Human Achievement Hour 2011 [Open Thread]

Enlightenment or endarkenment? Earth Hour or Hour of Power?  South Korea or North Korea (go ask James Board aka bingbing about how that’s working out)…?

Consider this an #EarthHour #HourOfPower #HumanAchievementHour open thread.  Feel free to add any links, pics or videos in comments, and other Tizona peeps with editing privileges should fee free to add them to this post.  Let’s recognise and celebrate the incredible accomplishments of the human race, and offer our cheers to those who keep the lights on and produce the energy that makes human achievement possible!

UPDATE 1:   Earth Hour enthusiast Ben Cubby asks:  Where will you be when lights go out? Your answers go here.

UPDATE 2:  West Australian folk-rock group The Waifs – Lighthouse

UPDATE 3:  Western Australia – Even Our Warmies Are Smarter… “The Chairman of Western Australia’s largest sustainability program says Earth Hour is tokenistic and a waste of time.”

UPDATE 4:  Nice essay by Julie Kirsten Novak at CatallaxyFiles on Human Achievement Hour & the Neo-Primitives (H/T Bolta)

UPDATE 5:  Ben-Peter Terpstra (@WKNDLibertarian):  Turn on your lights and celebrate ‘Human Achievement Hour’ [American Thinker]

UPDATE 6:   Tim Blair rounds up some Earth Hour winners & losers.

UPDATE 7:  More ideas on how to celebrate Human Achievement Hour

Did you observe Earth Hour? Al Gore didn’t bother.

Well, after the sucess of An Inconvenient Truth, he hardly has to worry about the electricity bill. It seems he’s not worried about climate change, either. The lights might have been turned off at your house but they weren’t at his. Let’s hope you didn’t pay to see his shockumentary.

Column Deemed Excellent

The latest from Tim Blair.


What’s then to become of Mosley, who is still clearly youthful enough to survive a five-hooker sexcapade and presumably would seek to apply his talents in other international fields?

The answer – and one that’s staring us in the face: put Max Mosley in charge of Earth Hour.


This is a spectacular accomplishment. He’s somehow sold a sport to millions that involves ugly, howling, near-identical cars driven by terrible European midgets.

Hold me, I’m tearing up at this. It’s so true, and so funny.

The only thing preventing an Antarctic Grand Prix is the difficulty of finding suitable grid chicks among the local penguin population.

I’ll dress up as a penguin if you let me be a grid chick!

That’s quite a call; F1 cars chomp through 80L of fuel every 100km, which is on a level of environmental friendliness about equal to woodchipping a Wollemi pine.

If that’s the kind of pine tree I had to get cut down and chipped, cool! Those tree climbing boys with the chainsaws were kinda nice to watch… and offer drinks to. Ahem.

It’s a truly excellent column. Do make sure to read it.

Happy Earth Hour Day!

I hope we all celebrated Earth Power Hour in the most carbon-burningest (yes, I did just invent a word) way possible!

Casa Ash celebrated by turning on:

  • air conditioning;
  • heating;
  • dishwasher;
  • stove;
  • microwave;
  • the lights;
  • stereo;
  • three computers;
  • three TVs;
  • four freezers;
  • two fridges;
  • washing machine;
  • dryer on;


  • doors and windows open; and
  • a 4WD idling in the driveway with the CD player, headlights and air con on, although this was turned off after 15 minutes.

Update: Eeeeeeeeeeeeexcellent news via Tim Blair. Sparkage up!

Coming soon to you…What will you be doing?

‘Earth Hour’ to plunge millions into darkness


Just In Case Andrea Takes It Off… (no pun intended)

Via Todd @#18

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