Moonbat of the week

Meet Labor MP James Bidgood. Among James’ moonbatteric pursuits, is a belief that the financial crisis was an act of God, that Christians marching in London caused the stock market crash of ’87, and that the end is nigh. Let me guess, James, 21/12/2012?

This is the same idiot under investigation for rather than helping a man who had doused himself with petrol on Parliament House’s front lawn yesterday, he instead took a photo and tried to flog it off.

Well done, Labor. Well done Rudd.

(Now can you please hand him back, Mr Paco?

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Why AGW theory has gotten so far…

Too many stupid people who don’t know crap and whose sole source of news is Leftist politicians and the MSM.

Next time Miley Cyrus, some other moonbat celeb or whoever raises their concerns, think again.

Ho hum, just another example of what we deal with almost every day.

Props to failblog.

Alarmists ‘R’ Us

Andrew Bolt‘s column today in the Herald Sun, Palin Spooks the Castrated Critics,” is seriously worth a read.  It starts off,

“IF only Sarah Palin were just some famous guy’s wife.

“Then, as with Hillary Clinton, the women’s groups and activists could love and pet her like a victim.

“But the Governor of Alaska has torn up the script. Confounded the simpering stereotype.

“Here is a caribou-hunting, moose-gutting, corruption-busting, oil-drilling, anti-abortion, beauty-pageant queen whose husband’s greatest claim to fame is to win the world’s most famous race for snow machines.

“Her power is entirely her own. And it’s the equal of any man’s.”

Equally worth a read, purely for amusement value,  are some of the comments, like this one from reader Brette Steep:

Bette Streep replied to afl
Wed 03 Sep 08 (02:52pm)

I can just imagine Pailin being President in 2009 (a 99% likelihood if McCain wins in November – sick much?)

She’ll overturn Roe vs Wade and subject millions of young girls – like her own daughter – to either have a backyard abortion, keep the baby and resent the child for life , or even dump the baby on the steps of a church!

She’ll happily destroy the environment for oil and kill endangered species for – dinner? – all because she doesn’t believe climate change is a threat – very similar to AB’s philosophy!!!

And no doubt she will send the world into a full blown World War 3 – she won’t be able to PEACEFULLY NEGOTIATE with other countries because she will be too busy with her 5 children and her bastard grandchild! Just simpler to put “invade “insert muslim country here” on her to do list. You know in between decapitating a caribou and attending a PTA meeting!

To even imagine for one moment that some people actually think this poor excuse of a human being is more experienced to run a country of 300 million and have a huge influence on the world affairs is breathtakingly MORONIC!

Funny, but when Biden was nominated to the Dems’ ticket, mostly what I heard was laughter from my fellow travellers on the Right.  What I’m hearing from the Lefties ever since the nomination of Palin is pure panic, at its moonbatty best.

Lovin’ it.

Obama’s old plane. BO’s new plane. What happened to the flag?

Wait. So the Star Spangled Banner ‘forces’ him to turn away, hands by side. Political pressure forces him to re-adopt the flag lapel. And as for the flag itself?

FYYSFLT, u r buffaloes stupid!

Little Green Footballs reports a recent piece of AngryMail:

This is all wrong HE is the greatest man ever u guys are blind idiots and buffaloes stupid. Islam is the real religion face the reality. or u will go to hell r u ready?well we muslims got 4 books Quran Bibal Zabur Taurat WE NEVER SAID ANYTHING AGAINST U BUT U GUYS DID LOOK AT YOURSELF FIRST

“Buffaloes stupid.” I’m stealin’ that one and whackin’ the next moonbat blogger who crosses my path with it. I’ll consider it kind of a PG-13 version of FYYSFLT.

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I Wonder How Many Moonbats…

…will go away believing this:

In America just 100 people have 93% of all the wealth, the rest are all virtual serfs to them working for an average $2.56 an hour, 18 hours a day. 80 million Americans live in cardboard boxes on the street. Only 647 Americans can afford health care.

68% of Americans with homes are about to be chucked out due to the mortgage crisis, and Dick Cheney is going to personally drown all of their kittens and puppies. 25 million Americans either starve to death or freeze to death each year, and everyone just laughs at them.

There is no welfare system; poor people are given 1 plastic turkey and a hunk of government warehouse cheese every second Thursday and that’s it.

The Bildenberg group is forcing anyone on less than $100,000/annum to get microchips, and is fingerprinting and DNA-testing all black and Latino children for inclusion in a global database.

The airplanes that George HitlerHalliburton McChimpypants crashed into the World Trade Center were full of dissidents who had been incarcerated without trial in gulags in Iowa for not wearing American flag lapel pins.

The US government is forcing black folks to take crack and meth which are deliberately contaminated with syphilis bacteria, the AIDS virus and drugs to sterilise them.

The boarder fence with Mexico and the Coast Guard ships between Florida and Cuba are actually there to keep Americans from escaping.

But don’t tell anyone, m’kay? Very few of us are smart enough to have figured out the troof.

Written by Gordon in Perth at Andrew Bolt‘s blog.

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Every now and then, the media graces me with an article that I first think is spoof, so I laugh because it’s funny, then I find out it’s actually a real article, and I feel mildly ill. This is one such article.


  • The US Government is genocidal.
  • President George W Bush is completely crazy.
  • The most stylish world leader is Fidel Castro.
  • Naomi Campbell thinks Chavez would be a successful Latin singer if he wasn’t the President of Venezuela.

The only plus for Chavez is that he thinks Princess Diana was more attractive than Camilla Parker-Bowles. But even that just means his eyesight works.

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