Labor and Green comment-bombing on the rise? You’re not imagining it. And yet…

The Greens had “Shock & Awe”

The Greens have launched another strike against the media, calling for volunteers for a rapid-response team to target “shock jock” and “hate campaigns” through talkback and letters to editors.

The call to action echoes Bob Brown’s attack on the “hate press” last week and Twitter jibes at individual journalists from his director of media, Marion Rae.

“The Australian Greens are looking to build a national network of individuals who want to take up the challenge of responding to the misinformation and hate campaigns being waged by radio shock jocks and other sections of the community and media,” says the party in an email.

The party calls the task “critical work”.

Labor has the “Wall of Noise” …

LABOR faithful are being urged to flood airwaves, news websites and letters to the editor sections with a “wall of noise” as part of a propaganda campaign against the Liberal-National Government.

The Sunday Times has obtained emails from Labor state secretary Simon Mead urging party members and supporters to become a “noisemaker” and join the “wall of noise team”.

“We need to be making phone calls to radio stations, posting items on news websites and writing letters to all our newspapers,” Mr Mead told Labor supporters and members in the email sent last month.

He said in another email: “By getting your voice heard you help change the media story from one supporting the government to one that says they are out of touch with the public.”

And yet despite all their smears, their sneers, their jamming and spamming, their outright deceit… their poll numbers say what?

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Rules Changed

I’m in a playful mood, so not only have I recoloured and rearranged our living quarters, I’m also setting up new rules.

So here they are:

  1. No feeding the trolls. I don’t care how cute the troll is, they’re like gremlins. They shouldn’t be fed after midnight, nor should they touch water, and they definitely have to keep their hands off that!
  2. No two posts on the one subject within a twelve-hour period. Administrators and Editors are able to check the timing of previous posts by clicking here.
  3. Posts longer than six paragraphs should have a more tag inserted at the end of the third paragraph. This can be done by typing the third paragraph and then pressing Alt+Shift+T at the end.
  4. Dissent is allowed, but abuse is not. And abuse is in the eye of the Administrators. Play the game if you dare.
  5. Properly categorise and tag posts. It’s at most two extra clicks.
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