Music Video of the Day: Raise the Debt Ceiling rap

Via Reason.TV, by Remy (who also gave us The TSA Pokey Pokey and Why They Fought)


Raise da debt ceiling!
Raise da debt ceiling!
Raise da debt ceiling!
Raise da debt ceiling!

14 trillion in debt
but yo we ain’t got no qualms
droppin $100 bills
and million dollar bombs

spending money we don’t have
that’s the name of the game
they call me cumulo nimbus
because you KNOW I make it rain

bail out all kind of cars
got all kind of whips
ladies ask me how I get em
I tell em STIMULUS

Social Security surplus?
Oh, guess what? it’s gone
I got my hands on everything
like Dominique Strauss Kahn

ain’t got no Medicare trust fund
son, that’s just absurd
spending every single penny that
we see, son, have you heard?

ain’t got no moral objections
ain’t got kind of complaints
ain’t got no quantitative
statutory budget restraints


Yo, we up in the Fed
and we living in style
Spending lots of money
while we sipping crystal

still making it rain
and yeah it be so pleasing
wait, not making it rain–
we be “Quantitative Easing!”

QE1, QE2
QE4, QE3
Dropping IOU’s
in every fund that I see

printing the cash
inflating the monies
callin up China
“a-yo we straight out of 20’s!”

in the club
we be louding out
while to the market, yeah
we be crowding out

on the beach getting tan
and sipping Corona
we got a monetary plan–
and it involves a lot of toner…


So if you look at the chart
and examine the trend
we borrow 40 cents of every
single dollar we spend

and non-discretionary spending
increases every day
do you have a comment for Committee?

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker
would you beam me up?
A Congressperson cutting spending?
Couldn’t dream me up

We’re gonna default
if we follow this road!
I should have thought of this
14 trillion dollars ago!

I’m the king of the links
I’m a menace at tennis
I’m sticking spinnaz on my rims
picking winnaz in business

if you’re looking for some cash
it’s about to get heavy
I got some big ol’ piles of money
and guess what–they shovel ready


Visit the links below for more Reason coverage on the debt, deficit and government spending:

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Download the mp3 and HD versions at Reason.TV, the video channel for Reason magazine and

6 Responses to “Music Video of the Day: Raise the Debt Ceiling rap”

  1. Gregoryno6 Says:

    I’ve been waiting for the new Tom Lehrer to arrive, and now he is here.

  2. Sissy Says:

    This is teriffic. All the news and opinion and blather coming out of DC is so depressing, this was a fun break. Thank you!

  3. Sissy Says:

    Oops, spelling: “terrific”

  4. Dominique Strauss-Kahn hit by yet another Sex Scandal » Says:

    […] this, though, it has always … July 27th, 2011 08:15 PM EDT Music Video of the Day: Raise the Debt Ceiling rap Lyrics: Raise da debt ceiling! Raise da debt ceiling! Raise da debt ceiling! Raise da debt ceiling! […]

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