Zimbabwe: Court Denies Election Appeal

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) – Zimbabwe’s High Court rejected an appeal Monday for the immediate release of presidential election results, dashing hopes for an end to a paralyzing political crisis and prompting the opposition to call a nationwide strike.
Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says he won the March 29 election outright and has accused President Robert Mugabe of holding back the results to try to maintain his 28-year grip in power. Independent tallies show Tsvangirai won, but did not receive enough votes to prevent a runoff.

Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change had hoped the court—though stacked with Mugabe loyalists—would force the election commission to release the results after a 16-day wait. The commission, which published results for parliamentary and local elections within several days of the election, said it can’t release the presidential results until it investigates electoral anomalies.


Mugabe out of power, would be like Christmas without Santa. Wait, the Left is trying that one.

Mugabe Makes First Public Appearance Since Zimbabwe’s Election, Expects to Win Runoff

No…Really? What led to this turnaround, shots to the back would be my guess.

Thursday made his first public appearance since Zimbabwe’s Saturday elections, Reuters reports.

Mugabe was shown on state television ZTV meeting with the head of the African Union election observer mission, the former Sierra Leonne president, Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, at his official State House residence in Harare, Reuters reports.

Reuters also reports that Zimbabwe’s ruling party expects a runoff election and is confident Mugabe will retain power, according to Deputy Information Minister Bright Matonga.

“From ZANU-PF’s perspective, we are very confident that we’ve got the numbers, when it comes to a re-run, we’re ready for that second round, and we are confident that President Robert Mugabe will win this time,” Matonga told Reuters.

Fox News

Just can’t keep a good guy down, unless you have him shot, of course.


Riot Police Surround Zimbabwe Hotel Hosting Foreign Journalists


‘Crackdown’ in Zimbabwe as Police Raid Hotels

OK, Bob. How ’bout you give it up and become Hussein Obama’s new spiritual advisor? Speaking of which. Anybody heard what Rev. Wright, or his pal Hussein have had to say about this? Wait, I apologize…Forgot…These are Blacks.

Finally, Mugabe is finished.

It had to happen.

Going, going…

Kofi Calls for Calm in Kenya

In yet another feeble plea, former UN Secretary Ineffectual Kofi Annan calls for an end to the escalating violence erupting in Kenya.

I call Africa “the eternal hellhole” because every good intention goes horribly wrong there, and there doesn’t seem to be any hope of anything ever getting other than worse. Africans – like Muslims – can’t seem to evolve past their primitive and mutually destructive tribalism, and those outsiders who seek to help don’t seem to recognize tribalism as being the crux of the problem.

This causes me no end of sadness and frustration, because I have several connections to Africa. One, my uncle was Emperor Haile Selassi’s dentist, and he went on two epic safaris with the Emperor. As a result, I grew up with African lore and was always astonished by the trophies of those classic hunts of the late 1950’s that my uncle has. My uncle and aunt even gave me several items of African art – which I still have – and they always evoke deep wonder and awe in me. The Beef of God would like nothing more than to visit Africa for a plains game safari.

Then, I had several African friends when I was in college, and they were some of the happiest, friendliest, and most well-adjusted people I’ve ever met – never mind the fact that they were transcendentally gifted musicians.

Today, I have a friend who actually runs safaris in Africa – not photo safaris, but the real ones in which you hunt really dangerous animals that hunt you in return. So, I’d like nothing more than to see things get better in Africa – if it weren’t for the despotic strongmen who continually rise to fuck the place up it would be a paradise – but at the end of the day I just throw up my hands and say, “What the fuuuuuuck!”

I have no idea what to do about Africa. Neither does anybody else, evidently.


They have snake parks in South Africa?!?

And apparently really tough chickens.

(h/t The Jungle Trader)

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