World Climate Widget

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With thanks to Watts Up With That.

4 Responses to “World Climate Widget”

  1. Gangster100 Says:

    President Obama has decided that the way to sell you on Nationalized Health Care is with a logo. ,

  2. Romanoz Says:

    Anybody know why the widget hasnt updated the CO2 levels? We are well towards the end of November and the widget is still showing September: 388 ppm. October’s CO2 values were available in the first week of November – they are 384 ppm ie they have gone down. Must be the GFC.

  3. horizon3 Says:


    Nothing like made up math.

    You can’t superimpose graphs of 2 different scales, and expect a realistic visualization, In layman’s terms “It Just Don’t Work” plus taking a snapshot of 20 years in a 10,000 year cycle is not realistic.

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