from various denominations, Orthodox, Muslim and others. So it does seem to be a widespread religious belief.

Check under the fold for more “real” exorcism.

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