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Quote That Made My Day

From Richard Sharpe at Tim Blair‘s:

If you need a 30 round magazine to nail a porcine beastie then quite frankly, you don’t deserve a rifle.

Crawling Commando-Style Through The Internet

TimT, the only blogger who Will Type For Food, plays the Out of Context Game.

Surprise, surprise, the Clintons are loaded. Quell jealousy, but at the end of the day, they still have to put up with each other.

Michelle Malkin looks at the notion of taxing plastic and paper bags.

Gateway Pundit reports on a rather hilarious event at a Hillary campaign event.


Pregnant man transsexual fears that people will attempt to kill his baby. There’s only one group of people I know of who are sick enough to harm a baby…

What the hell is a “low emission paint”.

The neverending struggle between Good and Evil continues. Angus will really like this.

Bob Ellis gets mocked.

And finally,



FYYSFLT, u r buffaloes stupid!

Little Green Footballs reports a recent piece of AngryMail:

This is all wrong HE is the greatest man ever u guys are blind idiots and buffaloes stupid. Islam is the real religion face the reality. or u will go to hell r u ready?well we muslims got 4 books Quran Bibal Zabur Taurat WE NEVER SAID ANYTHING AGAINST U BUT U GUYS DID LOOK AT YOURSELF FIRST

“Buffaloes stupid.” I’m stealin’ that one and whackin’ the next moonbat blogger who crosses my path with it. I’ll consider it kind of a PG-13 version of FYYSFLT.

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The Manolo, He Kicks Keith Richards

This is hilarious!

Which person in this picture is 64, and which is 96?

Via Glenn Reynolds who notes, “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.” LOL!

Help Catallaxy Out

Help Catallaxy collect ideas for the ever-futile 2020 summit.

1984 Anyone?

We are asked to keep an eye on this British blog, because the author has been threatened with arrest for possibly violating Britain’s “incitement of religious and racial hatred” laws. Folks, if things keep going as they are, it could happen right here in the US.

Personally, I think a law banning “religious and racial hatred”, while no doubt well-intentioned, is an extremely bad idea, and unnecessary. We already have laws against committing physical crimes against people and property, and when they’re properly enforced, that should be enough. Even freedom of speech, one of our most sacred tenets, has limits set on it (falsely yelling “fire” in a crowded theater is the example always brought up, but it means not inciting violence against people because of religion, race, etc.). But freedom of speech also means freedom of thought, and if you want to be a religious bigot or a racist asshole in the privacy of your head, that’s your right, no matter how little I might think of you for it. Enforcing laws against hatred is the same as enforcing laws against freedom of thought, the very step needed to create a totalitarian society.

Unfortunately, Britain appears to be already far down that road, with Canada not far behind. We in the US (and with the help of the Anglosphere) should be vigilant and militant, to make sure that doesn’t happen here.

(h/t Instapundit and The Gates of Vienna).

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