A Year In The Making

1 year anniversary

Let’s Play By The Rules!

See what I mean here

Rules Changed

I’m in a playful mood, so not only have I recoloured and rearranged our living quarters, I’m also setting up new rules.

So here they are:

  1. No feeding the trolls. I don’t care how cute the troll is, they’re like gremlins. They shouldn’t be fed after midnight, nor should they touch water, and they definitely have to keep their hands off that!
  2. No two posts on the one subject within a twelve-hour period. Administrators and Editors are able to check the timing of previous posts by clicking here.
  3. Posts longer than six paragraphs should have a more tag inserted at the end of the third paragraph. This can be done by typing the third paragraph and then pressing Alt+Shift+T at the end.
  4. Dissent is allowed, but abuse is not. And abuse is in the eye of the Administrators. Play the game if you dare.
  5. Properly categorise and tag posts. It’s at most two extra clicks.

Visitor snapshot, 10 July 2008

Just for fun, here’s where our visitors are coming from today, 10 July.  What, no Antarcticans?

You may OR may not have taken note…BUT….

A new Blog has been registered and opened…one was deleted…Should you want to become a “user” of let me know. Any suggestions you have (save it…NONE of those) let them be known.

The Saltydog Journal

Where are you Saltydog? Long time no see. We dearly hope, you are OK.


Timely Warning

We’re messing with the template again.

Spreading the chairs out, restocking the bar, stuff like that.

Nothing to worry about.

The Tizona Group

As you will have noticed, after the past couple of days we’ve made some changes. We’ve changed the categories and tags, to make finding previous posts easier, we’ve changed the sidebars to make it easier to see the latest posts and comments, we’ve changed the link format to make finding the link you’re after easier, and we’ve changed the pages available to make it easy for you to know more about The Tizona Group.

Of all these changes, the two most substantial are where we’ve changed the pages and the links. We’ve created an entirely new “About” page, which explains our aims for this weblog and introduces some of the members of the Tizona team.

We’ve also altered the way we do links. Instead of an incredibly long blogroll with our favourite links, we’ve condensed them all onto the Link Page, which has our links displayed by category.

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