‘Stolen Generations’ listed as ‘genocide’

From The Australian, March 24 2008:

THE forced removal of children from Aboriginal families has been included in an international compilation of genocide events, reviving the controversy about the use of the term to describe the Stolen Generations.

Paul Bartrop, who co-authored The Dictionary of Genocide with US scholar Samuel Totten, has rejected the use of the word genocide to describe Australian colonial history in general, but says the use of the term can be “sustained relatively easily” when describing the Stolen Generations.

Dr Bartrop, who wrote the entry titled “Australia, Genocide in:”, said he used the 1948 UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, as cited by Ronald Wilson in his 1997 Bringing Them Home report, as the benchmark for the use of the term genocide.


Dr Bartrop’s entry states that the charge of genocide was “vehemently rejected by many who had previously viewed genocide only from the perspective of killing. Others agreed that removals had taken place, but that the report was unfair in labelling the policy as genocide in view of the fact that those carrying it out were acting from good intentions”.

“When we look at the Stolen Children, it’s unequivocal,” said Dr Bartrop, head of the History Department at Bialik College in Melbourne.

“But there seems to be a strong view among Australians that we’re too good for that, we’re all good blokes and we don’t do those things here. People who think that way need to grow up and face facts.” [emphasis mine]

That’s it. I’m speechless.

Did U.N. Program Secretly Funnel Money to North Korea?

NEW YORK — Did the United Nations Development Program use an American charitable organization to secretly funnel nearly $2 million, and perhaps much more, to North Korea — over and above the millions in hard currency it is already known to have given the Kim Jong-il regime in violation of its own rules?UNDP documents seen by FOX News raise those questions, and others about the relationship between UNDP and the humanitarian group Mercy Corps, also known as Mercy Corps International. The documents show millions of dollars allocated to Mercy Corps International for North Korea seem to have escaped normal UNDP oversight.

WONDER what the U.N.’s cut was OR did they give a pittance and keep the larger portion, as is usual with that slimy organization?

Fox News

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