The Five Stages Of Obama Worship

Stage One

Feeling not only an admiration and respect for the man, but then starting to defend him in every argument, whether what you’re saying is true or not.

Stage Two

A small donation to the campaign is made, and a bumper sticker is bought and affixed to the bumper of your car with a small sense of pride.

Stage Three

A decision is made to pump more money into the Obama campaign, because he genuinely seems like a nice guy, so you buy a t-shirt, a few more bumper stickers, put a sign in your yard and talk him up to family, friends, co-workers and neighbours.

Stage Four

You read about Camp Obama, the chance to learn about the man and his propaganpolicies, and you leap at the chance. You learn about the Democratic Party’s policies and start spreading the news to all of your friends, family members, co-workers, neighbours, random people in the street and school children. If you’re already a teacher, you form a choir out of innocent children.

Stage Five

Now that you’re a trained Camp Obama Counsellor, you also get brought into the inner folds of the Obama Campaign. This means that you’re now qualified to not only spread the good news about Obama, but also criticise any Republican Party members, spread lies about their family, claim to have previously voted Republican but now see the light, and participate in the AstroTurf Campaign. Reaching Stage Five means that you’ll also be widely mocked, derided and deleted for using fake names and email addresses.

More Obama Afrosmurfing Astroturfing

Remember the Hillary 1984 ad – a rip-off of an old Apple ad that I dearly loved – that was hailed as the ne plus ultra of grassroots viral video? Astroturf.

More here.

“A couple of weeks ago a parody of Apple’s famous 1984 Super Bowl ad appeared on YouTube and other video sharing sites and, perhaps because of the mystery surrounding its’ origin, became something of an overnight internet phenomenon. Now we know the creator of the parody but a larger mystery is revealed and some serious questions are raised…

Andrea Mitchell and Alex Johnson at MSNBC reveal though that the creator of the “1984” parody ad is none other than Philip de Vellis of marketing firm Blue State Digital which specializes in advising Democratic candidates and liberal groups. Blue State Digital was also responsible for the design and implementation of Barack Obama’s official campagin website whose URL appears at the end of the Clinton smear ad and one of the founding members of the company, Joe Rospars, is employed as the Obama campaign’s Director of New Media.”

Read the whole sordid thing (Both links). Thanks to Jawa Report.

This is not the Smurf we’ve been waiting for (Thanks to Eggz for “Afrosmurf”). LULZ!!1!

Obama: The Afroturf Astroturf Candidate

This gave me a massive LOL attack.

Original is at Snapped Shot.

And, thanks to Jawa commenter “trigger” for “afroturf.” 🙂

Obama Surrogates Behind Astroturfing? “Probably”

The Jawa Report just posted an amazingly well researched post that exposes ties between a Sarah Palin smear video an one of the largest leftist PR firms in America.

It’s one of the longest blog posts I’ve ever read, but I found it riveting. They need to keep working the case, though, because as I said in comments over there, you know they have, “the worst lawyers money can bribe” on their side.


Definitely. Just click the link again.

More. More. More. More.

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