The REAL reason the Islamic extremists hate us… (Part II)

Another reason why the Islamic extremists hate us:

[Daily Mail] –  It is easy to forget what’s going on in the world around you when busting a move on the dance floor.

But a U.S. Army soldier appears to remain completely oblivious as he dances on a tank – even when two missiles fire past close behind him.

In a YouTube video that has been watched nearly half a million times in four days, the soldier is shown dancing in full army gear on top of a M1068 mobile command centre.

As he gets into the rhythm of the Tom Jones hit ‘It’s Not Unusual’ – showing off his moves and swinging his hands from side to side – a rocket suddenly rushes through the sky.

But like a true dance professional the soldier does not flinch and carries on with his routine completely unfazed.

Even when a second rocket fires close to his roof-top position, he continues to boogie with flare and style.

Dressed in helmet, boots and full combat gear, the soldier seems completely unaware of what is going on behind him.

The dancing solider is seen dancing ‘The Carlton’ dance made famous by television show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

The funky moves became popular and were called ‘the funniest dance in the world’ after being performed by the character Carlton played by actor Alfonso Ribeiro on the cult show.

We Are The Navy Blues

Winning against Port Adelaide in the AFL, when at the start of the fourth quarter we were 30 points down to win by 12 at the end, that’s even better than beating Collingwood.

Even if we did have to seriously injure one of their players to do it. I do hope he recovers.

And Scotland looked absolutely sensational tonight.

UPDATE: Injured player is Paul Stewart. Best of luck to him, it was a head injury after all.

Email Sent

Wished Response:

Dear Asshole,

Re: the file attachment you sent me.

Fuck. You!

Yours Faithfully,


Real Response:

Dear Asshole,

Re: the file attachment you sent to me

I note that Collingwood’s outstanding success since the 1990 Grand Final has allowed for them to attain the knowledge that their supporters cannot actually afford club memberships. Or dental work.

Yours Faithfully,


Carlton Memberships

AFL: Carlton Blues v St Kilda Saints

First Quarter:

The first quarter is off to a good start with the Blues kicking three goals and two behinds to the Saints’ one behind.

Score: Carlton 3.2.20 to Saints 0.1.01.

Another behind to the Saints brings the score to 3.2.20 to 0.2.02.

Random Fact: I don’t like the white uniforms the Blues are in tonight. Put them back in the navy! Can’t be the ‘navy blues’ if you’re in white, boys.

Carlton kick a behind, bringing them to 3.3.21 to the Saints’ 0.2.02.

Random Fact: Scotland looks good tonight.

The Saints just kicked a behind which was so far to the left that it almost wasn’t worth any points. C 3.3.21 to S 0.3.03.

And yet another behind to the Saints; they’re going to be slightly annoyed that these aren’t goals. C 3.3.21 to S 0.4.04.

Carlton are handling the ball well, and working nicely as a team. They kicked a beautiful little behind. Score C 3.4.22 to S 0.4.04.

St Kilda belts through a behind, bringing the score up to C 3.4.22 to S 0.5.05.

Question: How Long Until Carlton Fucks This Up?

A free kick has just been awarded to Brendan Fevola (C), much to the disgust of the Saints and the TV commentators. Personally, I see their point. Especially since it scored Carlton a goal! Score 4.4.28 to S 0.5.05.

Three minutes left in the quarter, and 23 points in the game.

Scotland is looking really good tonight.

Fraser Gehrig (S) is now on the grass. This could make things interesting.

And yes, it has, because mere moments after coming on grass, he kicks a goal. Grrr!

Score 4.4.28 to 1.5.11, in Carlton’s favour.

Two minutes in the quarter.

Carlton are looking pretty relaxed, although they have to deal with the Saints having all their boys on the field.

The Saints kick a siren goal, bringing the score to C 4.4.28 to 2.5.17. There’s not much in it…

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