New video from the makers of “We Con the World” – Guns, Guns Guns! #flotilla

If you liked the Flotilla Choir in We Con the World last year, you’ll want to see Latma’s latest offering, the Audacity of Dopes band with Guns, Guns, Guns! 

An encore of last year’s Flotilla Choir masterpiece:

(via Big Peace)

Hamas launches 2nd TV channel

Well, Farfur may be gone, lost to the imperial Zionist infidel, but that’s not stopping Hamas from continuing to spread their message of hate.


Remember Farfur? He was the Disney-esque Hamas terrorist in a mouse costume who, whilst conversing with a preteen girl, inspired Palestinian children to kill.

Summer holiday fun in the sun; Gaza style

It’s that time of year again: school’s out, the kids are under your feet, and, much as you love the little brats, you find your patience being tested. Eventually, after clearing yet another dirty plate, or tripping over a discarded sneaker, you give them a well-deserved piece of your mind: “Why don’t you get out of the house and do something useful, like memorize the Koran or learn how to fire a shoulder-launched rocket?”

People are dreaming if they think there’s any room for negotiation with these guys.

“Some people just want to watch the world burn,” Arthur in The Dark Knight.

CAIR is an offshoot of the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP)


This is devastating stuff. Charles Johnson

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