squirrel helicopter

On the results page for a Google image search for “squirrel” it sometimes says :
“Related searches:  squirrel helicopter”.

The results for “squirrel helicopter” are a bit of a disappointment. But fixable.


We can rebuild him. We have the technology. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.

Few things say “keep your hands off my nuts” like a gatling gun.

(Note that two contrarotating rotors eliminate the need for a tail rotor. He’d look pretty stupid with a tail rotor on his tail and the main rotor sticking out of his head.)

What More Needs To Be Said?

Via Rachel Lucas.


A Picture Says A Thousand Words

I present to you something which should be official campaign publications for McCain-Palin 2008, delivered to me from the truly excellent Captain Heinrichs.

Go Palin!

Sarah Palin riding her official vehicle

Sarah Palin riding her official vehicle

Kangaroos Run Amok

Ok, well, not really. These ones are trained to take school children to school every day, because in Australia, it’s cheaper to ride a kangaroo than it is to take a car. Most Australians don’t even own cars, that’s just propaganda we put out to make us seem as cool as the Americans.

Kangaroos Running Amok

Kangaroos Running Amok

I have a kangaroo. I call him Macky. He just ignores me most of the time.

Kangaroo transport isn’t as reliable as it sounds.


What a little showoff!

Duck Showing Off

Duck Showing Off

I will say, that is one of the coolest photos I’ve ever had the privilege of taking. That duck was incredibly happy to pose for me. Walked right up, no doubt expecting food, and it came right up for photos.



Melbourne Has Deformed Local Wildlife

Further to confusion about ducks, this is what a deformed duck looks like:

Duck spotted at Lake Aura Vale, Victoria.

I Drawed A Bear


I drew a bear. Not a very good bear, but a bear nonetheless.


I demand that Kevin Rudd and Peter Garrett send me my arts grant immediately!

Disclaimer: The bear’s bald spot is not the result of animal abuse or stress. The bear is well taken care of, as evidenced by it’s pudgy little stomach.

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