So the Olympics Opening Ceremony is over.

An amazing spectacle with Heads of State in attendance galore.

But not Georgia’s Mikhail Saakashvili.

He’s back in Georgia watching his country being attacked by Russia right now… literally at the same time everyone else, Putin included, watched the ceremony… err, Olmpics, that is.

Who are the goodies. Who are the baddies?

Either way, back to reality.

Ukraine and Georgia face uphill battle on NATO. Here ya go Um…Wed Apr 2, 2008 2:42am EDT

BUCHAREST (Reuters) – Ukraine and Georgia faced an uphill battle on Wednesday to persuade NATO nations to put the two ex-Soviet states on the path to membership, with Germany and France leading resistance to their U.S.-backed bids.

President George W. Bush vowed on the eve of a NATO summit in Bucharest, starting later on Wednesday, to press their case. But a core of European states say the duo are not ready for a step which could exacerbate tensions with Russia.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier was quoted as saying NATO should not strain ties with Moscow beyond “the limit of the manageable” by supporting their request for a Membership Action Plan (MAP), a gateway to eventual membership.


Germany and France, in agreement? Surely you jest. Pussies! “Strain ties”? Think “Cold War”, what is Russia going to do? Lauch missiles? At whom? “Strain ties”, indeed. (“Indeed” is a word often used by Instapundit and since Instapundit has the word “indeed” ©, I guess I better give a “h/t”, huh?)

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