The Manolo, He Kicks Keith Richards

This is hilarious!

Which person in this picture is 64, and which is 96?

Via Glenn Reynolds who notes, “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.” LOL!

Hillary Caught Youthening

CAUGHT YOUTHENING: If John Edwards Fred Thompson did this, people would make fun of him.

Hillary Clinton’s videographer selects the Gaussian blur mode
Just for reference, Hillary sans Youthening

Hillary, sans Youthening Treatment

In a new campaign ad, the 60-year-old Hillary Clinton manages to lament the last seven years of the Bush Administration without looking as if she’s lived through it yet.

The wrinkles are gone, thanks to a blurry, soft-focus video technique patented by Barbara Walters (who hosts The View every day as if she is still alive).

Hillary may protest when she’s accused of playing the gender card, but would a male candidate get away with going to such extraordinary lengths to look young?

–via 23/6 News & Instapundit & cross-posted from spot_the_dog blog


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