Sotomayor’s supreme courting

I was hoping someone more up on the Yank scene would blog about this.  Just when a Leftist president appoints a judge and says things along the lines of  courts are where laws should be interpreted not made, it sends the bullshit-o-meter off the scale.




Funny. CNN International’s TV report into who she is concentrated on the housing project she came from, her bakery and her mom… et. al. that kind of stuff. They do better online, at least… at least sometimes.

Cop Killer: State Not Trained To Kill Me….Is Trying to convince SCOTUS.

Ralph Baze is awaiting execution for the cold-blooded murder of a sheriff and his deputy, but has convinced Supreme Court to review claim that state’s executioners are not qualified to take his life.

Say, Ralphie…Question. Were you “qualified” to take the lives of that “sheriff and his deputy”? Didn’t think so, you gutless cry baby, son-of-a-bitchin’ murderer.

Fox News

Video may take a while to load, I’m sure it is being hammered…Also depends on the speed of your hook up

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