Fight The Emissions Trading Scheme

In Australia, there are moves to create a tax plan based on carbon emissions, and this plan should be open to intense scrutiny. Via Andrew Bolt, I learned of a campaign to debate the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

This campaign is being launched by Jennifer Marohasy, and her plan and premise are clear:

I am the Chair of The Australian Environment Foundation and we are planning an Internet campaign to oppose the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) proposed for Australia on the basis:

1.  An ETS will not change the global temperature;

2.  Will force many clean and green Australian industries overseas; and

3.  Will make Australians poorer; while it is generally richer, not poorer nations that are better able to protect their natural environment.

She’s quite right on all of it. Their aim is to raise $30,000 to create a website and launch a formal campaign to bring more awareness to the debate on the ETS. If you’re able, donate! Donations of more than $2 are tax-deductible, but as always, do your own research into the group before handing over your hard-earned.

The ETS proposed by the Rudd Government, if passed, means that depending on your tax bracket and earnings, there is a chance that you’ll be required to pay up to 90 cents of every dollar you earn in tax.

It’s a fight worth supporting, particularly when you consider how well the environment does do, when there’s enough water to help it grow.


Sherbrooke Forest: Lookin' Good

UPDATE: Slatts highlights just one article that proves that there needs to be a more open debate.

It’s ‘Dog in a Ute’ weekend in Western Australia

Dog in a UteTime to throw your favourite dog in the back of your favourite ute and head down to Corrigin.

For the uninitiated, an event history from the official Dog in a Ute website:

This event has created a friendly rivalry between Western Australia and Victoria where the event was first held in 1997 at St Arnaud. The first record set at 214 Dogs in Utes. The record was then broken in May 1998 at Terang, Victoria in an event that was organized by the Southwestern District Apex clubs. This event managed to attract 325 Dogs in Utes. It was at this time that local Corrigin Apex President, Mr Bob Cooper had a brainwave and decided that Corrigin should have a ‘crack at it’. He came back from the National Apex Convention in Victoria and put it to the local Corrigin Apex members, who took on the idea with great enthusiasm.

Within three months, and with countless hours of dedication from many groups and volunteers, Corrigin held its first Dog in a Ute Queue event on the 31st October 1998 successfully breaking the World Record by attracting 699 Dogs in Utes from places far and wide.
With an estimated total of 3000 people on the day and raising $20,000 for the Royal Flying Doctors Service, Corrigin was rejoicing its fine effort and sent the challenge back to Victoria.Dog in a Ute World Record Statue

Three more unsuccessful Record Breaking attempts in Victoria then followed until 2000 when the Southwestern District Apex Clubs once again took on the challenge in Warnambool, coming out victorious with the new World Record of 797.

Fast forward to 13th April 2002 – a day that will be remembered by many, as the day that Corrigin smashed the World Record of Dogs in a Ute with 1527.
More than 4000 visitors and locals alike banded together and enjoyed the camaraderie, food, beverages and live entertainment. It was a day where there was not one altercation or complaint despite the huge number of people attending. A day when rural Australia ruled supreme and everything else seemed insignificant.

Over $60,000 was raised on the day and has been donated to the RFDS and local Community Emergency Services.

World Recod holdersSince this day, as far as we know, no other town has been able to break the record.


Official Dog in a Ute web site here.


See? Western Australia is SO not dull.


And, if you can’t make it, think about dropping a few bucks the Royal Flying Doctors‘ way anyway Here’s the RFDS gift shop. And, find out more about APEX Australia here.

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