Australia: Not just an island, but a hella scary one too!

For some unknown reason, recently the most popular Google searches leading to our site have been “Australia Map” and  Australian Flag” and variations thereof  (barely – just barely – beating out “goatse” and “sarah plain naked,” it must be said.)

The “Australia Map” searches almost always lead to a post on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s keen observation on the ABC’s 7:30  Report back in 2008 that “Australia is not an island”:

Australia is not an island - K. Rudd, 2008

"Australia is not an island" - K. Rudd, 2008

However, our own Wizard of Woz has unearthed an even more accurate map of Australia which may give the rather pedestrian version above a run for its money in the page-impressions stakes:


Accurate Map of Australia

The following ad campaign by our Alt-Tourism Authority would seem to back this up:


UPDATE: Australia has crazy-wild spiders.  Hey!  More cool spiders!

Australian Flag Collection

3-D Australian Flag (animated)For some reason, we’ve been seeing a really large number of incoming searches for the images of Australian flags which are scattered here and there on our various posts, especially our Australia Day pieces, so as a public service and because I’m stuck waiting on hold trying to find out why I suddenly have no (not low, but no) water pressure and so have a bit of time to kill, I thought I’d stick a collection of Australian flags up here on this page, so they’re all in one easy-to-find place.  They’ll be below the fold, to keep our main site from taking forever to load.  (And if one of our “found” images [some are originals, some are “found”] belongs to you and you want credit, just email us and it’ll be done).

The originals are of varying sizes and resolutions – click on the thumbnails below for full-sized images.

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