Decision Made: Jaspan Gone

The Editor-In-Chief of Melbourne’s most socialist/green/left/moronic/but-I-repeat-myself newsrag, The Age has been fired. This is a promising sign, because it means that the falling circulation figures of The Age are sending a signal to the upper management about the declining quality of the rag. Even though they frequently lie about their figures.

The former Editor-In-Chief Andrew Jaspan has a pretty decent resume, but I think it’s fair to say that he has a very skewed view of the world.

When Australian man Douglas Wood was abducted in Iraq, where he was working towards rebuilding the nation, The Age went to an especial effort to make it clear that they believed he deserved to be abducted because “we took away these people’s lives and we didn’t have the right to.”

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This Is Just So Appropriate

The picture tells the story.

A rubbish bin is the perfect place for that tripe.


The Hillary-Obama catfight explained

Victimhood, that cherished gestalt of leftism, or socialism if you will, is explained very well here. It perfectly describes why so many Dhimmicrats have suddenly turned against Hillary in favor of Obama. He simply outranks her in the socialist food chain.

Read, also, the perverted logic of the multiculturalists, and weep.

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