AGW Skeptic Rap Video Going Viral in Germany

Is the old refrain “Question Authority!” coming back into vogue?  Are the Yoof starting to rebel against the orthodoxy of the great “Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming” swindle the Teacher-Preacher class is trying to sell them?

Loosely translated into English by NoTricksZone (do click over and see their whole post):

 Kilez More – Climate Change (Climate Lies, Climate Swindle…)

You thinking of climate change and you’re screaming for laws
You’re thinking about CO2 and saying “let’s stop it”
Global catastrophes happening all because of man
We did too much driving, now the planet is too warm
If we don’t do something soon then the ice will melt
A flood is gonna kill us and the future’s gonna fall
No it aint…I’m telling you you’re off the wall
Man aint causing climate change, yeah you
think I’m crazy and making no sense
But just look at the climate institutes and you’ll see
what they do, they’re fudging the data making it hot
We just found out…their studies are made up
A hacker got in the computer and the database
Now read the mails from the CRU – they’ll make you laugh
They’re cooking the numbers, the temperature is up
Listen to me! It’s all a fraud and enough is enough

Climate change was not made by man
No… It’s only to keep the world in fear
All those who are pimpin it are being called experts
And the brothers who diss it are getting labelled sick
Climate change was not caused by man
No…it’s only to keep the world in fear
But I don’t believe it, and so I’m getting labelled sick
But it’s the price you pay when you think for yourself

Climate change is normal, it’s always been around
We aint done a thing, history shows us so
History books show in 1100 the planet was warm
In North England people were pickin grapes and making wine
And that wasn’t because of factories run by knights and
The shield industry driving the climate up
Then in sixteen hundred the Baltic froze over and it
Wasn’t because they stopped CO2 with ‘reform’
That’s pure arrogance when man thinks he’s got the power
To control the whole climate on the entire globe
Truth is only 1 to 3 percent comes from man
Comes from processes that are natural – so they’re lying
Inside the brainless walls of these fear-mongering crackpots
They want more power, more money, more control, more global tax
And every skeptic is getting branded by them
Being defamed and compared to Holocaust deniers

Climate change was not made by man
No… It’s only to keep the world in fear
All those who are pimpin it are being called experts
And the brothers who diss it are labelled sick
Climate change was not caused by man
No…it’s only to keep the world in fear
But I don’t believe it, and so I’m getting labelled sick
But it’s the price you pay when you think for yourself

UPDATE:  P. Gosselin is as optimistic as I am – ‘Question Authority’ Back In Vogue – and asks that skeptics try to pass the link to the video around. I’ve posted it on Twitter; maybe others who use various social networking sites or have their own blogs can give it some oxygen as well?

See alsoAndrew Bolt – Skepticism Becomes the New Fashion

E Street Band’s Clarence Clemons Dies at 69. Vale, Big Man.

Well, this is sad news. As an unabashed Springsteen fan, I grew up watching this guy in the E Street Band.  An incredibly talented saxophonist, he also brought the fun to Bruce Springsteen’s live performances.  Now, Clarence Clemons, the legendary saxophonist in the E Street Band who played alongside Bruce Springsteen for the past 40 years, is gone at the age of 69.

Clemons – known affectionately to fan and friends as the Big Man – was the heart and soul of the E Street Band. His playing on tracks like “Born To Run,” “Thunder Road,” “Jungleland,” “Dancing In The Dark” and countless more represent some of the most famous sax work in the history of rock & roll. “The story I have told throughout my work life I could not have told as well without Clarence,” Springsteen wrote in the introduction to Clemons’ 2009 memoir Big Man: Real Life and Tall Tales.

So much has been said and written about the stormy night in Asbury Park in 1971 when Clemons met Springsteen that it’s hard to separate fact from myth. At the time, Springsteen was a struggling musician playing the New Jersey bar circuit and Clemons was a former college football player who spent his nights playing sax in clubs along the shore. “It was raining and thundering like a motherfucker,” Clemons wrote in his memoir. “When I opened the door it blew off the hinges and flew down the street . . . Somebody introduced me to Bruce, everybody knew everybody, and he asked me if I wanted to sit in.”

Clemons soon became part of Springsteen’s backing band (not yet known as the E Street Band), and when Bruce recorded his debut LP Greetings From Asbury Park in the summer of 1972, Clemons was brought in for the sessions. Over the next two decades, Clemons became the most recognizable member of the E Street Band – for his massive size, equally huge personality and his onstage role as Springsteen’s foil.

He’s the only member of the band on the cover of Born To Run with Springsteen. “When you open it up and see Clarence and me together, the album begins to work its magic,” Springsteen wrote in Clemons’ memoir. “Who are these guys? Where did they come from? What is the joke they are sharing? A friendship and a narrative steeped in the complicated history of America begins to work and there is music already in the air.”

“I have seen the future of the whole f*ckin’ thing and it’s Big Man, Clarence Clemons.”

I’ve been browsing through some videos to find ones where Clarence is at his best…  Watch and enjoy an absolute genius of a musician and showman at work.  Read the rest of this entry »

Aw, Yeah – This is the America I Love.

Now this is America. The real, flyover-country, heartland America that so many elitist snobs *coughobamacough* just don’t get.

The Grand Rapids LipDub Video was filmed May 22nd, with 5,000 people, and involved a major shutdown of downtown Grand Rapids, which was filled with marching bands, parades, weddings, motorcades, bridges on fire, and helicopter take offs. It is the largest and longest LipDub video, to date.

This video was created as an official response to the Newsweek article calling Grand Rapids a “dying city.” We disagreed strongly, and wanted to create a video that encompasses the passion and energy we all feel is growing exponentially, in this great city. We felt Don McLean’s “American Pie,” a song about death, was in the end, triumphant and filled to the brim with life and hope. – Rob Bliss, Director & Executive Producer

As NPR, which has the full backstory, puts it,

…as much as it’s a pure treat to watch, it’s also quite moving, and very effective as a response to a list of cities that are allegedly dying. More than perhaps anything else Grand Rapids could have done, the video is a highly watchable, good-natured reminder that including “Grand Rapids, Mich.” on a list of dying cities is unavoidably a comment on the futures of the people who live there: kids doing gymnastics, guys with guitars, couples getting married, women in shorts and flip-flops, men with big beards, people who love swing dancing whether they’re great at it or not.

Thanks to Allahpundit:

Sunday Morning…

Well I woke up Sunday morning, with no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt;
And the beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad, so I had one more for dessert…

What the Man says.

Ode to Alene (apols. White Stripes) [Update: ABC moosed] [More Updates: #POPCORN!]

Alene Alene Alene Ale-eeene

I’m begging of you, please don’t leave your fans
Alene Alene Alene Ale-eeene
please don’t leave us just because you can
your snarkage is beyond compare
with flaming gobs of overshare
with shell-thin skin
and eyes of bilious green
your blog is such a poisonous thing
of your moose knuckles we do sing
Tim Blair cannot compete with you Alene
Bolt talks about you in his sleep
and there is nothing they can do to keep
from crying when we call your name, Alene
Alene Alene Alene Ale-eeene
I’m begging of you please don’t leave your fans
Alene Alene Alene Ale-eeene
please don’t leave us even though you can
well we can’t easily understand
how you can easily leave your fans
you do not know what you mean to us Alene
well you could have your choice of friends
but we could never laugh again
you’re the only one for us Alene
and I had to had to have this talk with you
my happiness depends on you
and whatever you decide to do Alene
Alene Alene Alene Ale-eeene
We’re begging of you please don’t leave your fans
please don’t leave us
even though you can
~dissolves into anguished sobs~

Show your support for Alene – vote here:


UPDATE:   Has Our ABC been moose’d ?  See comment below, then updates at Bolt’s, and this by Beck.

UPDATE 2:   So, whodunnit?  Your guesses here.

UPDATE 3:   MOOSE TRAP [Tim Blair]

UPDATE 4:  Bolt – “This is unbelievable. Insane anti-Liberal hatred is now so mainstream that not only is the most florid facsimile of it by a parodist published, no questions asked, by the ABC, but the Sydney Morning Herald still treats it as genuine even after the ABC very belatedly smells a rat.” CLICK

UPDATE 5:  Tim Blair responds to ABC online editor Jonathan “It was plausible!” Green – “I know this, son: if someone came to me with a story about moose and genitals and a female Labor premier, it’d have to pass some serious tests prior to publication.”  Click for more.

UPDATE 6:  She’s baaaaack! #WINNING

UPDATE 7:   Unjustly accused! Oh, c’mon guys.  Lies and calumny!

UPDATE 8:  Alene Composta {hearts} Jonathan Holmes! And Bolt has a look at Alene’s email to Jonathan Green.

UPDATE 9:  Oh, my.  Andrew Bolt’s column pinging Jonathan Green and “our” ABC; Tim Blair has the Compleat Composta Timeline; and yes: it is just like a “Car Crash In Slow Motion”.

UPDATE 10:  For any newcomers, I suggest you start with Tim Blair’s timeline of L’Affaire Composta which takes you from the beginning to today (19 March) and work your way back.


The Lenny Kravitz Coffee Mug

Sometime around 1986, Lenny – then calling himself Romeo Blue – came over to my apartment early in the morning on the way to a recording session with my roommate (Then a drummer, now an Apple consultant). He left this mug behind, and sensing he was destined for fame, I decided to keep it around.

This may have in fact been Lisa Bonet’s mug, as they were dating at the time, but I’m not sure about that.

Hard to believe it’s been about 25 years!

Lenny Kravitz crashes the choir

This is cool on every level. What do you do when you’re Lenny Kravitz and you’re sitting on the terrace in New Orleans having a drink and your hear a choir singing one of your songs? You join them, of course!

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Saudi Rock Musicians Risk Arrest

This is truly great news.

“The last three years have seen an explosion in the kingdom’s underground music scene, with bands playing everything from hip-hop and rock to punk and death metal. There are currently more than 40 bands quietly rocking the nation, playing gigs in private homes, in residential compounds that house foreign workers and in tents in the middle of the vast Saudi desert.

But rocking in Riyadh and moshing in Mecca have their risks. The dreaded Mutaween — the Saudi religious police tasked with enforcing Shariah, the nation’s strict Islamic law, feel you have to suffer if you want to sing the blues. They’ve arrested band members for holding concerts without permits, and they’ve charged some concert organizers with money laundering, according to Saudi musicians and human rights organizations that monitor the oil-rich kingdom.

The threat to the Saudi regime isn’t the music itself, but rather the kingdom’s teenagers and young adults, who have grown up with computers, iPhones and satellite TVs, said human rights advocate Ali Alyami.

“The biggest threat to Saudi stability isn’t Al Qaeda. It’s the Saudi youth. None of their needs or demands are being met.

“There’s no jobs and people can’t date. They see what their counterparts around the world have, and they want it too.”

More than half of the kingdom’s 28 million residents are under 25, and educated and tech-savvy youths who are drawn to the sounds of the West are using Internet tools like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to get their ya-ya’s out.”

The power of western popular culture: Is there anything it can’t do? I predict Iran’s illegitimate government will fail first, but once that happens the Saudi’s are toast.

The kids are all right!

Ahmadinnerjacket n effing lillies!

With thanks to Aussie Dave over at Israellycool and Gavin Atkins. Just spreading the love.

Warning: NSFW! But thanks to Mrsheved for making it in the first place, too. In case it isn’t obvious, it’s the Iranian government that’s the problem, not Iran’s people.


BTW, ain’t irony delicious? Originally a song by uber-leftist, Lily Allen, and directed at George Bush, this song is just as versatile as the F word itself. And besides, her tunes are catchy, she doesn’t like bras, and loves to flash. What’s not to love?


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Remaking an Epic: Clash of the Titans

I’m an old-school retrosexual kind of guy, so I like epic movies like Gladiator, 10,000 BC, The Patriot, Apocalypto, Master and Commander – you get the idea; the more high-test testosterone, the better. Well, the original Clash of the Titans came out in 1981, and it was a pretty good action epic for the time – I actually have a Swedish friend named Anders who had a bit part in it – but after movies like 300, which have redefined the entire look and feel of action epics, I’ve begun to wonder what those kind of production values and CGI effects could bring to a remake of Clash.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that, not only is a remake on the horizon, but it’s finished filming and is already in post production! This flew completely under my radar. Here’s the trailer in formats up to and including 1080p HD (Which looks awesome on my Apple 23″ Cinema HD Display). HA! It sounds as if Bingbing did the film score: very heavy, which I like for this sort of thing (300 had a brilliant score).

It looks like they’ve done it right, with a big budget, no-holds-barred CGI effects, and a killer cast that includes Sam Worthington as Persius, Ralph Fiennes as Hades, Liam Neeson as Zeus (!), Alexa Davalos as Andromeda, and my favorite babe-actress of the moment, Gemma Arterton, as Io.

I could so love her. LOL!

I don’t go to theaters to see films in first release much anymore, but this one I will. Of course, I’ll have to have the DVD too. In fact, this movie might finally spur me on to finally buy a Blu-Ray player if I like it enough.

I’m more psyched about Clash of the Titans than I am about Avatar.

Happy Anniversary, Casablanca! Stephane Grappelli: As time goes by [via Elsie]

Bolt Ruffugees (thx, Rabz!) will be accustomed to clicking on contributor Elsie’s musical links in the daily Forum post there for their daily sanity break and relief from all things political.

As it is the anniversary of the premiere in 1942 of the movie Casablanca, today Elsie gives us jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli playing the theme, As Time Goes By.  Thank you, Elsie 🙂


P.S. deer aNdrW b0Lt, al yor elsies R belong 2 us nOw!!111!!!eleventy-one!!! bwahahahaaa. kthxbai.

Cute, Talented Geeky Girl does Lady Gaga’s Poker Face

Not only do I like this better than the original version, but this girl is far more attractive to me than Lady Gaga.

Brilliant! Geek chicks rule, especially the ones who are musicians.

H/T Instapundit, who got it from, John Scalzi.

The girl is Molly Lewis, and she has a blog! What I want to know is, does she have a musician boyfriend?… because, you know, I’m available. LOL!


And what an introduction…

Explanation here and here.

PS Same deal fullscreen, in HD, with speakers maxed

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For Carpe.

Thursday night. We’re nearly there.

May this be the second pre-emptive strike. Last night’s “J-Pop on acid” was due to a certain blogger’s sub-woofer system being reconnected after moving apartments (and jobs, and cities)… and a generous lashing of soju.

PS Best perused fullscreen, in HD, with speakers maxed. Sorry neighbours (not really).

PPS It’s called K-Pop over here. Japan, J. Korea, K. Go figure.

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Michael Jackson (Updated)

Just saw a snippet of one interview where he said this was his most important song, the song we should listen to. Poor man probably died of a broken heart. So here you go, Michael.

UPDATE: [Beef] Tough day, yesterday. M.J. was a guilty pleasure of mine because, as far as pop goes, it was all just so well done. Let’s not forget that he turned the music video – little more than a marketing gimmick previously – into a fifteen minute short-form story telling vehicle.

Thriller, Part 1:

Thriller, Part 2:

And, let’s not forget that Farrah Fawcett also passed yesterday. Yeah, I had a thing for her in ’77 when “the poster” was such a hit.


RIP and Godspeed to both.

Total Eclipse of the Heart: I Too Hated Lord of the Flies

Literal Video, it’s the new rage: You replace the song lyrics with a literal description of what’s being shown in the vid.

“What the effing crap, that angel guy just felt me up.”

Comedy gold… dust.

H/T, Ann Outhouse,

And I thought I had too much time on my hands!

The latest cover of Metallica’s Enter Sandman.

By this guy.

H/T Roboseyo

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Steyn ponders liberty in the technological era

For those of you who don’t read Tim Blair, here’s Mark Steyn on the radio.


And homesickness ensues

Fans queued at outlets around Melbourne to get their hands on tickets to AC/DC’s Etihad Stadium concert on February 11 next year, and made history in the process.

AC/DC are this rock band you might have heard of.

Anyway, here’s some sharks eating a whale.

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Vanilla Vibe Vandalysed (sik)

The Vibe Dingbat continues…

House remixes…

Ice Ice Baby…

DJ bingbing VanillaWimped

DJ Mack Honey VanillaPimped

Retro Ice

I just can’t get over it. It’s my April Vibe Dingbat.

After recently reporting (ha!) the comeback Tour of Vanilla Ice WITH MC Hammer, the interest I had as a 12 year old has been re-perked.

Read the rest of this entry »

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They’re back!

Just when you thought it was safe to give the Hammer pants away to charity and throw out the suitcase full of hair products (in an environmentaly responsible manner, of course), Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer are embarking on a world comeback tour! Yep, both of ’em in one mega, er, hip show! And just in case you’ve forgotten the magic…

Ice Ice Baby

Listen to the phlat bass

Gus, Dminor, heck, anyone out there, you might like this.

The Poms have developed a loud speaker as thin as a sheet of foil… and it’s flexible.

Yello: “Oh Yeah” Original and “Original” LULZ!

I remember the birth of techno, baby. I loved Yello’s “Oh Yeah” when it came out.

OK, now here it is sped up so the voice is at its “original” and natural pitch:

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Words fail to describe the over the top suckiness of this. They stuck a singularity of acting ability inside a black hole of a script and subjected it to a directing event horizon.

The sheer 80’s-ness of the clothing adds to the overall badness of the whole thing.


The slow mo punches

The puns at the end

Place your contenders for worst scenes in a movie below….

UPDATE (Beef): My pick for the worst fight scene in cinematic history?…

The Crossroads Guitar Duel.

No way Ralph fucking Macchio would have won against Steve fucking Vai!

Sorry, Satan would have taken this round easy.

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