The local council has a sense of humor.

Just thought Id share this little inspirational piccie..


We have a State election coming up here which just happens to coincide with tree pruning time (for power lines)


Was posted on facebook, but its the house I “stalked” with a post a few years back for being mung bean eating greenies with air cons and 3 4WDs in the driveway.


greens Geraldton



The sign

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A long fisking of a stupid Parlimentarian

I caught Christine Milne (Greens Tasmania) on ABC news radio yesterday  on Thursday during the opening speeches about the minerals taxation bill.

The sheer “did she just say that” stupidity was breathtaking… That she hasnt been pilloried in the press for it speaks volumes about the poor state of political reporting in Australia today.

So Im going to fisk it a little, its a loooong speech, so it will take quite a while, her speech will be plain text, my observations will be bold.


Order! The Senate is considering the minerals resource rent tax legislation as a package.

Senator MILNE

(Tasmania—Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens) (19:30):

I rise tonight to discuss what sort of future we aspire to have in this country, because, whilst the specific is the Minerals Resource Rent Tax Bill 2011 and associated legislation, the context in which we are debating this tax is what sort of vision do we have for Australia in the next 20, 30 or 50 years. How you raise the money and where you spend it will determine that kind of country, because the future is actually an extension of the present and it is shaped by the decisions and actions we make.

Here Christine is using her amazing intellect to tell us time is linear, and actions have consequences… probably the highest point of her speech

More, oh so much more.. under the fold

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“God, please get us out of this”

The USS Oklahoma on Dec 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor

The underside of the USS Oklahoma and the upright USS Maryland amongst the smoke

Every December 7th I think of an article in an old American Heritage magazine (April 1966).  It is the account of the Pearl Harbor attack from the perspective of Seaman Stephen Bower Young, mess cook, inside the USS Oklahoma.

The USS Oklahoma in 1916

The USS Oklahoma was a 583 foot (178m)  long battleship displacing over 27,000 tons which on December 7, 1941 was hit by torpedoes and capsized with Seaman Young trapped inside.

It is worth a read. The online article doesn’t include the pictures so I’ve included them here.

Seaman Stephen Bower Young of the USS Oklahoma

Seaman Stephen Bower Young

aerial photo of Pearl Harbor battleships Arizona, West Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland and Oklahomaoil slick

From left to right : the sunken USS Arizona with masts and turrets still above the water, the USS West Virginia and the USS Tennessee, the USS Maryland, and above that is the capsized USS Oklahoma.

The underside of the USS Oklahoma with the masts of the USS Maryland in the background.

diagram of the USS Oklahoma (American Heritage, April 1966)

Go ahead, read it.

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Sorry America, you cant get rid of him that easy!

As you know President Obama is scheduled to head for Darwin in Australia shortly.

Darwin is aptly named, its a fairly “survival of the fittest” sort of town, your stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure– in-chief could easily find himself in trouble.

So an Australian insurance agency has offered a 2 for 1 insurance swap, if you lose one moron we will replace him with 2 (offer no good for Bidens, we have some standards).

As a bit of a shameless publicity plug a TIO insurance has given him crocodile insurance for his stay.

Obama to be covered for “Croc Attack”

TIO has issued one of the Territory’s most high-profile visitors in history with the

most unique insurance policy on the market; Crocodile Attack Insurance.

The policy, which will payout should US President, Barack Obama suffer a fatal

attack by a crocodile, is a standard insurance product offered by TIO.

“TIO has been supplying Territorians with cover against crocodile attacks for

over 23 years,” said Richard Harding, Chief Executive.

“It’s a unique product for a unique environment and we’re excited to be issuing

one of these policies for Obama as a memento of his time in the Territory” he


TIO has had the policy framed and it will be presented to the world leader during

his brief visit to Darwin on Thursday.


For further information

please contact:

Elshonner Johnson



In related news PACO industries denied claims they had started work on a full sized one of these…

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Mohammed cartoons… again

A French magazine called Charlie Hebdo was set to publish an issue with a cartoon Mohammed on the cover and their offices were firebombed.

Mohammed says "100 lashes, if you don't die with laughter!"

Mahomet has buttocks on his head

Time magazine’s Paris bureau chief Bruce Crumley then wrote a disappointing piece full of vitriol aimed not at whoever the firebomber might be but at the publisher.

Although the current title is “Firebombed French Paper Is No Free Speech Martyr” judging from the URL the original title was “Firebombed French Paper A Victim Of Islamists Or Its Own Obnoxious Islamophobia” He opens with :

Okay, so can we finally stop with the idiotic, divisive, and destructive efforts by “majority sections” of Western nations to bait Muslim members with petulant, futile demonstrations that “they” aren’t going to tell “us” what can and can’t be done in free societies?

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Back from the trip, convoy of no confidence.

Im back, the convoy went well, numbers wernt as high as hoped though.

For the trip from WA we had 2 trucks (3 for a while) and 5 other vehicles. On the way I had at least 200 “thumbs up” or positive signs and a grand total of 2 thunbs down or negative signs.

Every place we stopped people came for a look, signed the petition and gave us encouragement.

There was a concerted effort made to minimise disruption to Canberra residents, the coppers were for the most part helpfull, but there was a deliberate lack of senior figures to make decisions on the ground. I was for instance forbidden access to the parlimentary parking area until I got out and spoke to the copper and pointed out I had medical gear in the back which was for the rally.

There was a point made by the chief minister on the ABC that they had to spend a lot on preperations for the rally. None of that spending included any medical units I saw, just police.

The start of the rally was a fizzer, only about 200 (as reported) arriving on time. the convoy I came in with arrived about 10:00 I was towards the front of this group and there was about 1.5km of trucks and other vehicles behind me. One of the WA trucks broke down (clutch problem) and held things up a little, but was quickly towed away.

There was a good turn out of Canberra citizenry supporting the convoy, with only 2 individual protesters spotted negative, and well over 300 positive.

One problem for many of the trucks was a lack of parking, some were told to park on the verge, but were then ticketed, others only got parked up and back to the rally after lunch.

I got to see speeches by Abbott, Prof. Carter and quite a few others, most made the point the government was a shambles, and climate change was a crock of crap. All good stuff.

Now the Allan Jones controversy. Notice how it became the “focus” story for the MSM? No other hook for the story?

Heres what I saw.

There was talk in the crowd of another convoy due in, I was fairly sure it had allready joined us just before we came in. Please note nearly every person with truck radios knew this, but as trucks were still looking for parking or circling the parliment there wasnt anyone fully informed.

Truckies were annoyed we hadnt been allowed to go past the actual bulding, and no light vehicles (myself excepted) with convoy markings had been allowed to drive up to the main building once the trucks arrived.

So there was quite a bit of confusion, if anyone was to blame it was the organisers.

Jones was handed a mobile phone (Im not sure who handed it to him) and had a couple of words with the bloke who handed it to him, listened to the phone a bit then had his rant on a convoy being turned back.

Without knowing who told him that its hard to apportion fault. But as best I could tell he was reporting in good faith what he was told, he left less than a hour later he left, could he have corrected his story by then? Dunno.

But it was a good day, Id estimate about 1500 people at its peak, there were a few strange folk (Truther alert!!), but for the most part a good natured bunch of Aussies assembled peacefully to protest an incompitent government.

Numbers should have been better, but considering (as one speaker mentioned) many of the cattle communities affected havent had an income for 10 months, its hardly suprising not many could afford the trip.

I have most of my piccies below the fold, I was pretty well suck in one place with my medical gear so missed quite a bit though.

WA truck

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Julia the Dullard.

Im sorry but our Prime minister is now embodying “stuck on stupid“.(:32 for the signature line)

The latest advertising junk is just an insult to anyone following the carbon DIOXIDE tax debacle.

Heres one set of lies, omissions and fudging all contained in just this 1:26 minutes of crap.

Lets concentrate on the biggest single cluster of lies and omission in the advertisement, its at around 32 seconds in when the countries “doing something” are listed on Juliars whiteboard.

China: Massively producing emissions, unlikely to change.

USA: Despite Obamas efforts at economic wrecking, is expecting a modest rise next year. If the economic misery continues then CO2 will stay stable or drop…oh…good….

India: You are kidding, heres one state in India’s efforts. “A single Indian state is to build a new fleet of coal-power stations that could make it one of the world’s top 20 emitters of carbon emissions – on a par with countries such as Spain or Poland.” The punchline to that joke?

Separately this week, international watchdog groups also complained that Indian coal companies were trying to earn hundreds of millions of carbon credits from the coal expansion. The Krishnapatnam plant has been registered with theUN clean development mechanism (CDM) and, if approved, could generate 3.5m carbon credits a year. Does Julia want to state shes sure none of our sinful carbon will be offset by credits from this plant?

Europe: May soon have to choose between its welfare state and the environment. They have dropped their levels of CO2 but lets face it, what have they gained?

The main reasons for the 2009 fall were a steep decrease in carbon emissions from public electricity and heat production, especially in Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain, it said.

“..Those four nations also suffered big falls in manufacturing industry while iron and steel industries receded in all major nations. “Emissions also fell in households and services — despite the colder winter — and in road transport,” it said…”

Oh good, cold people and less work…hooray?

So Juliar Dullards ad was factually right on exactly 1/4 of the countries it cited as leading the way.

Is Julia

a: Lying again

b: Mistaken

c: The greens made me do it..

Is Gina Rinehart Australias Dagney Taggart?

Gina Rinehart is an interesting lady. Written off as no more than an heiress riding on her prospector fathers coattails she has become the wealthiest (on paper anyway) person in Australia.

He father was the legendary Lang Hancock, the man whos company pretty well started Australia’s Iron ore mining boom.

It’s difficult to think, Australia at one stage actually had a ban on exports of Iron ore because the governments of the day believed we were short of the stuff. Lang and his co-workers proved up vast tracts of iron reserves, and the industry was started.

I admit myself to thinking Gina would turn out to be a passive, or unwise heiress, boy was that wrong. She spent millions fighting various court battles to keep her company together.

Now have a read of this speech she gave at the start of her new coal mine, its a pretty precise dressing down of the “looters” mentality.

“For the cost of building this trial mine alone, I could have bought myself a beautiful new private jet, But you’ve seen those trucks and shovels out there. Who would be paying the wages of these contractors if I had spent that on a luxurious private jet and two pilots?

“Indeed, for the further costs of paying my terrific staff working hard on these projects and the consultants’ studies for the pre-feasibility study and the bankable feasibility study and now value engineering, together employing hundreds of people, I could have dotting for myself one or two beautiful yachts like many of my friends have and employed six or more yacht crew and taken off.”

She was apparently a little sharp on the imposition of new taxes into Australian mining as well.

“Rinehart also attacked the “left-wing media” for suggesting she was being greedy and attacking the taxes out of self-interest when she could afford to pay more. She argues it is all about Australia’s ability to compete and that Canberra simply doesn’t understand this…”

Absolutely right, shes as rich as Croseus, she could stick every cent she has into government bonds and still be unable to spend the income. Instead she risks her capital and employs thousands of people.

Rinehart was certainly keen to explain her views to those who had travelled long distances to get to the Alpha mine site. The audience, which included her daughter and son-in-law, included potential clients and companies involved in the project as well as a smattering of federal and state opposition MPs. Queensland Premier Anna Bligh was represented by her Minister for Employment and Mines, Sterling Hinchliffe. No federal government minister was present

This just shows how intellectually cowardly this federal government is. So busy sucking up the arse of Bob Browns greens they wont attend the opening day of a major new employer which will generate massive income for the government and reduce unemployment.

She said the new tax policies — and the high costs of development and regulation — were the reason her wholly owned Australian company Hancock Coal would not be able to maintain as large an equity stake in the new projects as she had once hoped although it would still be “significant”.

Paging Bob Brown, a clue is waiting for you on line 1…. Dear old Bob was today wailing about how eeeeevil foreign corporations had large chunks of Australia’s minerals income diverted to them. The clue being, theres not a big enough pool of Australian capital to get such ventures up and running.

“Rinehart says Australia simply could not afford policies that deter exploration and investment.

“Despite these record prices, when our investment appeal and confidence should be at its highest, today’s policies have meant exploration is being discouraged and our exploration investment is back to 2003 levels. That is, pre-boom,” she says. “Where is Australian investment heading ? Offshore to the long-term detriment of our country and billions and billions of dollars being invested instead in West Africa, Brazil and elsewhere.”

According to Rinehart, Canberra doesn’t appreciate what is required to bring more investment and people to Australia’s north, including special tax breaks, few regulations and a welcome mat for overseas investment. Rinehart, with her father’s sense of determination and destiny, plans to use all her energy to change that equation.

More strength to her arm, I hope she continues to expose the bankrupt looters in Canberra for what they are, wankers playing with other peoples money.

Full text Of Ginas speech under the fold.

Original news story linked here

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A message from onepointsixoneeight

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It’s news – to the NYT – that a lot of black people these days think they’ll be better off in the South

“…a degree in criminology but could not find a job in New York.  In Atlanta, he became a deputy sheriff within weeks”

“The South is more benevolent than New York”

“New York has become like the old South in its racial attitudes”

More jobs, better economy, lower taxes, lower cost of living, friendlier and more welcoming communities, less crime, more integration and better race relations.  Who wouldn’t prefer to live in the South?

via Ann Althouse

About 17 percent of the African-Americans who moved to the South from other states in the past decade came from New York, far more than from any other state, according to census data. Of the 44,474 who left New York State in 2009, more than half, or 22,508, went to the South….

The movement is not limited to New York. The percentage of blacks leaving big cities in the East and in the Midwest and heading to the South is now at the highest levels in decades, demographers say…. 

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And with a straight face, apparently…

Kim Jong Il’s greatest musical hits

Kim Jong Il wishes he had air conditioning

Kim Jong Il : musical genius.

We all know and love North Korea’s Kim Jong Il’s classic :

Now, through the power of scientific socialism and the DPRK’s Juche we have :

The bleeding obvious

The American Right are deluded if they think a boring conservative candidate has any fucking hope. Pawlenty, Romney, whatever, are like a fart in an elevator.

I’m just trying to play the situation, and if it ain’t Trump, it will be Obama. Fukn bleeding obvious.

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A Return to the Dark Ages

It's lots more fun to play in good light!

In 1939 people knew the value of electricty


The headline : “Era of constant electricity at home is ending, says power chief”

Steve Holliday, chief executive of the National Grid, said “We are going to change our behaviour and consume it when it is available and available cheaply”

Another bright idea (I think it stinks)


Remember, vote early and vote often.



Another day at work…

Im just finishing off another day back on the minesite when this incident report crossed my desk…

Door on bogger jammed, operator removed temporary perspex window to urinate.


 Theres a reason we tend to refer to the underground operators as 'rock apes".... Still at least it wasnt a number "2".

It goes backwards as well.

Sometimes I worry

Every politician seems willing to point at the other guy and point out fiscal problems but no one seems to do anything about it. Bush turned out to be a spendthrift. Then Obama talked about a “net spending cut” during the debates and, I confess, at the time I was skeptical. I’m still skeptical. Deflation? Quantitative easing. Inflation? Sometimes I worry.
THe Obama Dollar : Utopia is only a few trillion pesos away
click to view in full

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Like three card monty

Ray Schoenke is/was the head of a group called the American Hunters and Shooters Association. Some have called it shill group created to endorse politicians to give them the appearance to supporting individual’s 2nd amendment rights or to serve as a third way between the NRA and gun control groups.

(The AHSA’s founders included Schoenke who had donated thousands to gun control organizations and John Rosenthal who had previously founded a gun control group.)

Recently, a Washington Post article noted that :

The Obama campaign paid for Schoenke’s travel to 40 events in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Colorado to address pro-gun voters.

and then :

[Obama’s] campaign platform promised to pursue long-standing proposals to address urban violence: reinstating the assault weapons ban, outlawing “cop killer” bullets and closing the “gun-show loophole”

and then a few paragraphs later  :

“The opposition said Obama was going to take away everyone’s guns, tax ammunitions, tax guns, register guns and reinstate the assault weapons ban,” Schoenke said. “We said, ‘He is not going to do any of these things.’ And he didn’t.”

So, to recap : the Obama campaign paid Ray Schoenke to tell people that Obama won’t do things on the list of things Obama promises to do.

And people wonder why I’m cynical about politicians.

Unsettling news from Egypt

On the American ABC’s Nightline yesterday, Christiane Amanpour talked to a pro-Mubarak turtleneck wearer in Egypt. See transcript :

turtleneck wearing dude : We hat America, we hat any country more. Okay? Go to anyplace more.
Amanpour : You want us to go?
turtleneck wearing dude : Yes, I want you go to from here.
Amanpour : Why?
turtleneck wearing dude : Because we are hat you. We hat American
Amanpour : You hate us?
turtleneck wearing dude : Yes, I hat you (points to Amanpour) and I hat you. (points to cameraman)
Amanpour : Why do you hate us?
turtleneck wearing dude : You are not good person. Go to anyplace more, please. Go to anyplace more.

He dislikes her so much that he threatens to force her to wear a hat. I know Paco might advocate everyone wearing a hat and he will certainly speak up for the fedora but not every hat is equal :

Is this intended to function like a dog cone?

People like turtleneck wearing dude want to hat everyone in America. No one is safe.

a dog being tortured by being forced to wear a sombrero

someone really hats this dog

(btw, my impression from the clip is that Christiane Amanpour really wants to be liked. Other people might choose to change the subject rather than continue talking about yourself and why the angry crowd surrounding you doesn’t like you.)

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From An Inside Source

A Typical Meeting of the Social Commenters Union #172
by Sean’s Vibe of you don’t want to know
(excerpt previously published at Blair News)

recently overheard at a coffee shop :
(Janine I, wearing a trench coat, enters, sits and begins eating the sugar packets – the entire packet)
(Sean of Shellharbour enters wearing a trench coat and carrying his own cup of coffee)
(Peter C. Jones enters wearing a trench coat and goes from table to table telling each person at the table that he hates them)
(Richard Ryan enters wearing a trench coat, possibly with nothing underneath)
(Bill enters wearing a trench coat and a massive aluminium foil hat with a satellite TV dish at its pinnacle. He zooms around and around the table with his arms outstretched making jet noises.)
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CNN’s attention to detail

At, the photo chosen to illustrate the editorial about gun control and magazine size : a pile of spent 105mm artillery shell casings from a demonstration of a L118 howitzer in Australia.

I didn’t even know we had a howitzer violence problem.

(the cnn story was published Jan 12 so to find it you’ll have to expand the date range to thirty days and scroll to find it)

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goldyen vending machine

Space International Ltd., a company started by Rokugawa with funds from selling novelty USB flash drives, is offering gold or silver to the world’s biggest vending machine market, where consumers can buy anything from drinks and candy to lingerie and fortune-telling printouts.

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Darwin, its like that.

Ive been to Darwin a few of times, its bit rough in patches.

But a cabbie knocking back a “free ride”, she must have been rough.

From the NT news… Possibly the best punning headling of the year,

Cabby says no to a fare with woman


The 26-year-old lady approached the taxi outside the Parap Tavern around 10.45pm on Boxing Day.

She got into the taxi and asked the male driver, “Do you want to have sex?”

Im pretty sure it wasnt worded quite that way..

The taxi driver who requested only his first name be printed refused the lady’s advances.

“I told her no I’m not interested,” Dean said.

“She then asked me for a cigarette. I said no I’m not giving you any cigarettes and please get out of my car.”

So its a smoke for a poke, and 2 for a screw, whats a whole packet get you?

The lady began swearing, slammed the passenger door and started kicking the cab.

Dean said the lady then picked up a bottle and threw it at the taxi smashing the rear passenger window. Police arrested the lady a short time later.

“It would appear that she was a bit amorous at that time of the evening,” Duty Superintendent Daniel Shean said.

Gotta love the territory coppers..


“If you saw the girl you’d have to be pretty desperate. She was a very big fat ugly woman, she got in the car and stunk it out,” the taxi driver said.

This song  Definitely NSFW

Ugly AND stinky, sounds like Darwin allright.

And how does old Charlie feel about the city named after him??

Charles recants his theory of evolution based on this story alone.

My wedding vows?

Now Ive done a few as best man, but never the groom, fear of speechwiting putting you off?

Try this handy app, taking all the stress out of meaningful commitment..


  Our hearts combine deep like the ocean
And baby you have my devotion

I’ll never ever disagree
And love you for eternity

One love, One life, When it’s one need, In the night

I vow to change the Huggies at 2am,
love the kids and play with them

Having a family with you makes me so glad,
I know I’ll never get sad. *

Mtoto wa bogan ni bogan
(The child of a bogan is a bogan)

Each night I will hug you to remind you of my love
Our romance will rise up to heaven above

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The UN must change

And big time.

It’s bloody ridiculous when you have countries like Iran (stone her to death!) and Saudi Arabia (don’t you dare drive, woman!) set to become big players on the UN Women’s Board.

And what about the Human Rights Council? Saudi Arabia is on that one, too. And China.

What a joke.

Well, former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, ever critical of the UN (and Obama’s love-in with them), makes his case for change.

In recent years, there has perhaps been more commentary in the United States that is critical of the United Nations (UN) than ever before. Criticism has grown for many reasons: the Security Council’s failure to take its own resolutions seriously, especially in the face of Saddam Hussein’s defiance; the Oil-for-Food scandal; the endless efforts to “norm” the United States into compliance with a liberal agenda that could not achieve a majority within our own democratic system; and international officials who seem to think that UN member governments work for them instead of the other way around. Whatever the reasons, and they are many, the growing criticism has raised the attendant question: what do we plan to do about it? This Outlook describes the sad, and largely unsuccessful, history of UN reform efforts in the past thirty years and proposes a revolutionary change that might actually produce a different result: moving toward voluntary funding of the UN and its activities. In addition, it provides complementary information about the culture of the UN and its member states that any subsequent American reform efforts will have to take into account.

Key points in this Outlook:

* Criticism of the UN has grown, as the United States continues to pay a large portion of the UN budget but wield
remarkably little influence.
* Repeated attempts at UN reform have failed, from “consensus-based” budgeting to the new Human Rights Council.
* To improve transparency, accountability, and performance, the UN should move toward a system of voluntary funding.

Read on.

What? You came here for election updates?

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