Oh please

On the CNN International newsbar today…

Australia unveils nation-building budget

So the biggest deficit since World War II, $58 billion, a turnaround from a $20 billion surplus just two years ago, a bill our grandkids’ kids will probably still be paying for, and the likely prospect this deficit will only increase is somehow seen as ‘nation-building’ by CNN. Admittedly, KRudd and the Duck are boosting some infrastructure, but cripes CNN, that’s one hell of an angle you’ve chosen there.

Still, we’ve come to expect this from them, haven’t we?

(PS I’ll put a pic up when I get home from work if ya’ll interested.)



All whilst eating lunch, too.

All whilst eating lunch, too.

Well done, CNN /sarc

So after years of tongue pashing Obama’s arse, CNN now decides to come out of the closet to say, hey, maybe we should proceed with caution with this guy.

A case in point as to why I can’t stand them.

H/T NewsBusters.

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BTW, guess who’s back?

Check out CNN’s next Business Traveller to see who.

Actually like the guy, so go easy.

Much more pissed (and not just the soju) at CNN going so freakin’ easy on Obama whilst laying their gimp boot into McCain… again, and again… and again.

But wait! Surely, of course, the MSM would never be so biased… surely.

Spot the difference III

Remember Larry Craig? Sure, we all do. The media were on it like flies on shit.

Remember John Edwards? The silence is deafening.

But not for long.

Does John Edwards have a love child?

Fox has independently verified it.

Thanks to Tim Blair for the idea. This story has to spread.

Oh CNN, where art thou?


No, CNN is too busy promoting and running a story on a Japanese septuagenarian porn star. Promotion #3 on CNN’s world news. Right now is story #1. A co-ordinated female suicide bomber attack in Iraq. Definitely a rarity, nowadays. No wonder CNN has been so quiet on Iraq for so long but then, suddenly, viola, leads with Iraq again.

Flog that dead donkey, CNN, flog it.

Dick Quest Tangled Up

This is just so funny. It really is. There’s just something about some “celebrities”…

CNN personality Richard Quest was busted in Central Park early yesterday with some drugs in his pocket, a rope around his neck that was tied to his genitals, and a sex toy in his boot, law-enforcement sources said.

Quest, 46, was arrested at around 3:40 a.m. after a cop spotted him and another man inside the park near 64th Street, a police source said.

Link via the only Likeable Lawyer. And as said lawyer notes “…with this sort of arrest on his record, he might as well just run for Congress. He’ll fit right in!

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