A Picture Says A Thousand Words

I present to you something which should be official campaign publications for McCain-Palin 2008, delivered to me from the truly excellent Captain Heinrichs.

Go Palin!

Sarah Palin riding her official vehicle

Sarah Palin riding her official vehicle

Sarah Palin: All The Right Wing Cred McCain Can Get

The choice of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as John McCain’s Vice Presidential nominee is an absolute masterstroke. It truly is, and for a number of reasons.

Palin has been quoted as being tenacious. The senior pastor (Ed Kalnins) at Palin’s church, the Assembly of God, said of Palin: “Once she understands a truth, she bites down on it and won’t let go of the truth.” This tells me that a) she’ll research what she’s talking about, b) form her decision on the subject, and c) she’ll stick to her beliefs until step a) reveals more information, then she’ll re-evaluate. The United States could very well deal with that kind of skill and decision making, particularly as it’s something many on the Left side of politics say that neither the current President nor the current Vice President are capable of.

Palin is also unafraid to not pull the Republican party line. While mayor of Wasilla and later Governor of Alaska, she was unafraid to propose new projects and different ways of resolving issues facing her communities which were in contradiction of the proposals put forward by other Republicans in the party, and her stance on ethics was a major contributor to her being elected to Governor in a landslide against previous Republican Governor Frank Murkowski. While she has had her moments of being rather divisive, she also has a lot of talent for working in a team.

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Quote That Made My Day

From Richard Sharpe at Tim Blair‘s:

If you need a 30 round magazine to nail a porcine beastie then quite frankly, you don’t deserve a rifle.

Good Decision; Bad Reaction

This time the location is Britain, where a plan has been announced to encourage Britain’s teens into the Army, Navy or the Air Force. The idea comes at the suggestion of Labour MP Quentin Davies, who recently conducted a review into the role of the military in British society. As part of this review, Mr Davies found that many of Britain’s youth have no idea of military life.

This plan has the intention of strengthening ties between the military and the public, and has the backing of Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Involved in the implementation of this plan is for “high school pupils to receive basic military training to help foster a greater affiliation with the defence forces“, which is quite an ambitious and worthwhile endeavour. Read the rest of this entry »

Super-Mega-Hyper-Legend Charlton Heston Has Died

Talk about an increasing man-deficit disorder in Western culture.

Fuck! How the hell do I insert images now? Is this the wrong blog?!As Judah Ben Hur in 1959

Thanks WordPress, for taking a simple system and adding about a dozen clicks to it.

Anyway, my uncle is an Endowment Member of the NRA, which means Life Members genuflect when he walks by. He called Mr. Heston, “Charlie” and sat at his table along with Wayne Pierre for about the last twenty years or so of NRA events. So, though I never met him, I heard my share of Charlton Heston anecdotes. Nobody with a brain and a sense of humor didn’t absolutely love the guy.

I hope they bury Charlie with a handgun in his “cold, dead, fingers.” It would be fitting.

Godspeed, Mr. Heston.

Remember, “Soylent Green is People!” and “Damn You All to Hell, You Blew It UP!” He got some good lines.

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