Psych test

Via the Intertubes…

This is the most important part of the respected Mayo
Clinic psychometric test.

In the following pictures you see women with a range of
facial expressions.

Study the expressions, and try to imagine what is
taking place?

Then scroll down to see the answer…

They are all about to sneeze.

6 Responses to “Psych test”

  1. Kaboom Says:

    Jezuz, Bing,

    My guess was that they were dreaming of Kevin Rudd!

  2. Vulture Says:

    I’m a naughty, naughty bird.

  3. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Well they can ‘sneeze’ me to their hearts content…………… I feel so funky now…… 🙂

  4. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Looks like a list of my exs’, you hacking into my computor again. lol.

  5. boy on a bike Says:

    I need help. Lots of help.

  6. Denise Says:

    My first thought was they were all having orgasms over Eric Northman from True Blood.

    Mole,did you tell me a little fib about how many ex’s you had?..Lol!

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