The Australian Pravda, at it again.

Their ABC has another wonderful example of where their priorities lie.

On the online page is this.

The next, fairly harmless story off in the links???

  • Brown says coal industry will be replaced

Greens leader Bob Brown says ultimately the carbon price has to result in shutting down the coal industry.

“I would not figure that in because they are so highly profitable. But, that has to be the outcome … the coal industry has to be replaced by renewables,” he said.

So basically we have the party which holds the balance of power openly talking about taxing a whole sector of the economy out of existence, and its not top story?

ABC bias is sickening.

6 Responses to “The Australian Pravda, at it again.”

  1. Merilyn Says:

    Bob Brown is really gloating these days, but he should remember that people are now getting a very good look at his rather insane policies, like putting people out of work, having to pay higher prices for their day to day commodities, going backwards in life and they will then turn very quickly on those that have caused them so much despair.

  2. Merilyn Says:

    Heh that was good J.M. just a questtion did Chuck Berry also use to sing “On Blueberry Hill?”was trying to think of the name of the singer.

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