The local council has a sense of humor.

Just thought Id share this little inspirational piccie..


We have a State election coming up here which just happens to coincide with tree pruning time (for power lines)


Was posted on facebook, but its the house I “stalked” with a post a few years back for being mung bean eating greenies with air cons and 3 4WDs in the driveway.


greens Geraldton



The sign

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17 Responses to “The local council has a sense of humor.”

  1. Gregoryno6 Says:

    Is that a PRUNED TREE??? beside the sign? And they dare call themselves Greenies?
    If the branches were interfering with the house, they should have moved the house. End of story.

  2. Onepoint618 Says:

    Existing Approved Leave
    Councillor Cr S Van Styn
    From 3o January 2013
    To (inclusive) 10 March 2013
    Life is good for CR Van Styn.

    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      Hes actually running for State parliament this election, was the local nightclub owner.. Seems like an Ok bloke for all that..

    • Onepoint618 Says:

      Still interesting agendas. ps. I’m suprised that you spoke to me. Not many talk to me anymore.

    • Mole Says:

      Ive been insanely busy, and its about to get busier, the site is a bit of an orphan at the moment.

      Use my email if you want to talk, not everything has to be public.. (Plus got some council goss you will like)

  3. Onepoint618 Says:

    News Ltd Manager who shits on Staff's floors.

    For your interest……. I’m not deluded. He still works there. He’s protected. HR did jack shit about it. I don’t think staff farewell’s count as work time at News Ltd.

  4. Onepoint618 Says:

    Asbestos sign on roof.
    The office roof. This was the cleaner area.

  5. iftheresanythingthatcanbedoneitainthere Says:

    Anyone seen the movie, North Country?

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