Challenge Issued

This is the scene over Melbourne several weeks ago.

Melbourne Sky

I don’t suppose any of you are game enough to interpret the photograph from a feminist chauvinist post-modern traditionalist perspective?

OK. 1.618…what’s the deal here? Huge Black Hole Catapulted Through Space

A colossal black hole has been spotted exiting its home galaxy, kicked out after a huge cosmic merger took place.

The event, seen for the first time, was announced last week.

When two colliding galaxies finally merge, it is thought that the black holes at their cores may fuse together too.

Fox News

Onion News Network

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Photographs from Space

Photographs of Earth (pdf)

These photographs were taken from space by Astronaut Sunita Williams.

They’re quite spectacular.

Josh Would Hurt Me

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more space stuff (angus, what have you started?)

found this little ditty over at Theo Sparks’ place

more brilliance from monty python

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