Eclipse & Red Moon in Perth; and bonus ‘Dealing With Moon-Truthers’ montage

The eclipse began at 1.25am, but the event became obvious to viewers after 2.23am, as the Earth’s shadow slowly ate away at the moon.

Not only did the eclipse see the moon entirely in shadow by 3.22am, but it also appeared blood-red – a spectacle enhanced by the volcanic ash cloud sweeping over WA.

The total eclipse ended at 5.03am, with the moon fully visible again by 6.02am.

Local photographer Paul Pichugan (Nine News’ favourite uncredited source) braved the cold and went up to Wedge Island in search of the best vantage point and came back with some neat photos:

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Perth’s Best Tacky Christmas Display

Imagine 40,000 twinkling fairy lights painstakingly synchronised to what may well  be the most excruciating “music on hold” tune in the world (you can tune in to the soundtrack on your car radio as you drive past – this is just one of the synchronised lights & music combos)…

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Climate Change Hits Perth

It’s gotta be climate change. After all, there’s never been a storm in Perth before, right?

Al was supposed to stop this from happening. You fat bastard!

This will certainly mean hard work for the local councils and the volunteers in the SES, all of which do a great job.

The City of Melville was the hardest hit, but I happen to have the inside scoop that the men and women working for Melville are absolutely fucking brilliant, and I’m sure it’ll be cleaned up very well and pretty fast.

Yo, Perthians, youse better all be safe, or I’s gonna hunt you down, you gots it?

* Image from The West.

Click for more photos, taken by our man on the ground.

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On Swanbourne Beach

Swanbourne to City Beach

An article in yesterday’s Courier Mail about the “no-jiggling” rule in force on Cairns (QLD) topless beaches spurred me to dig up the photo below.

There is a beach at Swanbourne which would have to be one of the most interesting beaches in my neck of the woods.  Some people stumble upon it accidentally (it is adjacent to a nice dog beach, for instance), whilst some go there on purpose for the niche sporting events (PDF).

As some here would also know, Swanbourne is also home to Campbell Barracks and Australia’s SAS Regiment.

Which leads to this question:  Can anyone else here lay claim to a Nude Beach in their area where patrons are warned via red flag when live-firing exercises are going on just the other side of the dunes?

Swanbourne Beach, Western Australia

Swanbourne Beach, Western Australia

UPDATE: The singularly perspicacious Boy On A Bike contributes his own thoughts and memories of Swanbourne Beach and the SASR.  Read.

Perth, Australia………Microsoft Live Earth


Click on 2D, for clear map…This is set to 3D and there is an annoying as hell…friggin’ Microsoft message. I’d love to smudge, Bill Gates glasses. Of course NOW that I’ve typed that, it is a 2D view. Gates, you prick!.

Who says Perth is ‘Dullsville’?

See, if you were here in Perth today, you could come along and watch this man keep his word!

from The West Australian:


It’s a bet Carey Smith wishes he’d never made, and today he will pay an embarrassing price. The Delta Securities research analyst bet with two stock broking mates at a pub over a few beers back in 2005 that gold prices would not hit $US1000-an-ounce before 2011.

On March 14 gold hit that price and the 37-year-old self-confessed single bloke had no other option but to fulfil his end of a potentially embarrassing bet.

At 2.30pm today he will pull on an unflattering stretchy green lycra mankini and do a dash down Hay Street in Subiaco.


More photos (if you can bear them) via here.

If you’d like to get behind Carey “Mankini Man” Smith (figuratively, not literally!) you can leave messages of support here.

Think what you like, at least this man keeps his word, so respect for that. Listening, Kevin?


UPDATE: I should mention that Carey has been taking donations for the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, and has already raised six thousand dollars for his effort.  Here he is in all his glory:


Is it just me, or did April Fooling start early this year?

A Persian gent jailed in Dubai claims to be acting as an ambassador for the Hutt River Principality.

I’d guess that many West Australians regard the Hutt Royal Family more with affection than disdain. Even today, a hundred years and more after Federation, the idea of WA seceding from the Commonwealth gets a regular run – everyone talks about it, but Prince Leonard just rolled up his sleeves and did it.

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