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My last post about the dangers facing us in Western Australia, plus Ash’s a while back about scary goings-on in Victoria, reminded me of this video posted on my old site, so I thought I’d put it up here too.

Proposed Australian Tourism Commission advertisement

Kangaroos Run Amok

Ok, well, not really. These ones are trained to take school children to school every day, because in Australia, it’s cheaper to ride a kangaroo than it is to take a car. Most Australians don’t even own cars, that’s just propaganda we put out to make us seem as cool as the Americans.

Kangaroos Running Amok

Kangaroos Running Amok

I have a kangaroo. I call him Macky. He just ignores me most of the time.

Kangaroo transport isn’t as reliable as it sounds.

Australian Border Dispute: Hundreds to Die. Greens vs. Greens.

gerykanga1.jpg Article from: Herald Sun

A MOB of kangaroos is back on death row after proposals to move them across state borders were described as inhumane.

Hundreds of eastern grey kangaroos once more face being culled after attempts to relocate them from Department of Defence land in the ACT to New South Wales reportedly failed.

The ACT government has refused to grant export licences for the roos, The Canberra Times reported today.

As a result, the Department of Defence has abandoned plans to move the kangaroos from the former naval transmission station in suburban Belconnen, leaving a population cull as the only alternative.

ACT Environment Commissioner Maxine Cooper said that while the kangaroos at the site were considered overabundant, she had recommended against relocation because experts considered it inhumane.

“The advice I’m getting . . . is the amount of trauma that occurs to the animal in the first instance, too, is something they feel is unacceptable,” Dr Cooper told ABC Radio.

“What we’re dealing with is the difference between animal welfare and animal liberation.”

Animal welfare groups oppose culling kangaroos in the ACT.

There was an international outcry in 2004 when about 900 kangaroos were destroyed at the site of a dam supplying water to Canberra.

Former Wildcare president Steve Garlick said […] “We like to think that the ACT stands for Australian Capital Territory. It might not be too far away that it becomes Australian Culling Territory.”

Animal welfarists vs. animal liberationists: Stay tuned for howls of outrage…

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