Everything You Always Wanted to Know About ANWAR…

…but the Democrats are afraid you’ll ask.

ANWAR in Alaska overlaid on the lower forty-eight states:

Alaska, USA, Coastal Plain

Alaska, USA, Coastal Plane

ANWAR is orange, the coastal plain, where we want to drill for the oil we already know it there, is yellow.

Here’s the pic the Democrats and eco-tards (But, I’m being redundant, and am repeating myself) always show to exhibit why we shouldn’t despoil this pristine wilderness:



Of course, no reasonable American would want to ruin that view with oil rigs. Problem is, this is what the coastal plain looks like:

Desolate ANWAR Coastal Plain

Desolate ANWAR Coastal Plane

Not only that, but the section of the hundreds of thousands of acres of coastal plain we want to drill on is… a couple of thousand acres.

I say fuck it. Let’s drill the son of a bitch. Someone alert McCain, because he’s an ignoramus about ANWAR.

UPDATE: Plane/Plain. Whatever. English is an idiotic language.

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