Obama Countdown Clock


Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock Obama Countdown Clock

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(Feb. 2011: Apologies… the widget we had originally linked to has gone walkabout. Will replace when we have time to fiddle around more)

46 Responses to “Obama Countdown Clock”

  1. Obama Countdown Clock - “Are We There Yet?” « The Tizona Group Says:

    […] Obama Countdown Clock […]

    • DC Says:

      Any good coders out there could turn this into a vista gadget?

    • grunts'n'whistles Says:

      Greetings from an Australian,

      I’m not a great fan of Obama. As far as I can tell he missed a great opportunity to make things right. But then maybe the cards were stacked against him from the beginning.

      Do any of you even know what a socialist is? Or the difference between a socialist and a communist? (There is a rather large one).
      Are you a socialist if you don’t think poor people should be destitute and have to live under bridges because they can’t find jobs?
      Are you a socialist if you think poor people should be able to get medical help even if they can’t afford it?
      Are you a socialist if you think rich people should pay more taxes than poor people?
      I would like to think with that definition of “socialist”, most of us would be one.
      Wouldn’t most Christians also be a socialist, with this definition?

      I have a feeling the labels “socialist” or “commie” are just used for people who you feel you should disagree with.
      Or perhaps the Tea Party told you these people are socialists and you should hate them, even though you don’t even know a) what a socialist is, or b) why you should hate them.

      Nationjacked? As far as I can tell Obama has shifted the U.S. welfare & tax system SLIGHTLY to the left. It is still far behind most systems in countries with a similar average income to the U.S.
      Two of America’s partners in war, Great Britain and Australia, both have health care and unemployment systems that are much MUCH more generous than Obama’s reformed system.
      These are not socialist countries. Since you don’t know what a socialist is, you will just have to believe me on this one. Your previous government surely wouldn’t have been in a military alliance with two evil socialist countries, eh?

      Are YOU PERSONALLY worse off because of Obama? How? Are you sure it’s not because banks (under the not very watchful eyes of the bumbling previous US government) blew one hell of a lot of money, which meant one hell of a lot of businesses went down the drain which meant one hell of a lot of people lost their jobs? Or because the previous government involved you in two ludicrously expensive wars? (One under completely false pretenses).
      If I can get just one person who is not a millionaire or billionaire who can explain to me why Obama’s policies made his or her life more difficult and less enjoyable I will be greatly relieved, as I will finally see some justification as to why so many Americans hate Obama so much.

      Cheers from Down Under,

  2. Grumpy Old Man Says:

    Whenever I feel really depressed about Obamalamadingdong, I click on this page.

    I have just put a shortcut to it right on my desktop and if I could figure out how to make it into a screen saver I would do that too!!!!!

    • martin brown Says:

      Fuck you cracker.

  3. Rimma Says:


    How do I put this on my web site?

    • MCA Says:

      Look at the bottom of the counter. There’s a small button that says Get and Share. That will help you get started for putting it on your site. :-)

  4. Zooomabooma Says:

    I have this on my blog but seeing it doesn’t undepress me. We’re screwed and it’s gonna be a long funk… a very, very long funk.

    • bingbing Says:

      Well at least he ain’t evil.

    • MCA Says:

      Bingbing, you think amabO isn’t evil? amabO is pure evil through and through. It’s a real shame that the man who will go down in history as the first black president will also do down in history as the worst president this country has ever seen. He will be known for hijacking a nation, guess that would be a new term for us. First there was kidnapping, then dognapping, then carjacking and now we have nationjacking. Way to BO, you’ve almost jacked the entire nation. But I still have faith in my fellow Americans that we will not settle for an Obama socialist country. Before that happens, we will fight back and get our FREE country back!

  5. Zooomabooma Says:

    At least Obama ain’t evil? Bush is the devil? Oh, yeah, so said Hugo Chavez. If you want to listen to him, then sure, Bush is the evil.

    Think what you want about Bush, at least he ain’t a Commie.

    • Gary Says:

      It is amazing how many have bought the media lies…hook, line and sinker.

  6. bvg Says:

    King “O” is a socialistic totalitarian – how does this happen to a political system of corrupt power mongers supported by a bunch of government freeloaders paid by us few taxpayers?

  7. scott smith Says:

    we won / lifes a bitch

    • Porf Rey Says:

      No, we all lost……

    • Just a Person Says:

      The world is a MUCH better place without stupid people in the White House.. time for the educated to RULE.

    • MCA Says:

      Thank God you’re here! You said “We won \ life’s a bitch. I’ve been waiting for you to come online! I need some extra income for the next 5 years. $500 a month should do it. If you don’t want to do that, just pay off my car and that will help too. That’s about $10,500 left on that. Don’t you just love Obama’s share the wealth the plan?! I can’t wait for it to start!

      Any other Obama people in here? How much are you willing to send so I can redo my budget. My wife and I thank you as things have been getting really really tight around here. She even had to go work! For little more than minimum wage because she was a stay at home mom for over 28 years! Now I need her back home taking care of me because I’m disabled. Stupid laws around here won’t let her get paid for taking care of me. I can get an outside person to come in and they will take care of me and the state will pay them. But I would rather not be a burden to the state, know what I mean? This is where your share the wealth comes in. It’s just perfect! I can still get what I want and need, while not being a burden to everyone else. Let me know when you are ready to start sharing your wealth with me and I’ll give you a POBox to send it to … or we could do a bank transfer which is even faster! COOL!

    • Nemesis12 Says:

      Educated? Pres. Bush has an MBA, was a qualified fighter pilot (Obama of course, never served a day in his life), and I’d comment on Obama’s scholastic record only…he seems to have ensured those records never see the light of day.

      Odd, innit?

    • HarpoMarxist Says:

      Yep – you won, no your his bitch

  8. Mary Kilbride Says:

    In response to “we won / life’s a bitch”
    Yeah…you are absolutely right! You won and therefore, life’s a bitch. You will think so, too, as soon as you begin to think again and see what has been flung upon is with this disaster going on in Washington today. But, hey! You won! What did you win? The destruction of this nation? Some win!

  9. What was eliminated from hannity program sunday night - MassCops - Massachusetts Law Enforcement Network Says:

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  10. Michael Says:

    Is there a way to add this on my website?

    • Angus Dei Says:

      Click on “Get & Share” at the bottom of the widget.

  11. morysa Says:

    I have put this on myspace and facebook and now I need a way to get it on Multiply! Help!

    • bingbing Says:

      Cheers. Yet re Multiply, sorry, can’t help you there. Spot would probably know, but he’s been an elusive entity as of late. Break a leg, regardless.

  12. Rise Says:

    It’s so sad that you people would rather see your country disgraced ,your life ,your money your personal freedom and privacy destroyed by an insane White guy than have a powerful and intelligent African American stand to represent you and help turn things around for the better. HOW SAD YOU ARE AND HOW DEEP YOUR SICKNESS.

    • bingbing Says:

      What’s this about “White guy” and “African American”?

      This blog takes a general opposing stance towards Obama because we see his policies as being far too left wing, to the point of socialist, and feel that these policies will be to the detriment of the US citizenry, and default, the world.

      The only good thing about him is that he actually hasn’t done much, except win a Peace Prize for, er, what did he actually do to get it apart from just “be”?

    • The Wizard of WOZ Says:

      I think thats where the African American bit comes in Bing.

    • bingbing Says:


    • bingbing Says:

      And no, Rise. I’m not racist. I just don’t think that racism is adequately countered by reverse racism.

    • bingbing Says:

      Opine over the man for his ideas, not his race. Race: whatever that means in these mongrel days.

      I don’t like his ideas. Not because they are not grand and noble, but because they are unworkable within the confines of the human race.

      Socialism has always been more noble. It has always looked better on paper. It is all that’s good in the human spirit.

      Yet it is not human nature. It’s not our day-to-day selves. In a practical sense it is unworkable.

      Hence why Capitalism is so good. Not because it’s good on paper, or because it feels good, or because it’s so-called morally good…

      No, Capitalism is good because it recognizes the ugly truth of human nature.

      Capitalism understands that effectively we are all selfish.

      And to the point of irony, it is actually Capitalism that has bettered societies far more than socialism or its evil cousin communism.

      Yet about socialism being better on paper? Thus of course academics prefer it.

    • MCA Says:

      Rise, what’s sad is our country is being DESTROYED and you don’t care! You want to talke about a sickness? Depending on the gov’t to take care of you is a sickness. Where’s your pride? Where’s your will to work for a living and try to better yourself every day? HOW SAD THAT YOU KEEP YOUR HEAD BURIED IN THE SAND AND LEAVE EVERYTHING TO A CORRUPT GOV’T TO DO FOR YOU!

    • Jan Says:

      Obama got the pease prize because he “is NOT George W Bush”!

  13. Jay Says:

    I keep hoping the next pandemic will be ‘bubonic plague turbo XL’ or something and wipe out a respectable percentage of the world population. We’ve learned a lot about human nature and such and I’m pretty sure if we can cull the Herd we’d get things started again on better footing.
    But I guess I’ll have to keep dreaming… or become some sort of bio-engineer…

    • One If By Land Says:

      Jay, you have hit right at the heart of what a relatively obscure group of us has been saying for decades. The root of most (if not all) wars and conflicts can be traced directly to world ovepopulation. Attempting to cram more and more people into a finite and non-expandable amount of space can only lead to increased competition for said space.

      As the have-nots of the world demand more and more from the haves (whether or not they have done anything to deserve it) conflicts can and will only increase. I’m not advocating a Hitler-like genocide or anything like that – I’m just saying that the situation will find a way to correct itself, either through natural causes (pandemics, etc) or through human causes (wars, etc).

      Either way, the earth will occasionally get a chance to breath a sigh of relief.

  14. Sancho Says:

    Barack Obama – absolute proof that affirmative action is a failed policy.

  15. Varmint Says:

    Interesting thing about blogs like this. We all probably agree that Mr. Obama must go—else we wouldn’t be here in the “clock-blog” first place. Still, we have the first few innocuous comments–which are bait for the immature/idealistic/over-reactions (though well intentioned) that are sure to follow. Then finally, if the blog is lucky enough, the few truly insightful thoughts (or summations) that come from experience and sound reasoning. Calm, objective, non-political wisdom. It’s mankind sitting around the virtual tribal campfire. The young warriors and the wise elders. Thanks Jay and One-If-By-Land.

    • Jay Says:

      I’m not going to say he should go, but then I work for the guy. My interest in this sort of thing, the ‘virtual tribal campfire’ (+1 insightful, BTW), is the hopes that I can document as many sides of these issues as I can to share with future disheartened Airmen. It helps to illustrate my point that no matter what happens, someone’s going to be upset.
      Thanks Varmint, for the compliment. However, I’m neither a ‘warrior’ or an ‘elder’: I’m a 26 year-old, sterilized communications manager stationed in South Korea. I just want to be able to convince myself that there will be few enough people when my one kid grows up she’ll be of value to someone; if it takes scarcity to make it happen, so be it.

  16. Varmint Says:

    Well, because of my personal need to analyze such campfire meetings and learn from them what is worth learning, I’m gonna put Jay in the “young elder” category. I myself am a disillusioned old American soldier, and I have grave concerns for the futures of my children and especially my grandchildren.

    Pared down to the essentials, it appears to me that we have a once-great country–founded on individual freedom, a workable form of ‘real-world’ democracy, and the preservation of those precious inalienable rights–in which a significant number of its citizens no longer care to live by the founding principles. We have evolved into a one-party political system: the Republocrats. As a nation, we are fat, physically and mentally weak–lacking in integrity, honor, honesty, respect, pride, and initiative. We are the results of several generations of misguided thought and action for which a corrupting, bloated federal government has acted as both catalyst and enabler—dangling the carrot to the gullible “new” Americans: plenty-for-all and no-work-required. For years, we have been spoon fed destructive ideologies by the “new” priesthood–Hollywood and the big network media (now fully controlled by the government, true propaganda, the kind we used to laugh at the poor, ignorant Soviets for having)–to the point that the “new” Americans and the children of the old America know no different. To use another familiar Cold War term, they have been ‘brainwashed’. The truth has been hidden from them.

    By “new” Americans, I mean those who have no roots in the founding principles, no knowledge of our history, could care less about the thousands before them who died so that they could live comfortably, are poorly educated, have no skills for the market place–nothing to offer–and are content in that lamentable situation. All this brand of Americans want is a federal government that is big enough to “take care” of them. To suckle at the big teat. An impossible dream–but they do not know this, and their government will not tell them (yes, Virginia, socialism only works on paper).

    And, as with every nation that ever existed on the earth, the U.S. federal government has decayed into nothing more than a haven for the spoiled sons of the rich who are too stupid to work for a living, the dime-a-dozen lawyers for which there are no real jobs, the minorities and nepotistic spouses and brothers-in-law of wealthy contributors who are all hopelessly unprepared and incapable of performing any useful function, and, maybe worst of all, the power-hungry egoists for whom a vote is life itself–the professional politician who routinely spits in the face of her loyal constituency and considers herself above the laws for the common folk as she does whatever she needs to do to preserve her do-nothing position and ill-gotten fortune.

    And, both the federal government and its dependent population of “new” Americans are growing exponentially in number. Naturally so, since one must have the other to exist–though this existence will logically be short-lived as one must consume the other.

    So, now we have two citizen-tribes in this country; really two different nations surrounded by one porous non-border: the Independents and the Sucklings—who can’t possibly co-exist peacefully for very long. Ay, there’s the rub. We all know how humans behave, don’t we? So, we know that this age-old problem will resolve itself one way or another just as it always has in other places and times. Which is why I’m so concerned about the nature of the USA that my children and grandchildren will inherit.

    Taking the pessimistic viewpoint, maybe it’s all a matter of physics. If so, it is still unbearably painful to stand by and watch everything yield to entropy. Such a waste.

    Hopefully someone smarter than me has an optimistic viewpoint to share.

  17. bingbing Says:

    This help?

  18. Justin C Says:

    Where’d the countdown go?

  19. Vulture’s case for a third US political party « James Board Says:

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  20. Gil42100 Says:

    It seems that everyone is blaming the last few Presidents that have sat in the Oval office and the truth is that many more everyday people were and are still at fault for the way things are today,and let me say this I like none of the so called political parties and view things in reallity as is this example: Everyone of you has an intellectual reason for this mess and the truth is that those in power from the begining of the trouble with drugs especially with the wealth of this nation and what it had done to undermine that resource,and lack of interest in this Nation was and still is the Drugs that were used a legal tender,(that was and is the conspricy),by those in power,(then and now),in the Capitol for so many years and was used to subjugate this country by taking away the freedom of thought with clarity of those of our young,our most valued resource,and yes I was one of those young in the 60’s/70’s/80’s,and have changed my life style and see that all is not just the government’s fault as we have at least 50% responsiblity for this problem,and I must say this I don’t like Obama or his venue for change and his agenda along with the two political parties of well educated men as some one mentioned, they should go back to school and learn all about the Golden Rule all over again and let some of us with common sense take over for awhile,see if we could come up with a workable plan for Freedom and the Pursuit Of Happiness for whom so many have given their all so this Nation of Free Citizens can live as they will with out harm to their neighbors,freinds and families!!!
    It was said our country would be destroyed from with in and those in power have done their all to put us under their thumb,and will succeed,and continue to use Drugs,and lies,and trumped up laws to control our future and that of our future families if they are not stopped by a united front of American Citizens going to the Hallowed Halls of our Government and being heard in one thunderous voice that We are mad as Hell and will not take their lack of doing the job We hired them to do!!!
    And it is time to put up or shut up,or get on your pony and ride out of Dodge today!!!

  21. MCA Says:

    Why is Obama referred to as an African-American when the president cannot have a dual citizenship? That’s what a hyphenated country means, citizens of both country’s. He’s half white, half black. He wants to claim being black, the blacks want to claim him, so why not call him black. One of the things we must get rid of is coddling people! There should never be hyphenated Americans! You are either an American, or your something else. Don’t be shy about it. If you want to be Asian, African, Irish, Mexican, just say so! But if you want to be an American, there’s room for only one flag, one allegiance. It really grates on my last nerve to hear TV refer to the African-American President. If he truly is African-American like so many believe, then he can’t have that job. But then the next 4 in line to take his place won’t be any better.

  22. The one replying Says:

    I want one of the shirts and also it is not all obamas fault on the way everything is but he could do a better job of trying to help the country

  23. Obama should be a one-term president « James Board Says:

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