New Years Day

So, now we’ve all recovered from any hangovers (or in my case, colds) that we’ve all experienced, how did you spend New Years Day? (Click on the pictures for larger versions)

I spent mine here:

Beach 1

And here:

Beach 2

And saw this delightful little fellow, whom Tizona seems convinced is a drop bear. It’s actually a baby brush tail possum. As I recall, he was a rather thirsty little guy. It was 40C out there (hold on a sec, our US friends, I’ll find it! 104F), and I poured the poor little guy a bit of fresh water. He lapped it up, and looked rather greedily at the bottle I was holding, as if he knew that if he looked sufficiently cute, he’d get more of it.


And just to placate Tizona, see if you can spot the hoop snakes in this picture:


The Morning After…..Good Morning, Fools…:)

This bright enough for you poor bastards that are hungover? You know, dry mouth, teeth itch, stomach kinda’ screwed, maybe even spent some of the early morning hours, in the crapper.

Well take heart. Whilst I didn’t have but a few Southern Comforts, I know, as you should, that WE will feel better over the course of the day.

Those that didn’t participate in some or any kind of festivities, are feeling as good right now, as they are going to. Poor damn people…..:)

Ummm, I or someone can, WE will post when our eyes can focus a tad better, cause right now, every damn thing I see, varies in color.

It is quite possible you may not be able to read this at all. Should this persist longer then half the day, do have someone dial up an eye Doc for you tomorrow. Elsewise live with it until all is clear. You did it, now deal with it!

OH and hopefully you weren’t damn stupid enough to drive last evening or in the early morning hours to get anyone killed, including yourself….BUT if you did, you couldn’t read this any damn way. And if that be true,

I hope they toss the friggin’ book at you!

Happy New Year!

Celebrate here y’all!

New Years Greetings from Kae!

I’ve always had a hankering for some BAD COMPANY, so I would FEEL LIKE MAKIN’ LOVE, but knowing my luck, I’d end up caught up in HOTEL CALIFORNIA. It’s been like that In my life…

New Years!

Alright, here’s the deal. Every year for the past eight years, I’ve listened to this song as the clock has past midnight.

Clearly, it hasn’t worked for me.

Any suggestions what to try?

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