Copenhagen schedule

A silver lining…

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Monckton, Fred Singer, and Ian Plimer will be speaking. Bad news is that they’re speaking right at the beginning and could well be forgotten by the end. Good news is that nothing much is likely to come out of this, with no actual agreements until June next year or even until 2011.

Let’s hope “our boys” get a fair hearing and their message gets through over, say, Desmond Tutu’s call for cash.


And with trepidation, a link to an article quoting Lord Monckton. Do read the whole enchilada, but since the following has been largely passed over, here’s an excerpt reminding us what this AGW crock means for our food.

Speaking about replacing one third of agricultural land which grows food to be used for growing bio-fuels instead, Christopher Monckton reminded that it has led to double food price surge over just one year.

“If we have to pay twice as much for our food – it’s inconvenient. If you are in a poor country – that difference of a 100% in the price of your food is the difference between life and death,” he warns.



In related news, have you heard about the steel cages being set up for any protesters who are arrested?

Powerline asks: What do they think we are, anarchists?

Will Lord Monckton throw Molotov cocktails, or Pat Michaels smash bank windows?

Gore debates Monckton

It’s the battle of the ugly surnames.

This first bit is actually back from 2006, but given the recent attention being given Christopher Monckton, it’s well worth another read (or a first one).

Is this why Al Gore has refused debate since?


Good, found it. It disappeared off our page for a while.

Via David Horowitz: Lord Monckton Trashes Al Gore’s Global Warming Nonsense

And, as David notes:

As a politician, Gore speaks warmly of transparency. But as GIM chairman, Gore has not been forthcoming. Little is known about his shadowy firm’s finances, where it gets funding and what projects it supports.

This time, Monckton ups the anti.

“Al, Baby. If you really think that you want to raise the profile of this issue, then why don’t you agree to debate with me on international television – the fees we’d earn, apart from anything else, and I know you’d love that, because money seems to stick to you very rapidly – I want you to face me in a debate about global warming, and if you don’t dare, I want you to remain silent about that subject forever from now on. Are you a coward, or will you step up to the plate? Are you an armchair quarterback, or are you going to get suited up and get onto that field?”

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