Hillary Supporters: “She’s Not Dead Yet!”

I’m hoping the Democrat convention will be a fiasco, and if the die-hard supporters of the Wicked Witch of the East have anything to say about it, it will be.

“WASHINGTON — A massive e-mail and Internet campaign is under way aimed at derailing the nomination of Barack Obama and making Hillary Clinton the Democratic Party’s standard bearer next week at the national convention in Denver.

“It’s downright nasty,” said Memphis superdelegate and City Council member Myron Lowery, who has shared dozens of the messages he’s received with The Commercial Appeal.

“I think it’s divisive for the ‘Support Hillary’ campaign to continue at this time. She made the decision to fully support Mr. Obama,” said Lowery. “I don’t know why they’re not taking their cue from Hillary and falling in line.””

I hope this gets uglier than Hillary herself.

Iowahawk: Pure Genius

Iowahawk’s being kind to Hillary, and he’s kindly given her a space to write down her key points of interest. It’s well worth a read.

The Year Ahead

Ever since the birth of the United States of America, there has been political discord between the major parties, each believing that they knew the best way to lead the nation and prepare it for the challenges of the future. The values of the two major parties have always differed, and always will.

The Republican party was originally founded by “anti-slavery activists and individuals who believed that government should grant western lands to settlers free of charge”, and gradually built up a profile as a party known for promoting diversity and equality. The Republican Party worked to free the workers from slavery, guaranteed the workers equal rights under the law, and gave African-Americans and women the right to vote. The basic values of the Republican Party have shifted over time to encompass the belief that: “Individuals, not government, can make the best decisions; all people are entitled to equal rights; and decisions are best made close to home.

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Hillary: “I’m F*cking Obama”

I’m assuming we’ve all seen Jimmy Kimmel’s girlfriend Sarah Silverman’s “I’m F*ucking Matt Damon“, and Jimmy Kimmel’s retort “I’m F*cking Ben Affleck“. If not, watch them for the background, and then watch this version from Aussies Hugh & Jez Atkin. Read the rest of this entry »

Hillary Clinton: She’s a Lawyer, and Her Lips are Moving

This is both sad and hilarious.

From a blog I’d never heard of before, The Jed Report. This guy is good. Very good. I’m bookmarking him!

Via Tim Blair.

1984… or 2008?

I’m sure we’ve all seen this, but it’s cool.

Hillary Caught Youthening

CAUGHT YOUTHENING: If John Edwards Fred Thompson did this, people would make fun of him.

Hillary Clinton’s videographer selects the Gaussian blur mode
Just for reference, Hillary sans Youthening

Hillary, sans Youthening Treatment

In a new campaign ad, the 60-year-old Hillary Clinton manages to lament the last seven years of the Bush Administration without looking as if she’s lived through it yet.

The wrinkles are gone, thanks to a blurry, soft-focus video technique patented by Barbara Walters (who hosts The View every day as if she is still alive).

Hillary may protest when she’s accused of playing the gender card, but would a male candidate get away with going to such extraordinary lengths to look young?

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