Planned Pyramidhood

Dubai is, um, a little different. They’re pandering to the New Religion, and the consequences are hilarious!

They’re now going to build an eco-pyramid, 4000 feet high and capable of housing 1,000,000 people. It will, of course, be carbon-neutral, and take up 2.3 square kilometres.

After all, who doesn’t want to live in a thing called a Ziggurat?

Baghdad Needs A Ferris Wheel!


It seems that Baghdad is stealing Melbourne’s idea of having a giant ferris wheel to see the sights of the city… which we stole from London.

Half of Melbourne is stolen from other cities!

Our main train station, Flinders Street Station (guess what street it’s on) was meant to be built in India, but some genius messed up the blueprints and neither they, nor their counterpart overseas, noticed until the building was half complete. *SNORT*

Flinders Street Station

Melbourne Has Wicked Cool Architecture V

State Library of Victoria

Melbourne Has Wicked Cool Architecture IV

St Paul's Cathedral

I present to you, St Paul’s Cathedral.

Melbourne Has Sick And Wrong Architecture

Federation Square, Melbourne
I give you Federation Square, yet again.

It’s just so blindingly hideous!

Melbourne Has Wicked Cool Architecture III

Arts Center

– For Eggz

Melbourne Has Wicked Cool Architecture II

Rialto Towers

Melbourne Has Wicked Cool Architecture


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