If even PlanetArk acknowledges the scam in carbon offsets, they must be pretty bad.

Doing My Bit For Mother Gaia

I felt like going for a cruise around the neighbourhood tonight, so I did. A couple of hours exploring the roads around here was pretty relaxing, and there are some things that have now boosted their positions on my “Things I Fucking Hate” list.

These are:

  1. People who drive with their high beams on, even though they’re on well lit roads like the freeway;
  2. People who brake for no reason, even though their path is clear and they were on straight roads;
  3. People who drink-drive. Seriously, get as loaded as you like, but don’t then go out and drive. Clearly, the coppers thought the same thing judging by the number of cars I saw parked just up from the cop cars.
  4. Tailgaters. If you’re sitting on my tail mate, you’re definitely fucking speeding because I’m often speeding. And if you’re sitting on my tail, remember, us women are temperamental and I may have to brake. Suddenly. And cost you lots of money.
  5. Males between the ages of 18 and 25. They’re primed to brake Peeves 1 and 4. And they listen to horrible music, and do it very loudly. They also never seem to get out of second gear, so they can hear their engines. They fail to realise that they can always turn the music down, then they’ll hear their engines fine.

Column Deemed Excellent

The latest from Tim Blair.


What’s then to become of Mosley, who is still clearly youthful enough to survive a five-hooker sexcapade and presumably would seek to apply his talents in other international fields?

The answer – and one that’s staring us in the face: put Max Mosley in charge of Earth Hour.


This is a spectacular accomplishment. He’s somehow sold a sport to millions that involves ugly, howling, near-identical cars driven by terrible European midgets.

Hold me, I’m tearing up at this. It’s so true, and so funny.

The only thing preventing an Antarctic Grand Prix is the difficulty of finding suitable grid chicks among the local penguin population.

I’ll dress up as a penguin if you let me be a grid chick!

That’s quite a call; F1 cars chomp through 80L of fuel every 100km, which is on a level of environmental friendliness about equal to woodchipping a Wollemi pine.

If that’s the kind of pine tree I had to get cut down and chipped, cool! Those tree climbing boys with the chainsaws were kinda nice to watch… and offer drinks to. Ahem.

It’s a truly excellent column. Do make sure to read it.

Happy Earth Hour Day!

I hope we all celebrated Earth Power Hour in the most carbon-burningest (yes, I did just invent a word) way possible!

Casa Ash celebrated by turning on:

  • air conditioning;
  • heating;
  • dishwasher;
  • stove;
  • microwave;
  • the lights;
  • stereo;
  • three computers;
  • three TVs;
  • four freezers;
  • two fridges;
  • washing machine;
  • dryer on;


  • doors and windows open; and
  • a 4WD idling in the driveway with the CD player, headlights and air con on, although this was turned off after 15 minutes.

Update: Eeeeeeeeeeeeexcellent news via Tim Blair. Sparkage up!

Coming soon to you…What will you be doing?

‘Earth Hour’ to plunge millions into darkness


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