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This has been going through my head all freakin’ day for absolutely no reason, so I’ll share that joy with you all. It’s one of Lyle’s greatest, a rather competitive title considering the genius of the man, but expressed in just the right sing-song voice gets completely stuck in your head.

I give you “A Squirrel Poem For Children”, originally published at the Lair of Blair:

A Squirrel Poem for Children

My squirrel plays the bagpipes;
He keeps them in my car.
He plays those nasty bagpipes
Wherever squirrels are.
Colt forty-five, meet bagpipes
And blast them all to hell.
Though squirrel plays the bagpipes
He does not play them well.

If anyone knows how to get it out of my head, I’d really appreciate it. I think I may have to gnaw my arm off to distract.

From The Deep Archives Of TimBlair.Net

The Plight of the Morally Superior

By the magnificent Lyle

We are the eco-egotists,
Embrace our latest fad.
When we speak Truth to Power,
Just one thing makes us mad.

It’s not the rich and powerful,
They too share the dream.
To have their cake and eat it,
Engorged on self-esteem.

This cake is baked with vanity,
Self-worship and pretense.
For narcissistic poseurs,
With little common sense.

No, our hatred is reserved,
For those we can’t evade.
Who doubt our moral grandeur,
And rain on our parade.

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