Classic Song Jazzed Up

I present to you a jazzed up version of an old classic, “That’s Amore”.

Here’s a version by Patrizio Buanne, a very successful Italian.

E Come Musica

E Come Musica by Al Bano Carrisi


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This Is Real Musical Talent

Angus is going to like this. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, played on ukulele.

*blatantly stolen from Peter of Shepparton over at Bolta’s.

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She’s On Fire… Yeah Baby.


Classic Schlock: Winchester Cathedral LIVE!

Ah yes, 1968. Where Bill and Hill still wish we were.

Earl Grant, “The End”. (see, WDOG takes requests too)

By popular request, the late Earl Grant.

(Kinda lame video, but fantastic song)

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Take Me Home!

A brilliant tune from waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back.

Paradise City by the Guns ‘n’ Roses


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