For over a year now, foreign English teachers have had to be drugs tested. It’s a bit of a hassle but no biggie. It was mainly a move by the gubnit to satiate the anti-foreigner groups over here, who see us, even though we’re university-educated and have the balls to uproot and have God-like patience, as basically the scum of Wetsern society (if only they knew).

It’s ironic, since drugs are hard to come by over here, and so expensive any “high” is quickly quelled (mind you, soju is as cheap as chips and big pharma is having a field day… I mean, really, around seven different pills nowadays to combat a common cold???). I mean that, even if someone did smoke pot or pop disco biscuits back home, it’s not likely they’re gonna do so here.

Anyway, it got me thinking. This happens occasionally. If Western governments really wanted to get rid of their so-called drug problem, then why not make it mandatory for all employers to require a drugs test of their employees? And for those receiving welfare benefits to also be routinely drugs tested.

But Western governments will never do this. Just follow the idea to it’s logical conclusion (oops, maybe they will). Heck, even the Korean gubnit only mandates it on foreign English teachers. And that’s only to appease a rather large group of xenophobic wankers.

Stuff Worth Lookin’ At

Via Paco (and The_Real_JeffS (ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS!)) we have some military photos.

The Tree Hugging Sister clearly understands my KFC addiction.

A rather unsurprising look at the changing qualities of marijuana.

Mythusmage has it about right on the Bigfoot hoax. I like the idea of Bigfoot being real, so these types of hoaxes also annoy me.

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The man with the bike sets an evil challenge. I was afraid to guess.

BTW, guess who’s back?

Check out CNN’s next Business Traveller to see who.

Actually like the guy, so go easy.

Much more pissed (and not just the soju) at CNN going so freakin’ easy on Obama whilst laying their gimp boot into McCain… again, and again… and again.

But wait! Surely, of course, the MSM would never be so biased… surely.

Two Things Of Note

A 51-year-old man has been caught in Southern Thailand with 60 condoms full of hashish in his stomach, and was caught because three of them burst. If Thailand has the death penalty, don’t be surprised if Kev weighs in and tries to help out.


Queensland mining town Mt Isa is looking like it could be for some very rough action with lead poisoning having been detected in the town’s children. One of the mothers is taking legal action, with the assistance of the firm of ambulance-chasers Slater & Gordon, the firm of which Julia Gillard used to be a partner. The licenses for the mines were awarded to the companies by the government of Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson, which will become a matter of much import if there’s much more action on this.

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