Scandallous Palin email revelation #2

It would be funny if it wasnt so pathetic.

Large clumps of the MSN are making fools of themselves attempting a “gotcha” on Palins emails. The problem is they keep showing her in a better light.


Try these explosive revelations from the Guardians team of expert sewer divers/ email checkers….


They’re not earth-shattering, but there are plenty of interesting details about Alaskan life and work as a US governor that you’ve helped us find.

Here’s the best of what you’ve dug up to date:


Mama Grizzly once again demonstrates her passion for hunting in an email sent in January 2007 – reviewed by Mike S.

I am a hunter. I grew up hunting – some of my best memories growing up are of hunting with my dad to help feel [sic] our freezer…

(Oh noes!!, she knows how to hunt and enjoys it)

But in the email Palin is clear that she does not support “hunting the bears in the sanctuary”:

I don’t know any Alaskans who do support hunting the McNeil bears that frequent the viewing area. Many Alaskan and Outside visitors view these animals on the McNeil river, within the sanctuary, and, as my parents have reported back after their viewing trip, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see such beauty on that river.

(Oh noes!! #2 she believes in hunting selected animals outside of conservation areas!!!. Doesnt quite fit in with the scorched earth Barbie narrative weve been treated to for the last few years)


And now for the most damaging , terrible hugest revelation of them all!!

In an email sent on 7 January 2008, Palin discusses the potential of a “political attack” coming from the oil industry – thanks to Charlotte K for alerting us to this email. Palin is responding to a message from Patrick Galvin, Alaska’s commissioner of the department of revenue, which describes “rumblings of a strategy being developed by the producers and their allies to attack the administration”:

I hear from worker bees in the field that Industry is on a roll against us – on a rampage because they had no idea they wouldn’t get their way on all issues.

We need more bodies in Communications to help on this, too, so Alaskans know the truth about the situation and aren’t tempted to panic due to Industry spin.

And we don’t win ball games merely playing defense. We must go on the offense too.

 (Oh NOOOOOOES!!! Palin ISNT a stooge of the big oil corporations)

On twitter, @surfbenet on twitter spotted Palin responding to the Alaskan Public Officer’s Commission’s complaint that the website was not “educating the public in a fair manner”. In an statement that may surprise those who know her for her outspoken nature, Palin emailed:

Let the other side have space on the website for rebuttal. And I’ll forgo my First Amendment rights until the critics chill and I can once again express my personal opinion when asked.


(Oh Noes!!, Palin lets her critics speak openly against her!!!)


Finally, we’re all been in the situation of being the recipient of inappropriate emails. So one can only imagine what Palin was thinking when she received a missive instructing her to “tip the kids, and bring beef, tequila and condoms” to party at LA mansion. In this case, we can perhaps forgive her punctuation:

Donna – did you mean to give this to me?????

Perhaps, we can deduce, not.

So she got sent an email by mistake (note the Guardians oh-so-neutral use of the term “perhaps”), and responds with about the most polite followup she could…


All these emails are in plain english, and this is the “best” theyve found so far?

Theres quite a few more at the link,be sure to look and laugh at the pettiness of it all.

Pathetic, truly pathetic.

Palins’ Email scandal, She loves her little boy unconditionally

Read this whole piece here.


If it doesnt bring a lump to the throat you are an icicle.

A beautiful email from the 30,000 or so “dumped” in an attempt to find something scandalous about Palin instead finds… a person who loves her special little boy.

A couple of highlights. The whole email is under the fold, It’s a must read.

Then, I put the idea in your hearts that his name should be ‘Trig’, because it’s so fitting, with two Norse meanings: “True” and “Brave Victory”. You also have a Bristol Bay relative with that name, so I knew it would be best for you..

She knows her child has Downes syndrome

Then, finally, I let Trig’s mom and dad find out before he was born that this little boy will truly be a GIFT. They were told in early tests that Trig may provide more challenges, and more joy, than what they ever may have imagined or ever asked for.

Yet where is the bitterness, or self-reproach? Nowhere!

The baby will expand your world and let you see and feel things you haven’t experienced yet. He’ll show you what “true, brave victory” really means as those who love him will think less about self and focus less on what the world tells you is “normal” or “perfect°.

Her faith is on show as well, Im not a believer, but Im jealous of the strength she derives from her belief.

Many people won’t understand_ and I understand that. Some will think Trig should not be allowed to be born because they fear a Downs child won’t be considered “perfect” in your world. (But tell me, what do you earthlings consider “perfect” or even “normal” anyway?

Please look to me as this new challenge and chapter of life unfolds in front of you. I promise to equip you. I won’t give you anything you can’t handle. I am answering your prayers. Trig can’t wait to meet you. I’m giving you ONLY THE BEST!

Trig’s Creator, Your Heavenly Father


Please read the whole thing, Im not of the belief she should run for the presidency after reading this, Trig might miss out on some of his mothers love and attention if she did.


Ps: Chris Matthews and the other haters can go choke on a festering dingos dick, your dirt compared to this.


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The REAL reason the Islamic extremists hate us…


And the George Bush, and the Dick Cheney, and the Sarah Palin Climate of Hate™.

But mostly, THIS.

via @TheH2

The Desperate Left

A bunch of Lefties at the California State University have sifted through Sarah Palin’s trash to find out the details of her speaking engagements contract, handed it to a local Democrat pollie, who dutifully handed it to their propaganda department the media. And now Democrat California Attorney General, Jerry Brown is investigating.

Gee, nothing desperate going on there.

And as for Palin’s speeches, shock horror, she makes some decent coin from them – and with a few perks thrown in. We’re talking $100,000 bucks a speech.

OMG, it’s “embarrassing” writes Tim Reid at The Times and reprinted in The Australian.

Yes, it is. Even I’m embarrassed that the Left is getting so desperate nowadays. Noteable also is that the Australian places Reid’s article in the “news” section.

Bollocks his article is “news”.

SARAH Palin faced embarrassing revelations yesterday about lavish demands that she makes before speaking engagements, including first-class air travel or large private jets, suites in hotels and even bendable straws in her water bottles.

The latest revelation will do little to damage her reputation among the party’s grassroots activists, who view her as a straight-talking hero, but it undercuts her claim to be a down-to-earth “hockey mom” who is fighting for ordinary working Americans.

Sounds more like Leftist opinion to me, and a media beat-up, Chris Mitchell.

Anyway, let’s just have a look at who earns the big bucks for speaking engagements. There’s Al Gore who gets over $250,000 to peddle speculation. Australia’s Tim Flannery get’s $50,000 to do the same.

And here’s a tidy list from the website whose company drew up Palin’s contract.

The following receive upwards of $40,000 per engagement. Is Palin’s deal out of the ordinary?

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The Palin Show?

Possibly so, argues Roger Stone. And he thinks she made the right move retiring from politics.

“She has a national political base,” Stone says. “Mitt Romney does not have that; Haley Barbour does not have that; Charlie Crist doesn’t have that. None of the other potential presidential candidates who’ve been mentioned have that.

Palin has now freed herself to cultivate that base, but more importantly, to go on television, Stone says, noting working in a packaged, controlled environment will help correct public misperceptions of her.

Hmm, maybe she could invite Letterman on her show.

A dip into the minds of the loving lefties. Palin resignation edition.

Ive been on a little look over at the Wonkette blog, a fairly snarky lefty site, to see what they have to say about the resignation of Sarah Palin. Given that’s a fairly mainstream blog you’d expect a certain amount of decorum wouldn’t you?






Boy, some of these posters havesevere issues with projection, sexism and odd fantasies.

The article is pretty lame, the comments foul.

Under the fold are the “best” I spotted. There’s a heap, Im not even going to attempt to look at the daily Kos, the vileness there would be …special…


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Biden was right!!

It galls me to say it but hairplugs got at least one thing right about Obama.


“Mark my words,” Biden told donors at a Seattle fund-raiser Sunday night.

“It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America.

“Watch. We’re going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.

“And he’s going to need help . . . to stand with him. Because it’s not going to be apparent initially; it’s not going to be apparent that we’re right.”

Were screwed!

Were screwed!

Hellloooo Vlad the lad.

Russia to create Arctic troops to defend ice treasures

This probably isnt going to end well.


More under the fold.

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Infamous Leftard Attacks Native American Culture

Ashley Judd, an infamous “celebutard,” has attacked Alaska’s Sarah Palin’s plan to manage excess wolves in a video, which I refuse to embed here because the crushing idiocy of it might implode all of WordPress.

Here’s the video response, though, which is brilliant.

Let’s hear it for cultural diversity… uh… unless cute, cuddly wolves are involved, that is.

H/T Mark Hemmingway.

Happy Birthday to Sarah Palin (via The Black Sphere)


A Birthday Tribute to Governor Sarah Palin.

By honorary-Australian-any-old-time-he-finally-manages-to-get-his-butt-down-here Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere.

Couldn’t have said it any better myself, so I’m not even gonna try.  I may not be real smart, but I’m smart enough to know when I’m beat. 😉

Seriously.  READ IT.

And while you’re there, have a browse through the site & the left sidebar.  Lots of good stuff there, about Kevin and what he’s about, about others on his team & how to support them.  Heaps good links ‘n’ stuff, plus Obama photoshops galore.  Plus the Black Sphere Radio Show links (which I’m not smart enough to embed directly – failed the “fetch” unit an’ all).

Bonus! There’s a Perth connection (there’s always a Perth connection, watch any Perth news broadcast, ask any0ne sheltering a piece of Skylab in their back shed, ask John Glenn!) , as one of Kev’s team members Dave (now in Texas)  lived in Mt Pleasant (a Perth suburb) in the early 70’s whilst his father, a Geophysicist, worked out in the Great Sandy.

Perth/Western Australia and North Carolina – the two main nexuses (nexii?) of the universe.  Forget that “six degrees of separation” stuff, with WA and NC there’re never more than two or three degrees of separation between any major world event and these two places.  Honest.

Now.  Go away and read.

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McCain’s Perfect Choice for a Running Mate: Governor Sarah Palin

While most of the pedantic, two-dimensional, inside-the-box-thinking, conservative political hacks are touting Tom Ridge for the slot (Not a bad guy, but…), David Freddoso notes a far superior choice has been proposed: The Republican Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

I believe this is a truly inspired idea. Gov. Palin ran as an anti-corruption outsider, and handily defeated a corrupt and entrenched Republican political machine. Plus, at 44, she would almost totally wipe the “age issue” McCain has off the slate, and since Obama is only two years her senior, there is no way they could attack her for her youth and inexperience: She has much more executive experience than Senator Obama has.

Not to mention the fact that, she’s a gorgeous woman who exudes mass quantities of charisma…


and has a super-solid family life.


Dibs on the eldest daughter! LOL!

This inspired choice would allow McCain to actually capitalize on his “maverick” persona, as Gov. Palin shook Alaska politics to the core: She’s a charming, charismatic woman, but she can also play with the big boys and kick ass.

What say ye?

UPDATE: Things are looking optimistic!

UPDATE II: Welcome to all 4500 8000 40,000 in the past few hours (so far!) people visiting us from Google. We’re a fairly opinionated right-wing blog, and you might like to take a look at our “About” page. You might also be interested in our other coverage of Sarah Palin and whether she becomes a prospective Vice President of the United States. You can find this coverage here and here. Personally, I hope she does, but you can feel free to debate the idea in comments below. All first comments are moderated, but unless you either insult or use severe profanity (and I mean severe by my standards, which generally only means the C U Next Tuesday word or the implication that someone has had a rather enjoyable erotic experience with someone who has borne a child), however if you come up with a new one, I may simply delete your comment. I, and all other contributors to this blog are more than fair in what we permit.

UPDATE III: Nayr Drahcir, don’t bother even trying. You will not be published.

UPDATE IV: A lot of people must like Palin.

UPDATE V: More coverage of Governor Sarah Palin and a theme song here.

UPDATE VI: Funniest observation on the announcement yet: “Put Obama and Palin on a basketball court one on one. Winner takes all!”

UPDATE VII: [spot_the_dog] No, we do not have any pictures of “Sarah Palin + Naked,” nor do we have any of “Sarah Palin + Swimsuit.” In the past 24 hours, there have been 157 separate searches on this site for “Sarah Palin Swimsuit,” and 161 separate searches for “Sarah Palin Naked.” I repeat, we have no bathing suit, swim suit, bikini, or naked pictures of Sarah Palin. What kind of people do you think we are, anyway? 😉

UPDATE VIIa: [spot_the_dog] Ace has noticed a similar search phenomenon on his blog and has a theory…

UPDATE VIII: A well-rounded view of the selection of Sarah Palin for the Vice President Nomination can be found here.

UPDATE IX:  We got it!  YES!  Nude photo of Sarah Palin right here!  (C’mon.  You know you want to click.)

UPDATE X: Feel free to visit our main page and read the latest posts we’ve written.

I Sent Governor Palin an Email

Sappy, stupid, but this is what I “felt,” to use leftard jargon.

“Dear Governor Palin,

I am so glad you were John McCain’s running mate this election cycle, and I’m sorry you received a lot of hard knocks that you didn’t deserve along the way. You were a great inspiration to me, and I got really excited about the Republican ticket because you were on it. Please don’t fret about costing Senator McCain a single vote, because you at least got mine, and I’m certainly not alone (I was not exactly a fan of McCain’s centrist proclivities).

I’m a Texan, and I feel like Alaska is the new Texas. Many in my state have forgotten our pioneer heritage, the battle at The Alamo, and many other things that are vital to our identity, but you are someone who embodies our traditional frontier values. I’m so glad for that. Sometimes us old fashioned Americans feel totally lost and forgotten today.

You are decidedly young, and yet you are old school. Todd and I would see eye-to-eye on so much, and I’d love to hang out with him around the campfire on my hunting lease, as I’m sure you would (Man, would us guys have something to talk about if YOU came deer hunting with us!). Plus, I hotrod motorcycles, and I’m betting Todd would dig some of the work I do.

I can tell from everything I’ve seen of you that you are not a quitter and that you hate to lose. Join the club, me too. So, I’m just sending this email to support you, and to ask that you keep up the good fight. To me, and others like me, you are a beautiful fresh face for good, old fashioned American values, and I want you to keep it up.

Personally, I’m a very private person, so I can’t even imagine the burdens of a public life, but God has different missions for each of us, and the charisma and spirit He’s blessed you with indicate to me that His mission for you might be to bear His standard. Only you can answer that for certain, but thank you so much for getting me off the sidelines and to the voting booth this election. I was so dispirited I was thinking about sitting it out, but I didn’t: I voted for you.

Sorry for the long sappy email, but I just HAD to thank you.

Angus (Insert real name here) &c.”

If you thought Sarah kicked fucking ass, like I did, send her an email, like fanboy here did.


That’s Sarah after voting… not for Obama, I’m sure.

She’ll be back. Trust me on this. This babe kicks ass.

Yeah, I love her… because I’m a properly adjusted American male.

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A Net Loss For Team America

Barack Obama has accepted the duty as President of the United States, and did so with a speech that I could have sworn came right out of Marx’s teachings. Words like “sacrifice”, “giving”, and “patriotism” are being thrown around like he means them in the good context they should be used in. Obama is speaking well, but his words sound quite hollow.

On the other hand, John McCain gave one of the most excellent speeches I have heard in this campaign. He admitted his faults, yet didn’t deny them, and he was gracious in defeat. There should be more men like him.

The next four years will be very interesting.

Waking? Sleeping? Pajamas.

Via Michael Ledeen, in his Pajamas.

What makes me angriest: that there is no outcry against election fraud; that the media have become pure political instruments; that our “educational system” has produced an ignorant electorate.

Ahh, yes, the ‘youth’ vote. Saw them on CNN last night. Well, anyway, this ‘youth’ thinks a bit differently. Hopefully you US guys have had enough time to see through Obama, time Aussies didn’t really get – and not helped by the Oz media either, which is substantially Leftist. Ditto?

Let’s hope not.

Never before has the ignorance of the electorate been so intensely cultivated as in this election. We all know that major publications and broadcasters have simply refused to report news, and what they did report was spun politically. And among the stories they are not reporting, is the massive electoral fraud, from the “where is all that money coming from?” to the “how dare state officials refuse to verify the identity of voters?” one, to the refusal to report, day by day, on Joe Biden’s scandalously inept, incompetent, and often meretricious campaign. Instead, they obsess on every real and imagined misstatement by Sarah Palin, who for me has been the most attractive of the four candidates.

American exceptionalism rests upon independent thinking, pride in community and heritage, and disdain for ivory tower intellectuals combined with admiration for self-help and achievement. My greatest fear is that these values are going to be trashed over and over again the next few years, and we will have to fight it very fiercely.

Seems so. There’ll still be lots to do come Wednesday, no matter which way the cookie crumbles.

Two Predictions of a McCain Win Tomorrow

From Bob Krumm and Vox Day.

Says Krumm:

“Here is my prediction. Wednesday morning you can grade me on how well I did.

Arizona: Don’t believe the hype. John McCain is in no danger of doing an Al Gore and losing his home state. McCain by ten.

Colorado: Bush won here by almost five. Barack Obama thinks that, along with Iowa, the Rocky Mountain State is his best chance for a pickup. The youth vote in Boulder and Denver will be up this year. So too will be the military vote in Colorado Springs and the rancher/farmer/landowner vote everywhere else. Net effect: some change in the Democratic direction, but not enough to swing the state. McCain by two.

Florida: McCain will do better with Jewish and older voters than did Bush four years ago when he won the state 52-47. They turn out to vote. The youth vote that Obama depends on will vote just like it always has in the Sunshine State: not very much. McCain by four…

Nationwide: Going in to election day, Obama will be leading 47% to 44% with 7% undecided. McCain wins the undecided almost 5:2. Increased support from black voters in the three Ds (DC, Detroit, and the Deep South) along with gains in other reliably red states runs up Obama’s popular vote totals, but adds nothing to the electoral bottom line. The only states he turns in his favor are two very white ones (Iowa 2% black and Nevada 6% black), providing evidence against the charge of racism. But facts don’t get in the way of the story line that racism decided the race.

Final popular vote tally: Obama 49.2%, McCain 48.8%, Other 2%.

Electoral votes: Obama 244, McCain 273, Pennsylvania’s 21 TBD.

Wednesday the 5th won’t be pretty.”

I think he’s being too cautious. 🙂

Day says:

“The first is my five-point rule. In general, if a Democrat leads by less than five points in the polls, he loses. I was planning to run the numbers today, but the Baseball Savant already did so I don’t have to.”

Again, too cautious, but this is exactly true: The polls always favor the Democrat, and they’re often wrong. I’m prepared to be disappointed, but I feel good about our chances tomorrow. I think, personally, that McCain will win in an epic surprise by a comfortable margin.

That’ snot funny!

Yet another airhead celebrity mistakenly thinks we care about her opinion, and comes out swinging against Sarah Palin:

Jamaican-born disco diva Grace Jones said … she “can’t stand” folksy vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.The 1980s style icon, now 60, told German magazine TV Spielfilm Wednesday that Palin stood for a backward vision of America laden with government restrictions of sexuality and social behaviour.

“I can’t stand Sarah Palin. I bet a woman like that has no sense of humour.

In reporting this on his blog, Andrew Bolt posts the following picture of Grace Jones and opines,

Oh, I don’t know. I’m guessing Palin would laugh as much as anyone to be dissed by a woman trying to look sultry with boogers up her nose.”


Holy Shit! Uber-Feminist Elaine Lafferty Likes Sarah Palin!

Dude! Elaine Lafferty is the former Editor in Chief of Ms. magazine. She’s a Democrat, she’s pro-choice, and she spent some time on the campaign trail with Sarah Palin. Guess what she entitled her article about the experience? Sarah Palin’s a Brainiac!

“It’s difficult not to froth when one reads, as I did again and again this week, doubts about Sarah Palin’s “intelligence,” coming especially from women such as PBS’s Bonnie Erbe, who, as near as I recall, has not herself heretofore been burdened with the Susan Sontag of Journalism moniker. As Fred Barnes—God help me, I’m agreeing with Fred Barnes—suggests in the Weekly Standard, these high toned and authoritative dismissals come from people who have never met or spoken with Sarah Palin. Those who know her, love her or hate her, offer no such criticism. They know what I know, and I learned it from spending just a little time traveling on the cramped campaign plane this week: Sarah Palin is very smart…

Now by “smart,” I don’t refer to a person who is wily or calculating or nimble in the way of certain talented athletes who we admire but suspect don’t really have serious brains in their skulls. I mean, instead, a mind that is thoughtful, curious, with a discernable pattern of associative thinking and insight. Palin asks questions, and probes linkages and logic that bring to mind a quirky law professor I once had. Palin is more than a “quick study”; I’d heard rumors around the campaign of her photographic memory and, frankly, I watched it in action…

For the sin of being a Christian personally opposed to abortion, Palin is being pilloried by the inside-the-Beltway Democrat feminist establishment. (Yes, she is anti-abortion. And yes, instead of buying organic New Zealand lamb at Whole Foods, she joins other Alaskans in hunting for food. That’s it. She is not a right-wing nut, and all the rest of the Internet drivel—the book banning at the Library, the rape kits decision – is nonsense. I digress.) Palin’s role in this campaign was to energize “the Republican base,” which she has inarguably done. She also was expected to reach out to Hillary Clinton “moderates.” (Right. Only a woman would get both those jobs in either party.) Look, I am obviously personally pro-choice, and I disagree with McCain and Palin on that and a few other issues. But like many other Democrats, including Lynn Rothschild, I’m tired of the Democratic Party taking women for granted. I also happen to believe Sarah Palin supports women’s rights, deeply and passionately…

But here is the good news: women, citizens of America’s high and low culture, the Economist and People magazine readers, will get it. They got it with Hillary even when feminist leaders were not supporting her or doing so half-heartedly. Yes, Palin is a harder sell, she looks and sounds different, and one can rightfully oppose her based on abortion policies. If you only vote on how a person personally feels about abortion, you will never want her to darken your door. If you care about anything else, she will continue to intrigue you. As Time’s Nancy Gibbs noted a few weeks ago, quoting bioethicist Tom Murray, “Sympathy and subtlety are seasonings rarely applied to political red meat.” Will Palin’s time come next week? I don’t know. But her time will come.”

Wow. This is nigh unto earth-shattering. Like I’ve said for years, radical leftist feminists using pro-choice as a litmus test for membership in their cause, some parts of which I support whole heartedly, only hurts their overall mission. It seems that some of them are finally getting that.

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Like I’ve Been Saying for Months: The Polls are a BS Plot

Check this out.

“I was having dinner a night ago with a friend of mine who is a statistician for a well-regarded private polling company. They do some work for Republicans in California, but most of the work they do is for Democrats or Democrat-leaning operations (Unions, etc.). Anyway, her shop was retained to do a few Presidential polls for targetted states on behalf of a union so the union could decide where to spend their ad dollars for the last week. They did Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Missouri. After mocking the hell out of the voter id spreads used by Rassmussen, Zogby, etc. (and this is coming from a committed Dem who will be voting for Barry O) she said the results of their polling lead her to believe that McCain will definitely win FL, OH, NC, MO and NV. She says Obama definitely wins New Mexico. She said that Colorado and New Hampshire were absolute dead heats. She said she thinks there is a 55% chance Obama holds on in Pennsylvania and a 75% chance McCain wins Virginia. She absolutely laughed at the public polls showing Obama leading Virginia–and pointed out that all of those polls rely on Dem turnout being +4 and as much as +7, when in 2006, Republicans actually had the advantage by +3. She also pointed out that the numbers for Obama in SWVA look absolutely awful and that McCain is running 10 points better then Allen did in NoVa.

Anyway, her companies conclusion is that the election will come down to Colorado, New Hampshire and the Republican leaning district in Maine, which in her opinion might very well decide the Presidency (apparently the district in Nebraska that Obama thought he might be able to get is now off the table). She said she has very little doubt that the public polling is part of a “concerted voter suppression effort” by the MSM. She said IBD/TIPP was the only outfit doing public polling that was “worth a bucket of warm piss”.”

Like I said, not only is the DemSM involved in an effort to suppress Republican voter turnout, but the DemPollsters are in cahoots with them as well, and ACORN is trying, clumsily, to outright steal this election for Obama.

My question is this, when McCain-Palin win and the Obamabots – who have been lied to and have super-high hopes – are so disappointed that rioting breaks out in the inner city areas of the US, do you think the DemSM, DemPollsters, and ACORN colluders will accept any responsibility or take any blame? The question is obviously rhetorical.

I have my voter registration card out, and am ready to vote in one week and one day. DemSM, ACORN, and lying pollsters be damned.

CNN Reports This Like it’s Bad News: Palin Going Rogue

The idiot hosebags at the Commie News Nutwork actually think, actually believe that Plain going “rogue” is bad news.

“(CNN) — With 10 days until Election Day, long-brewing tensions between GOP vice presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin and key aides to Sen. John McCain have become so intense, they are spilling out in public, sources say.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin speaks at a rally in Sioux City, Iowa, on Saturday.

Several McCain advisers have suggested to CNN that they have become increasingly frustrated with what one aide described as Palin “going rogue.”

A Palin associate, however, said the candidate is simply trying to “bust free” of what she believes was a damaging and mismanaged roll-out.

McCain sources say Palin has gone off-message several times, and they privately wonder whether the incidents were deliberate. They cited an instance in which she labeled robocalls — recorded messages often used to attack a candidate’s opponent — “irritating” even as the campaign defended their use. Also, they pointed to her telling reporters she disagreed with the campaign’s decision to pull out of Michigan.”

Let me get this straight, the brightest rising star in the Republican party is ticked off at her botched rollout, and so now she isn’t listening to any of the McCain campaign advisors who botched said rollout… and this is a bad thing.

Let me think about this a second… I need to come up with an appropriate response…


The one thing we have going for us is that the DemSM Obama propagandists are butt-fuckingly stupid.

Palin’s Wardrobe vs. Obama’s Stupid Faux Greek Temple [UPDATED]

Next time you hear or see someone going on about the “scandal” of Sarah Palin’s the Palin Family’s [explained below] campaign wardrobe costing close to $150,000 – ask them how much they think Obama’s stupid “Barackopolis” cost.

Would it be about the same cost[UPDATE:  Or approximately 35 times more ?] By the way, the Palins are donating their new campaign wardrobe to charity after the campaign is done.  Anyone know what happened to the Barackopolis?

Via Jim Treacher, who points out:

So, putting up a ridiculous stage set that made Obama look like a fascist jackass, and then packing it away after one night? That was fine. $140,000-150,000 well spent. But spending the same amount on enough clothes for two months on the campaign trail? That’s the biggest scandal since… well, since all the other Palin scandals that weren’t.

Have they made an attack on Palin yet that hasn’t backfired? Do they think we won’t know when it backfires, just because they don’t report it on NBC?

P.S. Oh, and now it turns out that the money was to clothe her whole family. How about that. But I’m sure if the Palins were running around in what they wore before she got picked, none of these brainiacs would’ve had anything bad to say about that.

Did you know Obama’s clothes descended from the heavens on a glowing golden cloud? Also, he’s a radical socialist and his own running mate said he’ll start another world war. But whatever.

UPDATE: Treacher’s comment in an earlier blog, regarding all of the attempted smears that keep backfiring:  “You know what Einstein’s definition of insanity was, right?  Well, it’s fun to watch. Keep up the good work, People Who Are Smarter Than Us!

UPDATE 2 (25 Oct ’08 ):  Final bill on the Barackopolis was actually $5.3 millionMore from Treacher.

Big Trouble for Obama: Nickelodeon Kids Pick Him 51-49%

Nickelodeon is a US kids and family cable/satellite TV channel, and the kids picked Obama over McCain 51% to 49% with over 2,000,000 votes cast (Nick will redirect you to their home page, then hold the back button on your browser to navigate to the original link).

Why is this bad news for Obama? Two reasons, first the kids picked Kerry over Bush in 2004 57% to 43% and Bush won, and secondly, kids views at that age mirror the views of their parents, or what their parents are telling them, indicating that the race is much closer than the polls are showing. I’m betting – literally, I have a bet with my best bud – that McCain is actually ahead by 5-7%, and 6-8% of parents are telling their kids that Obama is indeed cool, though they are secretly planning to vote for McCain.

Remember, I picked Palin six months before McCain did.

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UPDATE: more bad news for Obama as a poll of US troops shows McCain ahead with them by a 3:1 margin. Maybe only the military should be allowed to vote. LOL!

UPDATE 2: RCP Battleground Poll is a dead heat! 48% Obama versus 47% for McCain, and just look at the trend!!!

Sarah Palin: “She’s Not a Woman, She’s a Republican”

This perfect leftist reductio ad absurdum now appears on an Obama bumper sticker.

As one historically astute commenter notes, the Nazis had a similar slogan back in the ’30’s and ’40’s:

“They are NOT Men and Women, They are Jews.”

Dehumanizing your enemies is the first step in rationalizing their murders.

Finally, you have to love the rich irony of the Christian Ichthus under the bumper sticker. I have one of those on my pickup (Same basic design, but simpler: No cross). I meet a lot of deluded leftists who consider themselves Christians, and I’m not shy about telling them that it is impossible to be simultaneously a leftist and a Christian for the simple reason that leftism is immoral by every old and new testament measure. Just as income taxes are government authorized theft – Thou shalt not steal – progressive income taxes are government authorized covetousness (Jealousy of the poor for the rich, in this case) – Thou shalt not covet anything that is your neighbor’s. Socialism is evil for the simple reason that it is institutionalized covetousness.

I’ve never turned a single one of them yet, but that’s not the point: I get to check them off and delete them from my friends list. That is the point. This deluded Oregonian is no valid kind of Christian.

WWJD? The opposite of dehumanizing His opponents.

UPDATE: Welcome to all our Polish Immigrant visitors. Feel free to comment below.

Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live

News Busters seems to be first up with… the video.

SNL came on air when I was in high school, and I loved it, of course. Haven’t been a regular watcher since I got out of college, and I probably haven’t watched a single episode in ten years or more (Which is about how long I haven’t been a pothead. LOL!). In fact, other than Tina Fey, I have no idea who the cast members are, and I only know Tina from the YouTube vids of her playing Sarah Palin. Anyway, it looks like Gov. Palin had a good time, even if the sketches were a bit lame. The bit with Alec Baldwin was pretty fucking cool though. LOL!

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SARAH HARASsment Syndrome

It’s a partial PALINdrome! 🙂

Charles has an interesting post over at LGF. A twelve-year-old has been accused of racism for wearing a t-shirt with McCain-Palin on the back, and Go Sarah, Go on the front. Is this not completely beyond the pale?

I thought of the partial PALINdrome in comments – SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND! ALL SHALL BE REVEALED!

But wait, there’s more… Remember the YouTube video of upper west side New Jerk leftscum booing and flipping off McCain supporters? Well, now things are getting physically violent on Lexington Avenue.

“Tough being a despised minority in New York.

A spokeswoman for the Manhattan District Attorney confirms the authenticity of a story circulating on conservative blogs: that during a (rare, and small) McCain rally on Lexington Avenue and 51st Street in Manhattan last month, a hostile local grabbed a woman’s sign, broke it and hit her in the face.

One blog posted a redacted version of the complaint, which the spokeswoman, Jennifer Kushner, said is authentic. She gave the defendant’s name as Bernard Feuerman, said he’d been charged with second-degree assault, and that he’s got a Jan. 23 court date.”

Get that? A self-loathing Jew named Bernard Feuerman punched a woman in the face just because she was carrying a McCain-Palin sign! That’s right, leftard men hit girls.


The left has become utterly immoral.

Comments open.

Sarah Palin Calls Rush Limbaugh: Unscripted, On the Record

Sarah Palin, while running to a campaign gig, picked up her cell phone and dialed El Rushbo.

“RUSH: This is an attempt by the media to make you stop being who you are. What it means is, they’re really worried about the effectiveness that you have.

GOVERNOR PALIN: Well, yeah, I guess that message is they do want me to sit down and shut up. But that’s not going to happen. I care too much about this great country.”

You’ve got to read the whole enchilada.

Sarah Palin is my ultimate fantasy babe. LOL!

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