“Low-life Losers”: The Kind Way Of Putting It

In 2006, the G20 held a meeting here in Melbourne, and as one expects, we got protesters. These same protesters have now forced an important event to be cancelled.

November 11, the eleventh day of the eleventh month, is a day of Remembrance in Australia, formally known as Remembrance Day. It is taken quite seriously, as it should be, and in many schools, businesses and other areas, there is a minute silence held at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, to remember our military heroes who have fallen. It’s a solemn, yet highly special, event.

The G20 protestors have now forced a Remembrance Day event to be cancelled.

Their perverse disrespect for the people who have made it possible for them to conduct themselves so poorly is absolutely revolting.

The Acting SA Premier, Mr. Kevin Foley, put it quite well. “These are feral, low-life people who want society to be in a state of near anarchy for their perverse pleasure. People who say they are anti-war, but who resort to violence and destruction to put their case are clearly dangerous.”

Low-life losers? I can think of better terms for them.

Just for the record


Oh. Remember that 28kg of Semtex stolen in France the other day?

Olympic torch arrives in Australia, quickly whisked away

Awwright mates, whadga do widthe damn thing, eh?


Nepalese Police Beat Monks, Refugees in Tibetan Protest; 40 Arrested


As is said, “one picture is worth a thousand words”.

Fox News

Anyone else just see a protester try to attack the Beijing Olympic Commitee president?

A pro-Tibetan guy apparently, according to CNN.


Now, according to CNN, it was a protester from Reporters Without Borders.


The RSF claim was on the TV, but that seems to have been retracted.


Nup, it was them.


Fuck it. Who cares? RSF are too Left for my liking anyway. Just thought it was cool the Commie copped it, albeit pretty lamely.

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