Important Question

Important to me at least, because I’m intrigued and it’s bugging me.

Is “A Mighty Heart” worth watching at all?

I have suspicions that Hollywood would have completely destroyed the true story of Daniel Pearl and what happened to end his life in such a horrific fashion, but I thought I’d ask for reviews rather than watching it and destroying my TV.

Tips/Hints and especially opinions are greatly appreciated!

The secret letters of the Jonestown death cult…

Thirty years after the mass suicides and murders in Guyana, Barry Isaacson unveils a cache of letters he found in his LA home, mapping the pain of one of the families

In 1993, my wife Jenny and I bought a small, beautiful, mid-century modern architectural house in the hills of Silver Lake, an enclave of East Los Angeles. We became aware that the previous owners, Dr Herbert and Mrs Freda Alexander, had lived for the previous 15 years with an awful family secret: their daughter Phyllis, son-in-law Gene Chaikin and two teenage grandchildren had died with 914 other members of Jim Jones’s Peoples Temple movement in the infamous Jonestown mass-murder/suicides of 18 November 1978. In an orderly manner, the Jonestown community, which included 250 children, had ingested a cocktail consisting of fruit punch, cyanide and sedatives. Infants, children and others unwilling to drink the liquid had it forced down their throats by syringe. Our estate agent mentioned that a cache of correspondence might have been left somewhere in the house by the Alexanders; we looked but found nothing until, earlier this year, a handy- man emerged from the foundations with a battered vinyl briefcase. In the briefcase were letters written to her parents from Phyllis in Jonestown. These and documents I found in the FBI evidence files chart Phyllis Chaikin’s strange descent from contented middle-class family life to fanaticism and infanticide.

Phyllis Alexander was born in 1939, the same year her parents commissioned the house from the architect Harwell H. Harris. Herbert and Freda Alexander were socialist intellectuals, part of a Silver Lake clique that included members of the blacklisted ‘Hollywood Ten’. There is no indication that Phyllis’s childhood was anything but happy, and her letters to her parents are full of respect and affection. After attending the University of California and studying history under her father at Los Angeles City College, Phyllis married Eugene Chaikin, another ‘red diaper baby’ whose family had been under scrutiny by the FBI for suspected communist sympathies. Phyllis became a kindergarten teacher; Gene practised real estate law. They settled in the suburban San Fernando Valley and in 1961 their daughter Gail was born, their son David in 1963. By the time they met Jim Jones in 1972 they had been happily married for 12 years.

Lengthy…BUT worth the read…

The Spectator UK

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A Quaker Reading, on Death

William Penn

And this is the Comfort of the Good,
that the Grave cannot hold them,
and that they live as soon as they die.

For Death is no more than a Turning of us over
from Time to Eternity.

Nor can there be a Revolution without it;
for it supposes the Dissolution of one form,
in order to the Succession of another.

Death then, being the Way and Condition of Life,
we cannot love to live,
if we cannot bear to die.

They that love beyond the World,
cannot be separated by it.

Death cannot kill, what never dies.

Nor can Spirits ever be divided
that love and live in the same Divine Principle;
the Root and Record of their Friendship.

If Absence be not death, neither is theirs.

Death is but Crossing the World,
as Friends do the Seas;
They live in one another still.

For they must needs be present,
that love and live in that which is Omnipresent.

In this Divine Glass,
they see Face to Face;
and their Converse is Free, as well as Pure.

This is the Comfort of Friends,
that though they may be said to Die,
yet their Friendship and Society are, in the best Sense,
ever present, because Immortal.

Death is but Crossing the World,
as Friends do the Seas;
They live in one another still.

Go well, Saltydog.

Super-Mega-Hyper-Legend Charlton Heston Has Died

Talk about an increasing man-deficit disorder in Western culture.

Fuck! How the hell do I insert images now? Is this the wrong blog?!As Judah Ben Hur in 1959

Thanks WordPress, for taking a simple system and adding about a dozen clicks to it.

Anyway, my uncle is an Endowment Member of the NRA, which means Life Members genuflect when he walks by. He called Mr. Heston, “Charlie” and sat at his table along with Wayne Pierre for about the last twenty years or so of NRA events. So, though I never met him, I heard my share of Charlton Heston anecdotes. Nobody with a brain and a sense of humor didn’t absolutely love the guy.

I hope they bury Charlie with a handgun in his “cold, dead, fingers.” It would be fitting.

Godspeed, Mr. Heston.

Remember, “Soylent Green is People!” and “Damn You All to Hell, You Blew It UP!” He got some good lines.

Head on beach face to be revealed… Mind out of the gutter. Although it ain’t bad…the surf, the salt air…nevermind.

Forensic officer on beach

A woman’s head and two hands were found on the beach.

Police hope to be able to issue an artist’s impression of a woman after a head and hands were found on a beach.

Efforts will also continue to try to establish a more exact age for the dead woman, whose head was found wrapped in a plastic bag on Arbroath beach.


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