Guess the party: “Look at this, I’m tittie-f..king your mother!”

NSW Police Minister Matt Brown resigned in disgrace last night after it was revealed he had danced semi-naked on a couch and simulated a sex act on a female Labor MP during a drunken party in Parliament House…

A witness told The Australian Mr Brown stripped down to his “very brief” underpants and danced to loud “Oxford Street-style” techno music on a green leather Chesterfield couch he had recently ordered for his office. The witness said Mr Brown “mounted the chest” of Wollongong MP Noreen Hay.

The witness said Mr Brown called out to Ms Hay’s adult daughter during the performance: “Look at this, I’m tittie-f..king your mother!”

–via Andrew Bolt, who has more here.


UPDATE: BTW, yes – this is the same State government which recently saw another Government Minister jailed for 28 counts of dealing drugs to and buggering young boys


Andrew Bolt watches Kevin Rudd


Watching Rudd Do Little

Andrew Bolt today has one of the best assessments of Kevin “I Like to Watch” Rudd’s performance I’ve read to date — an absolute must-read.   I’ve pinched one of the best lines for my caption below…

Blaming Barry

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