Mecca Governor in Special Bulletin: Women Must Join the Workforce

In a special bulletin published last month, Governor of Mecca Prince Khaled Al-Faisal stated that women joining the workforce is important for both women and society. Al-Faisal emphasized that the Ministry of Labor is responsible for “implementing the rules of women’s employment as hired workers,” in line with the decision of the Saudi government three years ago.

My heart be still…This can’t be. The chattel treatment being abandoned?

Big question(s) IS, (IF this comes into being) will these women be allowed to DRIVE themselves to and from the workplace? Must they be accompanied by their fathers, uncles, brothers? Will they be stoned to death, beheaded or killed for the honor of their family, if say they show more then one eye?


Why Leftard Feminist Hags Hate Capitalism: Russian Babes

Via John Derbyshire at NRO’s The Corner I found an amazing article by Anne Applebaum answering the question on all of our minds… OK, on the minds of us bachelors, anyway, Where Did All Those Gorgeous Russians Come From? The answer? Russia has always been filled with gorgeous babes, it’s just that capitalism has finally freed them!

That ought to blow up a few feminist heads (Very small explosions… more like muffled “pops”).

I posted a pic of Maria Sharapova the other day, so I guess we’ll go with the number one Russian Supermodel today: Natalia Vodianova:


It’s not just Russians either. As an artist and aesthetic perfectionist, I love artistic female photography (Yeah, that’s the reason. And I got a bridge…). Babe sites today are positively dominated by eastern European models with last names ending in -cova, and -nov.

The Beef of God is not a Supermodel kind of guy. I like women who aren’t stick-figures, and I love full, rounded faces. Like this:


I think she’s from the Czech Republic. If God had ever made a girl for me, she’d have looked exactly like that, but she’d have her natural dark, dark, dark brown hair. Green eyes and dark brown hair… ~sigh~

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