The History of Egg Nog

You know, there’s nothing quite like Egg Nog. (well, with an additive)….But even for those who don’t partake in “additives”, there is a lovely essence about it. Typical “additive” is rum..I like mine with 100 proof Southern Comfort

Should you want…click on Southern Comfort they have the history behind it AND a great interactive recipe book, that one may download.

In the meantime, back to my wonderful Comfort Egg Nog …OH and Merry Christmas to all.

Egg Nog

Amazing! One Word, WOW!

This Artist IS Truly Amazing

Michael Israel

A Most Fantastic Work of Art…Performed Live. God Bless, Men and Women Serving. Past. Present. Future.

Courtesy of a friend…:)

Christmas Carols in ASL – American Sign Language

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